Train Hits Car at a Level Crossing

A man’s car received a deadly blow by a train as the car was on the Marston level crossing at Bedfordshire, UK.

The driver of the car was killed instantly according to the emergency teams. The authorities were contacted to the level crossing on early morning of January 3rd.

As of now, there is reason to be believe he was the only person inside the vehicle, and that no other victims or passengers had been inside the car either.

According to the British Transport Police (BTP), they have stated that the vehicle was hit by the train that had departed from Bedford and was bound to Bletchley. The train had about 11 passengers on board, along with two members of the staff as well.

A Horrifying Death

The BTP claim that no other victims or injuries have resulted from this deadly crash, but are underway in an investigation to determine just as how the car was even set on the train tracks to begin with.

The death of the driver however has not been regarded as anything suspicious, according to the BTP.

Stay off the Tracks

Several of the UK’s services had been contacted regarding this incident, with the BTP, East England Ambulance services, Rail Accident Investigation Branch, and the Bedfordshire authorities all being notified of the accident.

The Bedfordshire authorities tweeted saying that they have been closing off the route situated in Marston Road due to an impact that occurred between a vehicle and a train.

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