Pregnant Wife Stabbed to Death by Policeman Husband

Reports have stated that a Columbian police officer has allegedly stabbed to death his pregnant wife, Angie Katerine Herrera.

The officer committed this barbarous act in a supermarket that had been busy in the city of Bogota, the capital of Columbia.

The identity of the officer has not been disclosed to the public and after he stabbed his wife a hysterical manner, he fled from the store.

However witnesses to the crime caught the officer and kept him with them until the authorities arrived to the scene in order to take him into custody.

Just One Intention

The officer was said to have pursued Herrera till the supermarket, which was situated at the area of Tunjuelito.

The attacker followed her after him and his wife had supposedly gotten into a big argument prior the incident back at home on the same day.

According to friends of the couple, as well as their neighbors, the officer and his wife had been on some rough terms for the past several weeks up until he stabbed her.

The officer was currently off on duty, and is said to receive charges of murder. The authorities currently have him under incarceration.

Marriage Gone Wrong

Bogota has been regarded in the past as one of the cities that is considered to be the most violent within the entire world back in the 90’s.

However, ever since a ban imposed on not allowing residents to carry firearms in public spaces was introduced, the city has seen a huge decline and improvement towards crime.

The cameras in the supermarket that captured the murder take place shows the officer secretly swiping his knife as he stood behind the counter inside the store.

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