Lockheed Martin Shares Drop Again, Thanks to Trump

 President-elect Donald Trump has hit home again with his latest tweet criticizing the cost of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 program.

Mr. Trump’s tweet regarding Lockheed Martin has resulted in their trade shares to plummet once again by 1.3 percent, which would serve as the lowest they have reached ever since the US elections in early November.

Mr. Trump requested from Boeing Co. for an alternate option, asking them to suggest a price for an older military aircraft to be invested in instead.

President-elect had recently held a meeting with chief executives from both Boeing Co. and Lockheed Martin, in which afterwards he tweeted the comment that resulted in Lockheed Martin’s decreased stock trade.

Trump Confident With His Alternative

Mr. Trump stated that due to the extremely high budgeted program that Lockheed Martin has invested towards their F-35 program, he has asked Boeing Co. to throw in their price for the F-18 Super Hornet, which he claims shares similar capabilities to that of the F-35. However, the F-18 does not have the stealth technology that the F-35 consists of, which serves as an essential matter when superpowers such as China and Russia might need to be countered with their upgraded defense systems today.

Impulsive Decisions

Defense analysts have stated that in no way can the F-35 and the F-18 be considered as similar military aircraft with similar capabilities.

An official reacted to Mr. Trump’s recent statement, complaining by saying that someone is going to have to approach Donald Trump and inquire from him of just how he plans with the F-18 to break through China’s advanced area denial programs at this point.

Defense Analyst from Buckingham Research, Richard Safran, expressed his shock to Mr. Trump’s latest statement.

Mr. Safran stated that the F-18 cannot supply the needs for vertical lifting for US Marines, and it has excess weight to being a carrier fighter. The analyst ended the statement by saying that so long as the laws of physics remain to be the same till now, then the F-18 first built from the 80’s in no way can meet the standards of today.

Boeing Co. has announced that they intend on satisfying the measures and requirements to be aligned with the US national security needs.


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