Trump’s Inauguration to be Confronted with Protests

Several protest groups have stated and declared demonstrations and marches on the day of Trump’s inauguration ceremony.

Various causes will be chanted for such as Trump’s policy on immigration, race, the treatment of women and the LGBT community, along with protests on his denial of climate change.

Signs surfaced all around the U.S. Capitol last Thursday with some reading “Resist Trump Climate Justice Now,” others reading “Free Palestine,” and other endless amounts of messages.

The coalition that has referred to itself as the DisruptJ20, vowed that they will disrupt and intervene in the inauguration ceremony on January 20th despite the consequences of being taken into custody by the authorities.

As the Events Unfold

One supporter of Trump, Brett Ecker, 36, who works as public school teacher, stated that although these protests are rather frustrating, they wouldn’t actually ruin his day either.

Ecker states that those who are involved in the protests are doing so simply out of nothing less than to create some havoc and stir up conflict.

One checkpoint saw several protestors wearing orange jumpsuits and hoodies that covered their faces so as to represent those who are still detained at the infamous prison of Guantanamo Bay.

No Silence Tolerated

Eleanor Goldfield, who served as one helper for the organization of the DisruptJ20 coalition, stated that the protests are being conducted to send Donald Trump several clear messages.

Goldfield added that the messages are not only directed at him, but as well as to the Trump supporters who she says have been greatly misled, and misinformed throughout the entire campaign.

Meanwhile other protest groups of the Black Lives Matter association as well as the feminists have also taken to the streets.

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