Beach Boys Song Gets UK Professor ‘Sexual Misconduct’ Case

Buck Ryan, a professor from the University of Kentucky, has been accused of conducting “sexual misconduct” for allegedly singing along to the song “California Girls” by the Beach Boys which had been covered by the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks.

According to the Discrimination and Harassment section within the administrative regulation, the director claims that this song by the Beach Boys consists of lyrics that have a direct correlation with sexuality and considered to be an inappropriate song, although no specific individuals who underwent any type of sexual abuse had actually been specified for this matter.

Doubts and uncertainty have arisen towards the UK’s Title IX since at this point almost anyone inevitably may be accused of some type of sexual misconduct for reasons very obscure and vague.

Mr. Ryan said he was singing a few songs to Chinese students, including a song from the Wizard of Oz and a song by Sting, adding that his students were delighted with the Beach Boys tune and sang along to it.

Mr. Ryan said he has indulged in his teaching career for almost three decades, and not one time has he ever been accused of any type of sexual discrimination of any sort.


As of now, the investigation has received no criticism for this incident, let alone any victims, and the investigation will proceed for a full 3 months.

Mr. Ryan stated that if he is reprimanded for this matter, then it would hinder him from receiving any type of funding internationally, and would result in a significant reward he had received worth a budget of several thousands of dollars to be confiscated from him.

Mr. Ryan has been charged with no victims, and no witnesses to testify against him, but rather two women who actually attempted to defend him instead.

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