Irish Terrorist’s Bomb Plot for the Queen Foiled

 Irish terrorist Donal Billings, 66, planted a bomb on a bus while he exposed his ambitious plot to the police that he seeks to kill the Queen of England during her momentary visit to Ireland.

He has now received a sentence of up to eight years in prison for the bomb plot.


Billings notified the authorities that he had set up mortars at the Dublin Castle, where the Queen had been dining.

In addition to his bomb plot, Billings was found with a seemingly large amount of other weapons as well which included a timer, and a pistol made in the Czech Republic.

Billings stated that he was a member of what is called the Republican Brotherhood, from Squad A. Adding on to this, he declared a troublesome statement when he said that he has set up two mortars precisely for the Queen and they are timed to go off around 8 pm.


“This is for the Queen of blood and war of Iraq,” Billings remarked. A criminal record was done on Billings in which it was revealed that back in 1973 he had allegations for possessing more explosives in the Northern region of Ireland.

Among the charges that were targeted towards Billings from the recent incident, the judge found him guilty for his hoax warnings in which he stated that he had supposedly planted other bombs around the airport, at a bus station and the Sinn Fein office.

Billings claim he had no involvement with either of these cases. The Special Criminal Court of Dublin mentioned that back in May of 2011, Billings had declared a threat that he stated towards the authorities of his vicious plan in taking out the Queen.

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