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Petition to Cancel Trump’s UK Visit Reaches 100,000 Signatures


Less than five hours after its launch, 100,000 people have signed a petition in favour of banning Donald Trump from a state visit to Britain.  The matter will now be debated in parliament.

The petition cites Mr Trump’s “well documented misogyny and vulgarity” and calls for him to be allowed into the country but to meet The Queen.

As the petition has over 10,000 signatures it will be debated in parliament.  The petition reached the 100,000 figure in just under five hours after being launched at 8am.  It earned 56,000 signatures within the last sixty minutes.

Data shows that signatures came from North, South, and Central London with high signing rates in Edinburgh, Bristol, Brighton, and Manchester.

The petition states, “Donald Trump should be allowed to enter the UK in his capacity as head of the US Government, but he should not be invited to make an official State Visit because it would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen.

“Donald Trump’s well documented misogyny and vulgarity disqualifies him from being received by Her Majesty the Queen or the Prince of Wales. Therefore during the term of his presidency Donald Trump should not be invited to the United Kingdom for an official State Visit.”

May Under Fire

The petition and subsequent debate will further apply the pressure to Theresa May.  She has been constantly under fire over a range of issues, when in each case she has failed to answer pressing questions of the day, either avoiding the question or choosing to answer a different question to the one put.

In relation to the Trump travel ban, Theresa May is being criticised in her own party as more divisions erupt within it.  Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi, a Muslim, said the U.S travel ban would stop him entering the country and for the first time in his life he feels discriminated against.

A decision on when the parliamentary debate will occur will be decided at a later date.

Pregnant Wife Stabbed to Death by Policeman Husband


Reports have stated that a Columbian police officer has allegedly stabbed to death his pregnant wife, Angie Katerine Herrera.

The officer committed this barbarous act in a supermarket that had been busy in the city of Bogota, the capital of Columbia.

The identity of the officer has not been disclosed to the public and after he stabbed his wife a hysterical manner, he fled from the store.

However witnesses to the crime caught the officer and kept him with them until the authorities arrived to the scene in order to take him into custody.

Just One Intention

The officer was said to have pursued Herrera till the supermarket, which was situated at the area of Tunjuelito.

The attacker followed her after him and his wife had supposedly gotten into a big argument prior the incident back at home on the same day.

According to friends of the couple, as well as their neighbors, the officer and his wife had been on some rough terms for the past several weeks up until he stabbed her.

The officer was currently off on duty, and is said to receive charges of murder. The authorities currently have him under incarceration.

Marriage Gone Wrong

Bogota has been regarded in the past as one of the cities that is considered to be the most violent within the entire world back in the 90’s.

However, ever since a ban imposed on not allowing residents to carry firearms in public spaces was introduced, the city has seen a huge decline and improvement towards crime.

The cameras in the supermarket that captured the murder take place shows the officer secretly swiping his knife as he stood behind the counter inside the store.

As he ran outside the supermarket, on lookers then noticed what had happened and took hold of him until he was finally arrested.

Couple and their cats poisoned by 3D printer


A couple from San Francisco, and their two pet cats, have died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by their 3D printer. Roger Morash, 35, and his wife Valerie Morash, 32, were found dead in their flat in Berkeley, along with their two cats.

The pair, who were both former alumni of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology died because their 3D printer was leaking carbon monoxide, according to police officials. The couple were discovered by a friend, who had become concerned for their welfare.

After their sudden death, a GoFundMe page was launched to help family and friends meet the cost of getting to their funeral, with a staggering $15,000 being raised in just three days. A shocked colleague of Mr Morash’s said they were modest, educated and talented.

Toxic fumes

The deaths come after a research team from the Illinois Institute of Technology issued a warning about using 3D printers at home. When they are used on certain types of plastic, they can emit toxic fumes, including carbon monoxide.

Mr Morash had been an indie game developer who worked at Harmonix. He had worked on the popular Amplitude and Shard platforms. There have been conflicting reports about the potential cause of death, with some saying that officers were still stumped, while others saying they passed away as a result of toxic fumes. Post mortem examinations will be carried out on the husband and wife to determine an official cause of death.

Friends and colleagues have already started posting touching tributes on social media, with one saying Mr Morash was: “One of the nicest game developers I’ve ever met passed away last night. Roger Hanna Morash was an amazing person as well as programmer.”

Meanwhile, Dan Crilip said: “Shocked to hear of the passing of my friend, Roger Hanna & his wife, Val. Sending out lots of love for friends, family, & colleagues today.”

School forced to close after 150 pupils and teachers fall ill


A school was forced to shut its doors after a huge number of students and staff fell ill with a mystery vomiting bug. The virus spread like wildfire at the Dene Magna secondary school in Gloucestershire, affecting 150 people, which is around a fifth of the total number of pupils.

So many pupils, teachers and support staff had to go home because they were ill, that head teacher Stephen Brady decided he would have to close the school completely. So far, it has not been confirmed what the illness is, although it is likely to be the winter vomiting bug norovirus.

The school has now brought in a specialist cleaning company to embark on a thorough clean of the whole building before the school opens up again on Monday. Mr Brady said that the situation had become worse and worse, so it was common sense to send everyone home.

Perfect storm

He described it as a “perfect storm” of bugs, saying that pupils had been suffering from feelings of nausea and sweating, while others had diarrhoea and vomiting. The school spoke to officials at the local authority, who advised that a deep clean should be carried out. Pupils who are ill are expected to have recovered within 72 hours.

In a message to parents, the school urged mums and dads to keep their children home over the weekend, so that they did not pass on any germs to friends. He also said pupils should have a “good wash” so they returned clean and healthy on Monday.

The latest closure follows a similar incident at a primary school just eight miles away, which also had to shut when a quarter of its students fell ill. Staff also called in sick so the school, in Coleford, took the decision to close for an afternoon so a thorough clean could take place.

WikiHow Apologizes for “Whitewashing” Beyonce, Jay Z and Barack Obama


WikiHow has apologized and said it’s “disgusted and ashamed” after a picture of Barack Obama, Beyonce and Jay Z was posted, depicting them as white people in an article titled “How to become a congressman.”

A photo of Barack Obama, Beyonce and Jay Z from a 2012 fundraising event, was reportedly turned into a cartoon on WikiHow, with all three being “whitewashed.”

The cartoon appeared on an article titled “how to become a congressman.” WikiHow has publicly apologized and said it never should have been on the site.

How Did This Happen?

WikiHow tried to explain exactly what happened, in a series of tweets:

“Within minutes of the first tweet, a volunteer removed the image. We then started investigating how it got on wikiHow at all.”

“We learned it was made three years ago by a team of illustrators who work as one. One person sketches, the other person colours.

The sketcher sent the colourist a black and white sketch. The colourist wasn’t aware it was Obama and Beyonce. We don’t think the illustrator intentionally whitewashed here.”

They continued to say: “This doesn’t excuse the fact that we hosted a terrible image on wikiHow and we needed more diversity on that article period.”

“We’re talking with our illustrators to prevent recurrence and encourage diversity. Especially in positions of power.”

The image went specifically viral when a fan account tweeted the two images for comparison on January 22nd, with a caption reading: “Wikihow turned Obama, Beyonce and Jay-Z white to explain ‘How to become a congressman’.”

WikiHow’s Apology

WikiHow publically apologized, saying the image was “disgraceful.”

A fuller statement from WikiHow said: “When we saw the whitewashed image of Obama, Jay-Z and Beyonce, we were disgusted and ashamed. It should never have been on WikiHow.”

Twitter troll sacked from his job after vile posts about Katie Price’s disabled son


A vile Twitter bully who mocked glamour model Katie Price’s disabled son Harvey had been fired from his job. Thirty year old Mark Williams from Teesside in North East England sent a number of tweets to the model turned television presenter about her son, including one image showing a bag of Haribo sweets changed so it read “Harveybo Tan*********”.

He also said the 14 year old was a “c***” and even went on to say he hoped he choked on sweets. The posts appear to be a number of vile messages which target a number of celebrities and gay people. He had worked at the window maker Portrack in Stockton.

However, his bosses decided to sack him over the posts, even though he deleted 3,000 tweets which targeted abuse at celebrities and minorities. A colleague said that he was fired. While they added that they did not know anything else about the circumstances, they said that he had definitely gone.


Williams said sorry about he was exposed as the troll. He said that his posts were in bad taste, but that he never thought Ms Price would see them. He said that he would like to issue a sincere apology to Ms Price, Harvey and their family for comments he described as “immature and thoughtless”. He also apologised to his own friends and family for the shame he had brought on them. He went on to confirm that the abusive posts had cost him his livelihood.

He had previously sent abusive tweets to Geordie popstar Cheryl Cole and country singer Taylor Swift, as well as issuing posts of support to the footballer Adam Johnson after he was sent to jail for sexual activity with a child. It is not known if Ms Price has contacted police about the social media abuse.

Doomsday Clock Hits two and a half minutes to Midnight


The clock that symbolises the end of the world, The Doomsday Clock, has moved to two and a half minutes to midnight.  This is the closest the clock has come to the end of the world since 1953.

The clock which gauges world tensions was moved to the new time via live stream.  Researchers took the decision to move the hands due to climate change and nuclear war concerns.

Lawrence Krauss and David Titley, of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists which sets The Doomsday Clock said they took the decision as the international community have failed to deal with nuclear weapons and climate change.  In part, the movement of the hands is due to Donald Trump who does not believe in climate change.

Other issues included nuclear weapons being built by India, Pakistan, Russia, North Korea, and China.

In a statement, the group wrote, “A rise in strident nationalism worldwide, President Donald Trump’s comments on nuclear arms and climate issues, a darkening global security landscape that is colored by increasingly sophisticated technology, and a growing disregard for scientific expertise.”

One of the researchers said the fact that 2016 was the hottest on record showed there was nothing wrong with the science behind climate change.  They also said that they hoped the clock hands moving so close to midnight raises the level of conversation and prompts calls to action of people around the world.

Earth Closer to Oblivion than 1984

According to the researchers, this is the closest the world has come to ending than in 1984, when east – west relations were at their iciest.

The clock hands move backwards and forward in line with world events and developments.   Initially, it only took into account the risk of global nuclear war, but now takes into account the risk of climate change, biotechnology advances, and artificial intelligence.

Trump Orders EPA to Freeze All Grants


President Trump imposed a media blackout at the Environmental Protection Agency and has barred staff from giving out new contracts or grants.

According to the Associated Press, President Trump has instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to freeze all grants and contracts, including funding for research, redevelopment of industrial sites, air quality monitoring, and more.

Instructions for the EPA

Trump also reportedly barred employees from discussing EPA news outside of the agency. It remains unclear whether or not these instructions are temporary.

According to an email exchange by an EPA contracting officer: “Right now we are in a holding pattern. The new EPA administration has asked that all contract and grant awards be temporarily suspended, effective immediately. Until we receive further clarification, this includes task orders and work assignments.”

The Memo to the Staff

According to The Huffington Post, a was the memo sent to the EPA staff on Monday, outlining the instructions.

“These restrictions are effective immediately and will remain in place until further direction is received from the new Administration’s Beach Team.”

“If anyone on your staff receives a press inquiry of any kind, it must be referred to me so I can coordinate with the appropriate individuals in OPA.”

The email instructed no press releases to external audiences, no blog messages, and no outgoing media.

The memo said “A Digital Strategist will be coming on board to oversee social media.”

It also warned that individually controlled social media accounts “may become more centrally controlled.” Incoming media requests will also be carefully screened.

The memo also demanded that “no new content be placed on any website.”

A list of all external speaking engagements scheduled from now through February was also requested. “The Beach Team will review the list of upcoming webinars and decide which ones will go forward.”

Ewan McGregor Refuses to Appear on Good Morning Britain


Ewan McGregor reportedly refused to appear on Good Morning Britain due to Piers Morgan’s comments on the women’s march following Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The film star Ewan McGregor reportedly refused to appear on Good Morning Britain when he realized Piers Morgan was hosting the show. This was due to McGregor’s opinions of Piers Morgan’s comments on the women’s march that took place right after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

What did Morgan Say?

In a Daily Mail article, Piers Morgan had said he was displeased at the protests that took place all over the world.

He said: “I’m planning a men’s march to protest at the creeping global emasculation of my gender by rabid feminists. Who’s with me?”

Morgan also said the he didn’t think the marches were solely political, and targeted celebrities that took part in it, including Madonna.

He said that Madonna had “wrecked the Women’s March because she lifted the lid on the more repellent side of feminism: the vile, crude, man-hating, violent, nasty side”.

Not Appearing on the Show

About Ewan not appearing on the show, Piers Morgan said: “Ewan McGregor was meant to be the main guest on today’s show but he has decided not to turn up.”

McGregor tweeted explaining his absence: “Was going on Good Morning Britain, didn’t realize @piersmorgan was host. Wont go on with him after his comments about #WomensMarch.”

Piers Morgan replied saying: “A real man would have come on and debated it with me, not run away like a coward.”

Morgan’s co-presenter Susanna Reid said: “There were actually a lot of people who didn’t like your comments, including the woman sat next to you.”

Morgan replied saying: “Well come on here and debate with me about it. We just had a very good debate with a guest about the marches, don’t just not show up.”

Woman reveals “revenge body” after being dumped by boyfriend


A woman says she was inspired to lose weight when her boyfriend broke up with her after remembering a quote from reality star Khloe Kardashian, who said that looking great was the best revenge.

Sian Ryan, from Northamptonshire, was devastated when her partner of 18 months dumped her while they were on what should have been a romantic trip to Brighton. Heartbroken and finding it difficult to get to sleep, 25 year old Sian decided to join a 24 hour gym, so she would have something to do in the middle of the night when she could not drop off.

Now, 18 months on, she has lost a staggering seven stone, and is now a slim size 12. She said that going to the gym every night at 11pm helped her to deal with her break up, and to shed the pounds. After 12 weeks of exercising, she said she was much slimmer, and no longer missed her former boyfriend at all.

Love of exercise

Her new found love of exercising had fixed her broken heart. She enjoyed it so much, that she even worked out on both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day and now posts images of her new body on social media in a bid to inspire other women looking to lose weight.

She says she no longer wants her ex back, but she is hoping to find new love on the dating app Tinder. Previously, she would drink litres of cola, eat takeaway pizzas and order two meals if she went to McDonalds. At her heaviest, she weighed 19 stone and was a size 26. However, Sian, who currently works as a hospital clinic coordinator has transformed her own lifestyle to such an extent, she is now planning to go back to college so she can train to become a personal trainer and nutritionist to help others.


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