White House Communications Director Refuses to Serve Under Trump

White House Communications director, Jason Miller, who had been appointed by President-elect Donald Trump has just announced to Mr. Trump that he will no longer undertake this position during his presidency.

According to Mr. Miller, he claims that his reason for refusing this position is to focus and channel more time with his wife and family, as they are expected to receive a second baby within the next month.

Mr. Miller stated that regarding the circumstances of his family, a job as arduous and time consuming as serving in the White House would definitely not be the most convenient state for him for now.

Jason Miller’s CV

Mr. Miller has ran and supported many campaigns before initiated by the Republicans, and is a full on supporter for Donald Trump, even serving temporarily at some point as his lead spokesman for the Trump team.

However, Mr. Miller added that although he cannot fulfill the position asked of him by Mr. Trump, he highly recommended as his top choice press secretary Sean Spicer to be the man for the job instead.

Mr. Trump appointed Mr. Miller last Thursday with this position, as well as the selection for Mr. Spicer.

His Support Remains Strong

Mr. Miller stated that the past week he had spent time with his family serves as the longest time he has ever spent with them for almost the past 2 years, and his energy needs to be guided towards them for the time being.

Nonetheless, Mr. Miller has confirmed that he intends on remaining within Mr. Trump’s transition team.

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