Boris Johnson’s Critique of Saudi Arabia Gets Slammed

Boris Johnson’s latest claims during a speech in Italy that Saudi Arabia is currently involved in “proxy wars” and contributes to the hostility of the war zones taking place within the Middle East have received great criticism.

The spokeswoman for Theresa May stated that although they do entrust Mr. Johnson in performing his duties as foreign minister well, she stated as well the foreign minister’s latest claims in no way speak on behalf of the government.

Mr. Johnson’s most important statement however mentioned his worries over politicians in Saudi Arabia that manipulate religious scriptures simply to accomplish a specific political agenda that strictly suits their aims only.

The statement added that this specific tactic is what results in the calamities within the Middle East. “And the tragedy for me – and that’s why you have these proxy wars being fought the whole time in that area – is that there is not strong enough leadership in the countries themselves,” Mr. Johnson remarked.

The statement expressed the other conflict amidst this one was the underlying truth that leaders in the Middle East are usually not enthusiastic when it comes to collaborating with anyone outside the Sunni or Shia groups.


Theresa May’s spokeswoman stated these claims serve as an embarrassment for the Prime Minister who is currently on a visit within the Gulf region, and she stated that “Britain backs investigations into alleged breaches of human rights by the Saudi-backed coalition in Yemen and has urged Riyadh to ensure they are completed and that any lessons learnt are acted on.”

The spokesman from the Foreign Office articulated on the claims by Mr. Johnson that Britain supports the Saudi Kingdom in their battle with the Houthi rebels in Yemen and in safeguarding their own citizens, and that if any other side to the equation has been stated, it undoubtedly is a falsification of the matter.


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