Human hand found at popular tourist spot: Dog makes gruesome discovery

Police say that a human hand has been discovered by a dog after it washed up on a British beach which is popular with tourists.

The hand was found at Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight. A member of the public handed the hand over to the Boat House, officers at Hampshire Constabulary have revealed. Analysis has now been carried out on the discovery, which has confirmed that it is a human hand, which had been in the sea for a signficant time.

The hand has now been sent for further analysis in a bid to try to determine who it might have belonged to. It is likely that pathologists will be looking at how old the skeleton hand is in order to determine whether it is modern or ancient.

Police statement

A spokesperson for Hampshire Police said: “A member of the public handed in human remains at the Boat House at Freshwater Bay this morning. We were called at 11.02am.

“Initial analysis confirms that this is a human hand and has been in the water for a significant amount of time. It has been sent away for further analysis.” It is understood that the remains were a skeletal hand which was still attached to part of a forearm. Freshwater Bay is one of the prettiest on the island and is popular with tourists in the summer months.

This latest discovery follows a find of human remains on the Isle of Wight last year. However, although they sparked a police investigation, they were later found to have been the remains of a woman from the Iron Age.

Carbon dating in that case revealed that the skeleton was more than 2,000 years old. A pathologist could not determine a cause of death because of the age of the bones. Those bones were found by brothers Hubert and Graham Smyth on an area of privately owned foreshore.





Aleppo has hidden traps and graves

Dozens of bodies have been uncovered, according to Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov. He said some bore gunshot wounds. While the Syrian war is now largely fought with mortars, tanks, and air power, death has come at close quarters as well. Human rights observers and the media have recorded numerous examples of massacres and organized torture, perpetrated by the government, opposition, and the Islamic State group.

The Russian Air Force has helped Syrian President Bashar Assad and its allies to capture Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, after weeks of a siege. Russia has since dispatched military police to the city. Konashenkov also accused rebels, who controlled eastern Aleppo before they were pushed out earlier this month, of laying multiple booby traps and mines across town, endangering the civilian population.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which gathers information on the conflict through local contacts, said on Sunday that at least 63 Syrian soldiers and militiamen had been killed by such booby traps in east Aleppo since the government took control of it from rebels last Thursday. The Observatory said the victims were a mix of demining personnel and soldiers or militiamen looting the districts.

As Russian and Syrian forces secured and consolidated eastern Aleppo, Syrian president Bashar Assad was showing signs of increasing confidence in his position. On Sunday, Assad visited a Christian orphanage near the capital Damascus to mark Christmas. Photographs posted on the Syrian presidency’s Facebook page showed Assad along with his wife, Asma, standing with nuns and orphans in the Damascus suburb of Sednaya.

In the northern city of Aleppo, Christians celebrated Christmas for the first time in four years with the country’s largest city now under full control of government forces. Christians, one of the largest religious minorities at about 10 percent of Syria’s pre-war 23 million-strong population, have tried to stay on the sidelines of the conflict. However, the opposition’s increasingly outspoken Islamism has kept many leaning toward Assad’s government.


Apple Celebrates With a New Line of Devices This September

If it is September, then there is surely a bigger, better and trendy gadget about to come your way. The gadget in question is the improved iPhone, which is set to be launched this September. On 9th September, a press session will be conveyed in which the new phone will be launched. The phone is expected to hit the markets laterin September.

Other than the eagerly awaited iPhone, there will be two other gadgets which will be launched. These are a new updated iPad, and a health device which is wearable. The wearable device may be lessof a smartwatch and more like a Jawbone Upor Fitbit. With the demand for iPhones increasing day by day, around 10 million of theses phones may get sold during the opening weekend itself. The previous iPhone 5s and 5c had sold around 9 million phones.

The new phone is likely to have some improved features, like a screen size of 4.7-inch (or higher) which is larger than the current screen size of 4 inches that comes with the iPhone 5s and 5c. This will be  a direct competition to the Samsung Galaxy range of phones, which have a screen size of 5-inch and LG G3 which has a screen size of 5.5-inch. There was a rumor that Apple would be introducing phones with screen sizes of 5.5-inches as well but this could not be substantiated.

However, that is likely not going to happen because according to Tim Bajarin, who is an Apple analyst from Creative Strategies, America is not yet ready for these “Phablets” or larger smart phones. The new iPhone has a screen that is scratch-proof. The current A7 processor is being replaced with an A8 processor and the battery life is also expected to improve a little.


Sunshine and sand: How music mogul Simon Cowell spent Christmas Day

It’s become an annual Christmas tradition for music boss Simon Cowell. Rather than spend the festive season at home in chilly Britain, he decamps to Barbados to spend it with family and friends in the sun in Barbados.

This year was no exception as Mr Cowell was spotted relaxing, enjoying Christmas Day on the beach with his partner Lauren Silverman, and their cute son Eric. As well as Lauren’s mother Carole Davis, the family were clearly pleased to be able to spend some downtime together after a busy year for Mr Cowell, who returned to judge the British X Factor show.


Mr Cowell, dressed in a pair of blue swimming shorts, could be seen strolling along the beach with his beloved pet terriers, Squiddly and Diddly, while Lauren and her mum looked after little Eric.

Meanwhile, Ms Silverman opted for a teal coloured Bardot style mini dress with a panama hat to keep off the sun’s rays. Meanwhile, her mum Carole showed off her fantastic figure in a pair of white shorts and coordinated vest.

Eric, two, was carried along the beach, perhaps feeling a little tired following the excitement of Christmas morning. Meanwhile Mr Cowell decided to leave his family on the beach for a little while, donning a life jacket to whizz across the waves on a jet ski.



Huge earthquake prompts evacuation in Chile on Christmas Day

A huge tremor has struck southern Chile on Christmas Day, forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes in coastal regions. Thankfully, no deaths have been reported as a result of the 7.6 magnitude quake and a tsunami warning put in place earlier in the day has now been lifted.

Officials had feared there could be large waves in coastal areas within 620 miles of the epicenter of the tremor, which was close to Puerto Montt. Small ports along the coastline were closed amid fears of a tsunami.

The earthquake was so large, it was even felt in Argentina on the other side of the Andes. However, witnesses say there has been no major structural damage. Alamiro Vero, who owns the Cabanas Hotel in Quellon said while there had been a lot of movement, no buildings had collapsed.

Road damage

However, another witness said there was damage to roads and a bridge in some of Chile’s tourist areas. Even though the tsunami warning has been listed, a tsunami watch is still in placeand residents in the Los Lagos area are still being asked to stay away from beaches and to seek higher ground. It is understood that 4,000 people have so far left the area.

The depth of the earthquake, according to the US Geological Survey, was just over 21 miles. The area is renowned for its tourism and fishing industries and the fishing and agriculture firm Empresas AquaChile SA said it had evacuated its staff to make sure they were safe. There are also a number of other salmon producers in the area.

Chile is renowed at the biggest producer of copper across the globe, but the quake is not expected to have an impact on production as there are no major mines in the affected area. Meanwhile, the oil refinery run by ENP in southern Chile is operating as usual, as it the airport at Puero Montt.


Climate Scientist Piers Sellers is dead at 61

The passing was affirmed in an announcement by NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. Dr. Merchants, who had been determined to have Stage 4 pancreatic growth in October 2015, opened up to the world about his determination in a New York Times section in January 2016. He composed that while he had trusted he would see answers for the issue of environmental change in his lifetime, he was dedicated to proceeding with his atmosphere look into until he kicked the bucket.

“There is no persuading, exhibited motivation to trust that our advancing future will be more regrettable than our present, expecting watchful administration of the difficulties and dangers,” he composed, sounding a note of positive thinking regardless of progressively exceptional changes in the worldwide temperature and precipitation designs that he considered. “History is loaded with cases of us people escaping tight spots.”

Dr. Venders had chipped away at worldwide atmosphere issues from 1982 to 1996 at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., and at the University of Maryland at College Park. He composed more than 70 papers, utilizing PC models to dig into the relationship between the biosphere — the locale of the Earth occupied by people and different living beings — and the air. He was likewise a lead researcher for Terra, a NASA satellite propelled in 1998 that screens the condition of the Earth’s atmosphere and environment.

At the same time, he connected to wind up distinctly a NASA space explorer. The corps is open just to U.S. natives, yet Dr. Merchants said he needed, in any event, to keep his name before the space explorer choice board. He gained double citizenship in 1991, and after five years turned out to be a piece of NASA’s biggest space explorer preparing bunch. The class of 44 so confined NASA’s preparation offices it was cleverly nicknamed “the Sardines.”

In three space flights from 2002 to 2010, Dr. Dealers logged 35 days in space, incorporating 41 hours in six space strolls. Some kept going the length of seven hours, incorporating a stroll in 2006 amid which Dr. Merchants tried new crisis repair strategies and materials utilizing caulk firearms, putty blades and his “most loved spatula” from home, as per the Times.


Achievements of Bill de Blasio in His First Year In Office May Get Buried under NYPD Controversy

What Bill de Blasio Achieved In 1 Year Took Many Years For Others To Formulate

A year has passed since the Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio won the mandate from his voters. When he joined office, he had made it abundantly clear that the city was going to see better days under his governance. As he had said during his inauguration, “We are called to put an end to economic and social inequalities that threaten to unravel the city we love, and so today, we commit to a new progressive direction in New York.”

First Year Littered With Significant Achievements

Other than promising all this, de Blasio had wrestled out state funding for universal prekindergarten. He forced a majority of employees to provide sick pay, and told luxury developers to set aside more units for affordable housing. In spite of all this, the latest face-off with the New York Police Department may force all his good work to go down the drain. What he now needs is to get to a quick resolve so thathe can go on with making life easier for commoncitizens.

De Blasio First Democrat Mayor To Embrace A Liberal Stance

The mayor is a liberal who believes in expanded governments. However, that has set alarm bells ringing in the business community,many of whom see their money being spent on his various policies. He believes in income equality, though that is definitely a utopian concept. Nevertheless, he has been praised for his thoughts even by some of his opponents like Republican Joe Lhota. However, after a constructive one year, the chokehold death controversy of Eric Garner and his support for protestors threatens to break down his achievements. The police department is against him– in fact, is clearly hostile to him. He needs tothink of something quickly that can resolve to the problem to ensure that he has a hassle free second year in Office.

Life Style

Well, if it’s good enough for two 007s: The most expensive street in Britain revealed

The most expensive streets in Britain have been revealed, with many of them meaning that you would have to be a billionaire to afford property there, not just a millionaire.

Eaton Square in London came out on top of the table, where purchasing a property would set you back £16 million. The square has been home to many famous people over the years, including the prime ministers Neville Chamberlain and Margaret Thatcher. It was also the base for two James Bond actors – Sean Connery and Roger Moore. Eaton Square has 2.5 hectares of its own private garden square, and many homes there sell for much more than the average. Currently, a seven bedroom home is on the market for an eye watering £55 million.

The square was built in the 19th century by the Grosvenor family and has grand homes and apartments with stunning Grade II listed white stucco facades.

With the exception of Poole, in Dorset, which comes in in tenth place, the rest of the top ten features streets in Kensington, Westminster or in the plush area of Weybridge, in Surrey. Grosvenor Crescent, Westminster, was the previous most expensive place to live, but has now been overtaken by Eaton Square.

Average house prices

According to the Land Registry, the average house price in the UK stands at £216, 674. The latest figures, which are based on house sales which have taken place from January 2011 to October 2016, after the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008. They should that every region in England and Wales has at least one million pound street.

Andrew Mason, mortgage director at Lloyds Bank, which carries out the research each year, said that the likes of Eaton Square as well as other prime central locations such as Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster, had established reputations as exclusive addresses because of their historic legacy and their amenities.




Plane hijacking latest: 65 people have been allowed off aircraft

Sixty five people have now been allowed to get off a hijacked Libyan passenger plane, which has touched down in Malta. After doors of the plane were seen opening at 1.44pm, and a staircase was moved to the door to passengers could get off, the Maltese prime minister has now comfirmed that 65 people have left the aircraft.

None of them were carrying any luggage with them and it currently remains unclear how many people will be allowed off by two reported hijckers, who are understood to have seized control of the plane while it was on an internal flight through Libya. There are understood to be 118 people on board, including seven crew members.

Hijackers onboard the Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A320 craft are believed to be claiming to have hand grenades and had threatend to blow up the plane if their demands were not met.

Discussions between Malta and Libya

According to a spokesperson for Joseph Muscat, the Maltese Prime Minister, the premier has already been involved in discussions with his counterpart in Libya, Fayez Serraj, about the developing situation.

Libya has been in a predominantly lawless state since the death of Moammar Gadhafi five years ago. The hijackers are understood to be Gadhafi supporters. The plan took off in Sabha and was meant to be heading through to the capital Tripol when hijackers forced the pilot to divert.

Currently, it has not been made public what their demands are. However, it is understood that the hikackers had promised to allow passengers to get off if their demands were met. Negotiators have been on standby at the airport awaiting instructions from their prime minister following discussions with the National Security Committee.

All flights in and out of the popular tourist destination have been cancelled while officials continue to deal with the developing situation.





Unconstitutional Death Sentences for More than 200 Death Row Inmates

It is a legitimate choice that demise push detainees, prosecutors, protection lawyers and the groups of murder casualties have anticipated since January, when it turned out to be obvious that Florida expected to adjust its capital punishment statute to carry it into line with the way different states took care of those cases, particularly by requiring that juries, not judges, make the key discoveries required to force a capital punishment.

It likewise recommends that trial courts crosswise over Florida are going to be overwhelmed by death push detainees, requesting that be resentenced. Each one of those resentencing would be a Herculean errand for trial judges, prosecutors and resistance lawyers over the state, said Orange-Osceola Public Defender Robert Wesley who anticipated that they could make a build-up that may take ten years to unjam.

The decision applies to more than 40 Central Florida indicted killers. They incorporate Bessman Okafor, who in 2012 killed an Orange County man who was going to affirm against him at a home intrusion trial; hatchet killer John Buzia, a jack of all trades indicted executing an elderly Seminole County man in 2004; and Michael Gordon Reynolds, who beat and wounded to death a Seminole County father, mother and 11-year-old little girl in the group of Geneva in 1998.

Thursday’s choice is the consequence of a U.S. Incomparable Court administering in January. By a vote of 8-1, that court decided that members of the jury, not a judge, should particularly recognize why somebody indicted a capital wrongdoing ought to be killed.

That case included Timothy Lee Hurst, a Pensacola man indicted killing his manager at a Popeye’s Fried Chicken eatery in 1998 with a container cutter then putting her body in a cooler. The high court found that Florida’s capital punishment statute was illegal yet abandoned it to the Florida Supreme Court to choose whether the decision ought to apply retroactively.