Common Nutrition Myths That Play Havoc With Your Health And Fitness

Regardless of whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or even endurance, proper nutrition is among the most important aspects that you need to address. However, most people don’t know the principles of healthy eating and simply can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction. Some of the top nutrition myths that could be messing up your health and fitness:

Common Nutrition Myths That Play Havoc With Your Health And Fitness

Superfoods Are Costly

Superfoods don’t necessarily have to come from exotic places and cost a bomb. There are lots of very healthy foods like mushrooms, spinach, squash, oranges, blueberries, nuts, whole grains, etc. that are chock-a-block with antioxidants and fiber that can keep you healthy. The advantage is that these foods provide a great deal of variety so that you are never bored and they cost far less. Exotic superfoods may not necessarily be your best option for getting essential micronutrients.

Slimness Is Equal to Health

With everyone being so fixated on body size, it can be very difficult to suggest that you may not be as healthy as you think simply because you are slim. Since it is genetics more than anything else that dictates how we look, it is better that we shift the attention away from size and focus on healthy lifestyles and eating habits. Eating foods that are naturally good for you and prepared in a healthy way can keep your weight down and prevent other bodily systems from undergoing stress. Make sure that the calories you consume are burned off by your lifestyle and exercise to maintain good health. Take a good quality steroid to attain better fitness.

You Should Eliminate Sugar from Your Diet

Even though going sugar-free is all the rage now, the restriction actually applies to refined sugars normally added to sodas, cakes, cookies, candy, etc. as they are devoid of fiber, minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients. You can have naturally-sweet fruits and vegetables instead. However, you should not consume fruit juices, maple syrup, honey, agave, etc. in excess under the mistaken belief that they are superior to cane sugar in terms of calories.

To Lose Weight Ban Carbs

One of the most long-standing weight loss myths, banning carbs from your diet may result in a short-term loss of weight. However, there will be a shortfall in the energy required by the body, which will be met by breaking down muscles. The trick is to limit your carb intake so that you don’t end up with a calorie surplus that will lead to weight gain. Switch from refined carbs that are digested quickly to whole grains, quinoa, brown rice, sweet potato, etc. that are digested more slowly leaving you feeling full longer.

Common Nutrition Myths That Play Havoc With Your Health And Fitness


The optimum way of keeping healthy and losing weight is to watch what you eat. Make your meals balanced with proteins, carbs, and fats of the right kind. Ensure you eat fresh produce, especially vegetables and fruits so that you get the all the vitamins and micronutrients required. Get lots of exercises so that you end up with a calorie deficit that will ensure sustained weight loss.

Author Bio: Maria Sanchez is a long distance runner with many wins to her credit. Her fitness mantra is intensive training combined with balanced nutrition and a good-quality steroid.


Management And Treatment Methods For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – What You Need To Know

Before diving into the treatment options, we need to discuss what carpal tunnel syndrome is. Located at the base of your hand is a narrow passage that is constructed with bones and ligaments. The passage transmits 9 tendons along with the Median Nerve.

Management And Treatment Methods For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Now, coming to the mechanism involved in the CTS or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. A specific combination of symptoms can be noticed when the tunnel, especially the nine tendons experience inflammation, and the median nerve becomes entrapped due to swollen tissues.

Thus, these symptoms give rise to the carpal tunnel syndrome. U.S residents suffer a great deal from this syndrome. The compression of the Median Nerve near the carpal tunnel is mainly to be blamed for the occurrence of the syndrome, the symptoms of which include pain, tingling sensation or numbness in the first three fingers of the hand and the thumb.

Can carpal tunnel syndrome be curbed, treated and managed?

You can avail treatment for the syndrome and manage pain through therapy and rehabilitation. However, for severe cases, the option of surgery is also available.

So, here are a few methods of managing and treating this syndrome:

Rehab Program – Physical therapy:

Increased BMI, poor aerobic fitness and CTS are all closely related. Thus, a patient, suffering from this dreaded Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, must be projected to some weight reduction regime as well as aerobic fitness program as part of the physical therapy. Please note that any exercise (cycling or biking) that may involve straining the wrist should positively be avoided.

Management And Treatment Methods For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It is seen that some patients get temporary relief through therapeutic ultrasound. 31 patients with mild CTS were treated five times a week with a balanced combination of SWD, tendon, and  nerve gliding exercises and hot pack for a continuous stretch of 3 weeks. They were then passed through various tests that showed vast improvement in their condition.

Medical treatment:

Medicines are available and can bring relief to the inflammation, pain and swelling symptoms of CTS. When the swelling is reduced, the median nerve will automatically be relieved of pressure. People commonly use NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to battle against CTS. These medicines are easily available, and there is no restriction of prescription. Even though this medication makes the patient feel much better, it does not free median nerve from the pressure. When NSAIDs do not seem to work, go for corticosteroids, strong medication for inflammation. They can either be taken orally or injected.

Home Remedy:

Apart from applying ice packs, giving rest to the fingers and wrist from the triggering activities, and wearing a night-time wrist splint, a StringyBall can also help in this case. A StringyBall is a therapeutic stress ball that has been uniquely designed to relieve the discomfort and pain in patients with mild CTS. Regular rolling exercises using it can relax the tendon and muscle tension whereas squeezing can protect the carpal tunnel by strengthening the wrist muscle.

Author Bio: Jennifer Collins is a certified and experienced Physiotherapist. She believes and works towards keeping people free from injury and pain as much as possible. Having many successful cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in her file, she is a renowned physiotherapist in the U.S.


Send These Quotes To Your Loved Ones On This Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and everyone is busy preparing for it. Even if you would be busy decorating your home and packing gifts for the close ones and friends, don’t forget to send some quotes to family and friends to wish them a Merry Christmas. So, to help you with this, we are providing you some quotes to share on this Christmas.

Quotes On This Christmas

Let’s have a glance at them.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,
Soon the bells will start,
And the thing that will make them ring
Is the carol that you sing
Right within your heart.”

Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred,
and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit,
become a child again at Christmas-time.

From miles away, no matter how far we are,
the warmth of Christmas will bring us closer together.
May you have a wonderful holiday!

“Christmas now surrounds us,
Happiness is everywhere
Our hands are busy with many tasks
As carols fill the air”

Christmas is a very famous and celebrated festival
in all over the world. There has to be at least
one day of the year to remind us that
we’re here for something else besides ourselves.

I love Christmas, not just because of the presents
but because of all the decorations
and lights and the warmth of the season.

I don’t think Christmas is necessarily about things.
It’s about being good to one another,
it’s about the Christian ethic, and it’s about kindness.

A lovely thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory,
like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together.
Merry Christmas 2017!

“I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old, familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet
The words repeat
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!”

“The smells of Christmas are the smells of childhood”
Wish You A Merry Christmas 2017

Santa Claus has the right idea.
Visit people only once a year.
Happy Merry Christmas 2017!

It comes every year and will go on forever.
And along with Christmas belong the keepsakes and
the customs. Those humble,
everyday things a mother clings to, and ponders,
like Mary in the secret spaces of her heart.”

“Christmas Is neither a Time nor a Session,
But A State Of Mind. To Cherish Peace and Goodwill,
To Be Plenteous In Mercy,
Is To Have The Real Spirit Of Christmas.”

Wish you a Merry Christmas!!


Christmas Wishes For Friends – Quotes, WhatsApp Status & Messages

Christmas Wishes For Friends

Friends are our true benefit. They will assist you and offer you support that sometimes our family members are not able to offer. This season of holiday, let us send them and greet them with the warmest greetings for the season.

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Here are some wishes.

  • May this Christmas brings you love and joy. Seasons Greetings and Happy new year
  • May the good tiding Christmas brings stay with you forever. Merry Christmas  and Happy New year
  • May God bless you and your family on this holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  • Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas
  • While the whole world rejoice with happiness and hope, I wish you a Merry Christmas filled with love and peace

Christmas Wishes For Friends

  • Wishing you Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
  • On this Christmas I wish you, a fresh and happy feelings to start a new year with confidence. Merry Christmas and Happy new year
  • “Let us remember that the Christmas heart is a giving heart, a wide open heart that thinks of others first.” George Matthew Adams
  • “Christmas is forever, not for just one day, for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf. The good you do for others is good you do yourself…”Norman Wesley Brooks
  • Make time to care and share for Christmas is a time for giving and loving.
  • Christmas is the Joy of the season, Let us celebrate!!!
  • Wishing you a Christmas filled with fun, love and peace!!!
  • Christmas is the blessing of the god. Let us pray and sing the glory of the God
  • My heartfelt thoughts and best wishes go to you. Let the Christmas cheers make your soul be childlike once again.
  • I was told the Christmas magically grants your heart’s true wish. You are my proof to that because you never left my side this whole year. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

Celebrate Your Love For Historical Art With Reproduction Pieces

Any art lover would really like to have the classic paintings hanging on his wall. The price of original paintings will have you content to just enjoy the masterpieces on the museum wall or its digital image on your phone. If you really appreciate the works by the great artists of old, then you will be glad to know you can have a reproduction right in your house.

Celebrate Your Love For Historical Art With Reproduction Pieces

The talent of artists from 1st Art Gallery Reproductions will see to it that you get oil reproductions of the originals at a fraction of the price. The reproductions are an exact replica of the originals and therefore you get to enjoy them as you would the original masterpiece. You would be happy to display the painting and only an expert will be able to tell it is not the original.

There is a certain feeling the masterpieces evoke. The fact that they were done decades if not centuries ago but still give that breathtaking moment to all those that admire them is a reason why they are popular around the world. Getting reproduced pieces is not the same as having the original but it still helps you appreciate and celebrate the amazing talents of the ancient artists that have given rise to art movements.


Obviously, getting the reproduced oil paintings is an affordable alternative to buying the original. You will not have to spend millions or thousands of dollars to have the painting hanging in your foyer. You can even get further discounted prices when you place your orders during the festive season. This is money well spent as you do not have to pay hundreds of dollars to travel to where the original is just to admire it and come back. You will enjoy the masterpiece copy at all times in your home and have an interesting conversation piece for your gatherings.

Unique original art

If you are looking for something unique, then you should consider getting the reproduced copy. These art pieces never lose their appeal even if you look at them several times in a day. They also provide a point of interest when you entertain visitors. The uniqueness of these masterpieces lies in the original ideas of the artists. Since most of the paintings were first introduced in the art world, they continue to provide this uniqueness to date. You can expect to feel how the original viewers of the masterpieces felt when they first laid eyes on them very many years ago.

Great gift idea

The uniqueness of the reproduced oil paintings makes them ideal gifts to offer to loved ones. You can surprise an art lover with a favorite masterpiece for them to enjoy. You can expect this will be treasured for many years to come. The paintings will always find a good display spot as many art lovers appreciate their originality and uniqueness. You can choose the painting you want done depending on the taste of the recipient. You can get them a painting that they love or a painting done by a master artist that they appreciate. You can also look for an art movement that resonates with the recipient.


Factors To Consider When Choosing An Insurance Agent

Choosing an insurance agent is not an easy a task as many might think. Since your money will be involved in a number of transactions, you want to make sure that you are using the right person for the job. The one mistake that many people make when faced with the task of picking and insurance cover is going with the cheapest option. That should never be the basis of choice. The chances are that they will be short in another area.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Insurance Agent


The following are the things to keep in mind the next time you are looking to hire an insurance agent.

Do your homework

Before settling on any insurance agent, the first thing to do is to gather relevant information on all matters insurance. Check the top agencies in the area and the available types of insurance from which you can choose. If you have an agent in mind, you can look up any information about them that can tell you more about how they operate and treat customers. Information will guide you on the best way to go.


One thing about insurance agents is that they offer so many insurance policies you may think they have experience in all of them. The truth is that insurance coverage comes in different forms and depending on the cover you need, it is best to make sure that the agent you are using has experience in the same. Do not take their word for it; confirm their papers of previous work.

Essential credentials

Another important factor to consider when you are looking to hire a Charlotte insurance agent is their credentials. Are they certified to work in the industry? The other thing you can learn from the certifications the agent holds is their technical knowledge in the field of insurance besides being competent in the same. It would even be better if they are certified to handle the type of insurance that you are looking for. Some of the designations your insurance agents should have include CPCU, CIC, CRM, and ARM.

Personal traits

Insurance agents are supposed to be honest in their dealings. Remember that you will be trusting them with your money, hence the need to make sure that you can count on them. While it is not easy to tell whether one is honest or not, a few questions when interviewing them for the job will tell you some essential things about them. Also, you need a selfless agent who has your best interest at heart, always.

Seek recommendations

If the entire insurance coverage thing is new to you, you want to seek advice from those that have done it before. If you can find a person you know, the better. Ask them about their agent and how they dealt with their claims. If you are already considering an agent, be sure to ask for the contacts to their previous clients. It is from them that you will know about their operations and how they treat their clients. If you notice anything that would not make you comfortable working with them, find another agent.


The Only Tips You Need To Pass Your Driving Test The First Time

Recent research has shown that more than half of the learners fail practical driving tests on the first attempt. That should be a worrying thing considering the number of vehicles on the roads today. To be sure that you aren’t one of the people taking the test twice or even four times, it is important that you observe a couple of rules. To pass your driving test like an old pro on your first attempt, use the following tips.

The Only Tips You Need To Pass Your Driving Test The First Time

Schedule your test earlier in the day

For a better experience, it is advisable that you schedule the driving test first thing in the morning. This way, you get to avoid worrying about the coming driving test for the better part of the day. Even more, you feel more energetic in the morning. If it compulsory that you take it later in the afternoon, be careful that you keep it off your mind until you do it.

Acknowledge the anxiety

Even if you are well prepared for the test, the fact that a complete stranger is closely examining you can make you nervous. Before starting the test, acknowledge the existing anxiety in you. Stop the struggles of trying not to be anxious. Instead, just admit the feeling and face it head-on. It will help you cool down and perform better in your test.

Nothing unusual for pre-driving test

This should be self-explanatory. On the day before the driving test, you should not party hard, drink excessively or miss sleep for any reason. Your sleeping patterns shouldn’t be out of the ordinary. Otherwise, you might arrive at the test really confused and full of anxiety. Skip anything that might look like a change of routine the night before a driving test.

It’s not over until it is over

After a couple of mistakes during the driving test, you might be tempted to think that it’s all done until next time. Never harbor that feeling of blowing everything off. Remember, it is not your task to evaluate yourself. Leave that to the instructor and handle your part. Concentrate on how best you can pass the test. Each second should count, so maintain a positive attitude until the last moments. Most Driving School Brisbane instructors can forgive few technical mistakes for assertive drivers.

Beware of your environment

When undertaking a practical driving test, one of the major aspects under observation is what military refers to as ‘situational awareness’. Instinctively, you should be able to keep track of everything that happens around you. Remain alert through the entire period and turn your head often to look at different directions. Yet again, check the mirrors frequently, especially the rear views.

Given an option, everyone wants to pass his or her driving test the very first time. Most people who fail are those who would have sailed through in the first attempt. To pass the driving test the first time, keep in mind a couple of tips. Most importantly, do your best and do not worry about anything beyond your control.


Recover Your Accidently Lost Data With Recovery Software

Sometimes it may happen that the data may get lost accidently? What if you won’t be able to retrieve the data back? Is there any alternative for this with you? Yes, now it has become so easy with the data recover software on the internet. By this, the lost data which was stored in your various devices can be restored back and it is possible with the data recovery software. This software helps you to restore the data same as it was lost.

There are various data recovery software’s.  The best used software is EaseUS data recovery software. It helps you in all the situations and businesses can really take advantage of this when the data gets lost. It recovers the data which is formatted, deleted and lost from the laptop, PC or removable device quickly and very easily. The wizard like EaseUS data recovery software wizard helps in finding the data which was lost and the files of all types are recovered from various devices such as hard drive, digital camera, PC laptop, SSD, USB, memory card etc. Not only this but also it helps in restoring data when there is formatting, hard drive corruption, sudden deletion or virus attack etc. The data gets restored like the files which are deleted, photos, music, audio or emails are done. Various secondary storage devices also support this like mobile phones, pen drives, SD card, and external hard disk etc.  The data can be recovered very effectively and efficiently but the data recovery software.

There are various new features added to the EaseUS data recovery software. Some of the features are as follows:-

  • Image recogniser– You can also use the image recogniser in order to filter the images by content.

  • Quality – the quality of the recovering files on the NTFS partition has also been improved.

  • Searching – after the scanning the folder can be searched by the name.

  • Canon files – the camera video files of the canon can also be recovered efficiently with the data recovery software.

  • Better experience – The UI has been optimised in order to provide the best experience.
    Recover Your Accidently Lost Data With Recovery Software

Various other features of the EaseUS data recovery storage are:-

  • Quick scan – the scan of the deleted files can be easily done. It is done very efficiently with the data recovery software. It becomes very flexible with the EaseUS data recovery software to get the exact data which was lost. Moreover the data can be rescued on the USB drive, pen drive, flash drive and various other removable storage media because of any accidental loss of files, virus attack or formatting.

Time saving and flexible – this data recovery software is very flexible and does not consume much time. It is time saving as the results can be exported and imported whenever it is necessary. Your scanning result can be saved and without even rescanning it can be resumed. EaseUS data recovery software retrieves the lost data even when it’s not possible for you to recover the data when it’s lost.


Horse Racing As a Sport – Who Should Participate and What Are The Requirements to Do So?

With the onset of fall if you are someone who suffers from winter blues, then you should consider trying horse riding as a sport as it might be the perfect remedy to give you cheer up. Despite the various campaigns which animal rights activists carry out, claiming that horse riding is terrible; there are numerous good consequences of horse riding as well. Statistics reveal that horse riding can prove much beneficial for your health, and it also will make you happy. In this article, you shall learn about the reasons why you should take horse riding up as a sport.

Horse Racing As a Sport

  1. Exercise and fitness

An active life uplifts our mood; it reduces our stress and releases anxiety, heals our physical and mental health, and provides us with more energy.

Studies have shown horse riding to meet intensity levels of exercising that is recommended by various government guidelines. 30 minutes of any activity related to horses, such as grazing it, has been classified as a moderate exercise. Trotting a horse spends a lot more of energy than playing a game like badminton.

  1. Mental health

Spending quality time with various domesticated animals is known to increase serotonin secretion, which is a mood-uplifting hormone. Thus, horse riding is good not only for your body but also for your emotion and your brain. Studies have shown that the psychological advantages of interacting with horses bring about positive changes in many people’s moods after they ride a horse. People feel more relaxed, happy and cheerful. Horse riding has shown to be effective in reducing negativity which people might feel due to depression and angst. Riding acts as a stress releaser and can help build people’s confidence. A healthy mental condition is necessary for everyone and horse riding can make you seem to feel better if everything else in your life is going wrong.

  1. Improves Core strength

To learn how to maintain your balance on the saddle, you must learn how you should use the core muscles of your body. Riding can physically strengthen your body, specifically the core. Riding is a complete workout for your body; it will help you in increasing your balance and also in improving your posture. It is probable that your body’s posture outside the saddle will also grow with the regularity of your rides. Fitness is also gained from riding, but it is enhanced if you work on your core strength as that will be your body’s anchor when you are riding. To learn about which horse breeds will suit you best, visit TVG Horse Races.

  1. Burning your calories off when you are not in the saddle

Even if you are grooming, carrying buckets, simply mucking about, or pushing the wheelbarrow, you would continue burning calories after you have got off your horse and came back to the yard. You’ll be doing physical work continuously when you are working with horses.


Horse riding is a wonderful sport. It not only makes you physically healthy but also improves your mental state. There are various breeds and types of horses. Make an informed selection of the type you want to own and start horse riding today.