Outrage after Roman Polanski Selected to Lead Jury in French Oscars


An outcry has erupted after Roman Polanski, a well renowned film director was selected to lead the jury during the French Oscars.

Polanski has a rather controversial background as he escaped from the United States due to allegations of indulging in sexual acts with a minor.

Both women’s groups along with the art minister of France, Lawrence Rossingnol have condemned Polanski’s appointment as heading the jury for the Cesars.

Mme Rossingnol expressed her shock and disgust on this matter as she says she finds it rather deplorable “that a rape case counts for little in the life of a man.”

Conflicting Emotions

Meanwhile the Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques in France who run the entire show of the French Oscars have expressed absolutely no regret or remorse for their selection.

Alain Terzian, the head of the organization described Polanski as a filmmaker, a writer, an actor, a producer and several more terms, adding that he can go on as to how to define such a prominent figure.

Mr. Terzian then stated that there is only one way they can express their utmost “admiration and enchantment,” which was a sincere “thank you, Mr. President.”

A Guilty Past

Polanski, now 83 years old, fled from the United States upon the convictions back in 1978 and since then the American authorities have been engaging on him.

France served as a country of interest for Polanski since the three European countries of Poland, France and Switzerland are not involved in the extradition treaty that is affiliated with the United States.

As a result, Polanski may work and live freely amongst these three countries, with Poland being the country where he was born.

The Polish Supreme Court has announced last month that the director may visit Poland without fears of being deported or arrested on arrival.