Google Statement: Here is Why Fake News Increased

Google has explained how ever since their search system has altered in the past year, in an attempt to reimburse search results centered around the idea of how likely one would click on it, the rapid spread of fake news as a result has far outnumbered any accurate news reports.

Google’s autocomplete suggestions in the search bar even expect now that one will be searching for fake news specifically, rather than an accurate and truthful report.


The spread of fake news on Facebook is a separate conflict, according to experts who reported to the Business Insider. The search system that was changed in Google has now increased fake news up a notch when searching for any news, since more internet users have clicked on it.

According to Rishi Lakhani, a search marketing consultant, he claimed that “Though Google doesn’t like to admit it, it does use CTR (click through rate) as a factor,” and added on to note that the more popular a topic or subject is, the more clicks it will get, therefore making the autocomplete suggestions more likely to suggest fake news.

Google takes into account something called user-behavior, which weighs the interest of the users into what results of a search should be prioritized. However, a direct negative effect of this matter is that these user-behavior indicators to ultimately encourage and promote fake news.

Huge Affect on Society

Two famous examples of how widespread the fake news have reached out were when President Barack Obama had allegedly debarred the US National anthem, and when supposedly Hillary Clinton was said to be funding ISIS. Examples like these seek to strengthen the views of conspiracy theorists, who will stop at nothing to get full proof about any topic.

Regardless if the fake news outlets are finally proven to be falsifications, the problem remains with the fact that so long as a large amount of users continue to click on the links, signals will be sent back to Google’s system in notifying that the links continue to be clicked on


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