Seattle Approves for ‘Safe Injection’ Sites for Drug Addicts


Last Friday officials in Seattle announced that they have approved in what is called ‘safe-injection’ sites drug addicts addicted to substances such as heroin as well as other illegal narcotics.

These sites would serve as the first of its kind within the United States. It comes after a huge rising epidemic of drug overdoses that kills tens of thousands yearly within the nation.

Although such a measure has been regarded as extreme by them, they added that it is necessary nonetheless.

Such sites exist within Europe, in which drug addicts are supervised by medical teams and offer them needles that are clean and sterile.

If one user experiences the beginning phases of an overdose, drugs are given to them instantly to reverse the matter.

A Healthier Way to Inject

Places such as Boston, New York and others have been interested in these sites due to the increased deaths that have been resulting from overdoses of users.

Several have criticized such sites due to claims that it would further promote and encourage the use of such illegal narcotics.

However, others have stated that these sites will at least keep the addicts alive long enough so they can eventually help them in receiving treatment later on.

Sustainable Using

Those who supported these sites have stated that facilities like these have proven to prevent the spread of fatal diseases such as Hepatitis C and HIV back in the 80’s and 90’s.

This is due to users not sharing needles with one another. Ed Murray, the Mayor of Seattle, has stated that these methods will surely guarantee that lives of users are spared.

One professor on health law, Kelly Dineen has stated that these sites are not officially legal under the federal law.

According to figures regarding the deaths of users who overdosed, in 2015 about 33,000 users were reported to have been killed due to illegal narcotics.