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Shares in Ralph Lauren soar after First Lady Melania wears the designer for President Trump’s inauguration


First Lady Melania Trump opted for Ralph Lauren as she proudly watched her husband Donald become the 45th president of the United States. The 46 year old former model chose a baby blue Ralph Lauren dress and matching coat, as well as a long pair of suede gloves by the designer.

After she was seen by millions around the globe holding onto the bible as her husband took his oath of officer, share prices in Ralph Lauren rocketed. Before the inauguration ceremony, in which Melania wore the Jackie Kennedy inspired outfit, shares were standing at $88.20. However just an hour after Melania was first seen in the outfit, shares were up to $88.32 and by the end of the day, they stood at $88.90.

Ralph Lauren is also a favourite of President Trump’s rival, Democrat Hillary Clinton, who has worn the designer throughout her unsuccessful election campaign. Mrs Clinton also wore an ivory Ralph Lauren pants suit to watch President Trump as he took office.

Michelle Obama

The choice of outfit worn by the First Lady often has a huge impact on a designer’s fortunes. In 2009, former First Lady Michelle Obama opted for a dress by Jason Wu, which gave the young designer at huge boost. When, in 2016, the Narcisso Rodriguez gown she wore for her husband’s State of the Union address sold out.

However, despite this potential positive impact on sales, Tom Ford said he would not be dressing the First Lady. So far, Melania has won widespread praise for her fashion choices over the historic weekend. At a dinner for supporters on the eve of his inauguration, she opted for a tight fitting gold column dress before choosing the more sedate Ralph Lauren number as he was sworn in. Prior to the inauguration, she was seen wearing a military inspired coat by the New York designer Norisol Ferrari, who said that she wanted to give Melania her own voice.

Undercover Investigation by Which? Reveals Massive Sharing of Personal Data


An undercover investigation by consumer group Which? has revealed that personal and financial information is being bought and sold “on a huge scale.”

The investigation by the consumer watchdog group Which? who posed as a dodgy pension advice company, approached fourteen list brokers gaining easy access to over a half a million names, telephone numbers, and pension details.

No Consumer Consent to Sell Data

According to Which? they were offered data for as little as four pence a record.  Many companies were operating illegally.

Only four companies who were contacted by Which? carried out any kind of due diligence or background checks on the company Which? posed as.  The data they obtained is often used in unsolicited contact to sell pension products to consumers.  Some of the information sold had not been given consent to be so by consumers.

Widespread Irresponsible Behaviour

The group has said that many companies were in breach of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) guidelines, and that the investigation showed widespread “irresponsible behaviour.”

Which? said they were offered 500,000 details of people aged 50 and over.  This included homes, jobs, pensions, and income information.

Pensioners and those approaching retirement were targeted the most.

Money editor at Which? Harry Rose said, ”Our investigation highlights that sensitive personal and financial data is being traded on a huge scale, with unscrupulous companies selling to anyone who comes calling.

“Millions are already pestered by nuisance callers and targeted by scammers. To avoid ending up on a list, never give permission for your data to be shared by third parties and if you are called out of the blue about a financial opportunity, hang up and report it.”

The government said it was going to crackdown on nuisance calls in its Autumn statement.  The regulations are set to go live in the spring and could see fines as much as £500,000 levelled on the bosses of companies that make harassing calls to the public.

Trump’s Inauguration to be Confronted with Protests


Several protest groups have stated and declared demonstrations and marches on the day of Trump’s inauguration ceremony.

Various causes will be chanted for such as Trump’s policy on immigration, race, the treatment of women and the LGBT community, along with protests on his denial of climate change.

Signs surfaced all around the U.S. Capitol last Thursday with some reading “Resist Trump Climate Justice Now,” others reading “Free Palestine,” and other endless amounts of messages.

The coalition that has referred to itself as the DisruptJ20, vowed that they will disrupt and intervene in the inauguration ceremony on January 20th despite the consequences of being taken into custody by the authorities.

As the Events Unfold

One supporter of Trump, Brett Ecker, 36, who works as public school teacher, stated that although these protests are rather frustrating, they wouldn’t actually ruin his day either.

Ecker states that those who are involved in the protests are doing so simply out of nothing less than to create some havoc and stir up conflict.

One checkpoint saw several protestors wearing orange jumpsuits and hoodies that covered their faces so as to represent those who are still detained at the infamous prison of Guantanamo Bay.

No Silence Tolerated

Eleanor Goldfield, who served as one helper for the organization of the DisruptJ20 coalition, stated that the protests are being conducted to send Donald Trump several clear messages.

Goldfield added that the messages are not only directed at him, but as well as to the Trump supporters who she says have been greatly misled, and misinformed throughout the entire campaign.

Meanwhile other protest groups of the Black Lives Matter association as well as the feminists have also taken to the streets.

More protests are said to be conducted later on, as a march by the DisruptJ20 is said to take place at noon time on Friday, which is the time Trump is scheduled to be sworn in.

Ohio Lawyer Jailed for Hypnotizing Clients to Sexually Assault them


An Ohio Lawyer, Michael Fine, was jailed for reportedly hypnotizing female clients so he could sexually abuse them, after one suspicious woman wore a hidden camera to catch him in the act.

A former divorce attorney, 59-year-old Michael Fine, has been using his skills in hypnotism to trick his female clients and sexually assault them.

After one suspicious woman wore a hidden camera when meeting him in order to catch him red handed, Fine was sentenced to 12 years in Jail on Monday at Lorain County, Ohio.

He pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting six women after hypnotizing them.

The investigation

Police started the investigation of the divorce attorney in 2014, when two women came forward saying they suspect they’ve been hypnotized.

They reported losing track of time and being unable to recall their meetings or phone calls with the married attorney.

One woman also recalled being “wet in her vaginal area” and that her “bra was disheveled” after being in his office or being on the phone with him.

One woman who thought he’d been assaulting her as well opted to record two telephone conversations with Fine, where he reportedly used explicit sexual language with her.

According to court documents, she also agreed to wear a wire to video record him in the act last November.

As soon as Fine started discussing sexual activity, the police entered the room and arrested him.

The sentencing

The publicity of the investigation prompted other women to come forward with their suspicions as well.

Fine then pleaded guilty to five accounts of sexually motivated kidnappings and one attempted kidnapping.

He was sentenced to 12 years in prison and agreed to permanently surrender his law license.

Words of his victims

One of his victims talked about her process in healing since his attack: “I have come to realize it was not my vulnerability that caused this to happen,” she said in court.

“I went to Michael Fine with help in getting out of a terrible and abusive situation. I paid him to help me. He used my trust and his position as my attorney to gain information about my vulnerabilities.”

“He then used that information not only to protect and defend me, but also to manipulate, hurt and take advantage of me.”

Another victim, who now suffers from panic attacks and struggles with relationships said: “He gets a 12-year sentence. I get a life sentence. Is 12 years long enough? Is this long enough for the pain, hurt and suffering that I now have to live with?”

“This will be a part of who I am to become,” she continues. “This is now part of my being – not by choice, but by circumstance.”

Paedophile Used Minecraft to Groom Boys


Paedophile Adam Isaac, 23, used the computer game Minecraft to groom young boys and convince them to perform sexual acts over Skype a court has been told.

Isaac is from Merthyr Tydfil in Wales and targeted boys aged between 12 and 14.  He gave them money for intimate photographs of themselves.  He admitted eight sexual offences against children.  He was sentenced at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court on Friday.

Rachel Knight, prosecutor said, “The offences occurred after Isaac became the group leader of 20 participants in the Minecraft game involving the two boys.

“The defendant sent money to the boys on PayPal and used the game to groom them. The parents of the boys did not know what was happening. In the case of the 12-year-old he was playing the game at night while his parents were asleep.”

Minecraft is an award-winning, popular game where players construct virtual world using 3D blocks.

The court was told how Isaac used the world to build his own sexual fantasies and trap and groom children within it.

It was revealed in court that Isaac would perform sexual acts on himself, as well as pay children to engage in sexual acts and had indecent imagery of another child.

He was caught after a father of one of the victims went to the police after reading his Skype chat.  In a statement, a family of one of the victims said, “The offences occurred after Isaac became the group leader of 20 participants in the Minecraft game involving the two boys.

“The defendant sent money to the boys on PayPal and used the game to groom them. The parents of the boys did not know what was happening. In the case of the 12-year-old he was playing the game at night while his parents were asleep.”

Isaac admitted several charges and he has now been banned from using the internet as well as a prison sentence.

How I escaped the infamous Moors murderers


Murderous couple Ian Brady and Myra Hindley became some of the most notorious killers in British history after slaughtering children and burying them on moorland close to Manchester.

They murdered five children, aged between 10 and 17. But, it may well have been six. Tommy Rhattigan, who is now 61, has come forward to say that he escaped through a window at the age of seven. A child beggar, the Moors murderers had persuaded him to go to their home with promises of bread and jam for him to eat.

Mr Rhattigan, one of 12 siblings, was starving, growing up in terrible poverty in Hulme, Manchester, when he was asked to go to the couple’s home in nearby Gorton for a “jam buttie”. He said that he had thought she was being kind to him, until she spoke unkindly to him and he smelt alcohol on her breath. At that point, Mr Rhattigan said he was overwhelmed with a feeling of panic.


He said he quietly stood up and tried to open a window, but it was stuck. Suddenly, it shot upwards and Mr Rhattigan managed to jump out, even though he felt someone grab his foot and heard the back door being opened as Brady ran after him. He managed to leap over a back wall and get away in an escape he says has haunted him for his entire life.

Brady and Hindley killed Pauline Reade, John Kilbride, Keith Bennett, Lesley Ann Downey and Edward Evans. Only Keith’s body has never been found and his mother went to her grave without ever being able to give her son a proper burial. The killings all happened in two years from 1963, and the couple were both handed life sentences in 1966. While Hindley has died in jail, Brady is being held in Ashworth Hospital. According to letters sent by him to a journalist, he is dying as a result of a terminal lung and chest condition.


Talks to Avoid Further Southern Rail Strikes Fail


Southern Rail train drivers and guards will go on strike next week after the RMT union claims it was left out of talks between Aslef and Southern Rail.

The dispute which centres on driver-only trains is a long running dispute between the two sides.  Passengers have seen lots of disruption on Southern Rail routes due to strikes and disorganisation at the heart of the train company.

Guards-affiliated to the Rail, Maritime, and Transport union will walk out on 24 hours on Monday.  A few of their members are drivers and they will strike on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday next week.

Aslef, the main drivers’ union has called off strikes while it continues talks with Southern Rail.  It has also called off its overtime ban.  The talks are under the co-chairmanship with the TUC.

A spokesman for Southern Rail said, “The talks that are now taking place under the auspices of the TUC are as a result of a suggestion by Aslef, which we welcomed and accepted in order to find a way to end their drivers’ dispute.

“As we have stated, we are happy to have formal talks with the RMT too when they’re ready to do so, and lines of communication with them are open.

“In the meantime, to show good faith, we would ask them to follow Aslef’s lead and suspend their one-day conductors’ strike planned for next Monday.”

RMT Union

Mick Cash of the RMT union said, “RMT demands again today that this union be given access to exactly the same talks process in our Southern Rail disputes as has been brokered for our sister union by the TUC.

“The notion that some sort of deal can be done which leaves those Southern guards out in the cold is ludicrous.

“As a result of our exclusion from the talks process set up by the TUC and the Government both our guards and drivers action remains on next week and we demand and expect a positive response to our fresh demand for a seat at the negotiating table.”


Daughter of wealthy businessman cleared of hiring hitman to kill her ex boyfriend


The daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur has been found not guilty of helping her father to hire a hitman to kill her former boyfriend.

Thirty year old Rebecca Deferia stood trial in connections with allegations that she had been part of a arrangements to pay a gang £12,500 to shoot her ex partner Jonathan Catchpole, 30, at his Suffolk home.

The court was told that three hitman burst into the property, shouting “Rebecca wants you dead” as they shot their victim in the chest with a sawn-off shotgun. Mr Catchpole was then left for dead, but managed to survive his horrendous injuries.


While prosecutors claimed that privately-educated Miss Deferia was involved, she denied she was guilty of conspiracy to murder, and she has now been cleared after a trial which lasted for two weeks. The prosecution case was that she had helped to plan the attempted killing, along with her 60 year old father Colin Deferia and four other accomplices, who have all been convicted of the offence.

Not enough evidence

However, Judge David Goodin said there was not enough evidence to lead to a conviction and told the jury that they must found Miss Deferia not guilty. Miss Deferia, who has, up until the verdict, been on bail with a surety of £250,000, cried with relief and said thank you to the judge.

Defending, Jim Sturman QC, said that Miss Deferia had not wanted Mr Catchpole to die and had not been part of any plot to shoot him. He said that her phone and iPad had been used by her father, with whom she lived and worked.

She broke up with Mr Catchpole in 2013 after the couple had been together for five years. In a statement read out after the verdict, she said she would now be reflecting on the future and rebuilding her life after 18 months of “utter misery”.

Former US President George W. Bush Admitted to Hospital in Houston


The former US president George W. Bush was reportedly admitted to a hospital in Houston. His office chief of staff, Jean Becker, has ensured he is in stable condition and should be leaving the hospital in a couple of days.

The former US president, 92-year-old, George W. Bush, who is known to suffer from a form of Parkinson’s Disease, was reportedly admitted to the Houston Methodist Hospital.

According to his office chief of staff, Jean Becker, he is in stable condition and “doing fine.” Becker explained that he should be leaving the hospital in a couple of days.

Why was he Taken to the Hospital?

It remains unclear why he was taken to the hospital. However, the former president is known to suffer from a form of Parkinson’s disease that makes him unable to walk without help, and is currently on a wheelchair to move around.

His admission to the hospital could be related to worsening symptoms, as Parkinson’s is a progressive disease.

In July 2015, he had been taken to the hospital after breaking a bone in his neck at his summer home in Maine.

He was also previously hospitalized twice in 2014- one time for pneumonia, which landed him in hospital for seven weeks, and another time for breathing difficulties.

George W. Bush in Politics

George W. Bush served as the 41st President of the United States from 1989 to 1993, and was Vice President under Ronald Reagan.

He was also previously the Director of Central Intelligence during the Watergate scandal, which led to American intervention in the Gulf War and failed attempts to halt the Somali civil war.

His son George Bush took office in 2001, and his other son, Jeb Bush, ran for president in 2016.

George Bush Sr had launched a critique against his son’s administration, saying Dick Cheney had “too much hard-line influence alongside real hard-charging guys who want to fight about everything, use force to get our way in the Middle East.”

Poor Emergency C-Section Leads to Death of Primary School Teacher


Frances Cappuccini, 30, died back in October of 2012 due to excessive blood loss as soon as she had given birth.

Cappuccini, a primary school teacher had received a heart attack due to the four pints of blood that she had lost.

This amount of blood totals up to about half of the blood within her body.

An investigation had been launched after her death as a result of potentially poor and sub-standard care at the Tunbridge Wells Hospital situated in the area of Pembury, Kent.

Cappuccini had given birth to two boys prior to her death, and then told her husband Tom in her last words to please take care and look after both of their young boys if the worst was to happen to her.

Not Just Fate

The investigation has lasted till today and a coroner has just declared that Cappuccini, herself a healthy mother at a young age, died as a direct result due to lack of a proper diagnosis, and poor treatment.

The two doctors that had been responsible for her treatment did not receive any charges of manslaughter.

Cappuccini, upon feeding one of her new born babies, had then gotten a heart attack which led to an immense amount of blood loss, ultimately leading her to cardiac arrest.

The Doctors’ Responsibility

As Cappuccini had been in cardiac arrest, she may have possibly been awaiting for drugs that could have saved her life.

However, inquest had claimed that most probably one of the doctors had removed the ventilation tube prior to her being fully capable of breathing without additional supervision or assistance.

Dr. Nadeem Azeez had fled the UK upon this case but all allegations that were thrown against him had been dropped afterwards.

Meanwhile, Maidstone along with Tunbridge Wells had been cleared of any charges regarding manslaughter back in January of 2015.


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