Hand Surgery Gives Hope To People Of Leading A Normal Life By Overcoming The Trauma Of Permanent Hand Damage

When the musculoskeletal system undergoes any injury, you have to visit an orthopaedic surgeon who is an expert in the treatment of bone related disorders together with tendons, muscles, and joints.  The expertise of an orthopaedic surgeon comes in handy for people of all ages.  Just as they can effectively treat a child with scoliosis, they can also treat persons suffering from traumatic injuries that might call for limb-saving surgery.  Depending on the condition of the injury or congenital disability that affects some part of the body structure, the orthopaedicsurgeon decides whether non-surgical methods of treatment such as pain medication or rehabilitation would work.  However, if it is necessary to heal some injury to the bones or correct a condition of deformity that affects the normal life of a person, surgery is the only remedy.

Leading A Normal Life By Overcoming The Trauma Of Permanent Hand Damage

Specialization of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Although orthopaedic surgery applies to the whole body, surgeons choose some specific body part as their area of expertise and build their reputation around it. Some are experts in hip and knee surgery; others hone their skills in conducting surgery on the foot and ankle, shoulder and elbow, hand and foot.  Besides the specialists, many other surgeons are open to treating patients for any general orthopaedic condition without any specific preference.

Hand surgery

This branch of orthopaedic surgery focuses on various techniques for the surgery of hand especially for patients with traumatic injuries. Until recently, hand surgery was not considered a specialty, but now it is a specialised field in its own right. Thanks to the contributions of eminent orthopaedic surgeons like Dr LooiKokPoh of Singapore who has conducted more than 6000 hand surgeries to date. To know about the vital role that he has played in bringing hand surgery into focus as a specialised area of treatment, have a look at Dr Looi Kok Poh reviews.

The rising popularity

Traditionally, spine surgery for spine disease and lower back pain and joint surgery for knee joint and hip disorders used to dominate the list of orthopaedic surgeries with hand surgery not so much prominent.  However, since the World War II, hand surgery has made significant progress as the medical world has accepted the claim of surgeons to award it special recognition due to the importance of the peculiarities of the hand.  The hands provide the precise motion necessary for ensuring the quality of life.

Reconstructive surgery of the hand

The progress made in the field of hand surgery has led to several instances of reattaching severed limbs to the body and making it fully functional. This has given immense hopes to people who have to face the misfortune of living with impaired hands that can lead to some debilitating conditions and affects their lives adversely. With the help of microsurgery to reattach fingers and limbs, orthopaedic surgeons are now able to transplant tissue successfully to make the hand fully functional just like plastic surgeons.

The progress made in hand surgery is quite assuring that raises hopes about making further progress that should help to establish its position in orthopaedic surgery.