How to Wear Gold And Not Look Old Fashioned!

How to Wear Gold And Not Look Old Fashioned 2
With the emergence of imitation jewelry and other metals trudged into stylish accessories – Gold, the most precious metal has experienced a challenge in the fashion industry. While the incomparable and timeless charm of gold is can not be challenged, yet some people construe gold to be old and unfashionable in recent times. The truth, however, is that Gold irresistibly stands as one of the most fashionable and precious metals to own.

Be it the modern-day wedding jewelry with gold necklace designs inherited from pages of history or the new-age everyday accessories – Gold can be one of the most fashionable metals to pick when shopping for jewelry.  Here are some of the ways to wear gold and not look old fashioned!

New age rings of Gold

With time Gold has emerged into new avatars surprising us with its revering charm and beauty. The shades of rose and white gold are winning the hearts of many for their unique appeal. From simple solitaire rings to minimalistic finger bands – rose and white gold is the new style statement. And the choice isn’t just limited to the women alone, men too have started picking up gold rings as their staple accessory and celebrating the modern fusion look that comes with it. Just wear these new-age rings with your regular casual wear and you are good to go.

Gold Jewelry – a traditional heritage

Nothing matches the enigma and style of the classic gold designs when you are donning a traditional look. While the innumerable imitation jewelry serves for a new touch to the outfits, the classic and traditional gold jewelry brings about the charm that you are looking for. Pair your classic Kanjeevaram saree, lehenga or even a traditional gown with Kundan, jadau or other gold designs to make for an incomparable look.                                                                                                                                       

Avoid ‘too much’

One of the biggest mistakes that gold lovers commit is to stack them up together for a look. In today’s time, less is always more. And, when it comes to gold, one of the precious metals, even a small piece of jewelry does a lot of talking. So, its best to avoid stacking up gold jewelry and pick only one or two for the look. Either pick a statement earring, finger ring, or locket – or go for simpler jewelry to make minimalistic style create its impression. Wearing too much gold indeed isn’t in fashion!

Pay attention to designs

As it is about metal, one can enjoy the perk of picking a design of their choice. For people who think their gold designs have gone outdated, the option is to buy designs that are more relevant to the recent trends and wear gold like any other jewelry. You can also mold your old jewelry into modern designs and alter the look of your gold entirely to make it time relevant. The idea is to pick up designs that are currently trending and transform your love for gold in a new avatar.

Something for each style

Gold is one of the few metals that fits with every outfit and every style. Gold is one of the popular forms of jewelry that resonates with people’s personalities! As such, the designs of bracelets, pendants, and rings can be chosen as per their personality and it matches everything i.e. from sportswear, casual office wear, formal wear, wedding attires, and even party wear. The need is to pick up designs that suit your style and embrace it with every outfit you own.

When the times are changing, Gold is one of the very few metals that become relevant as per the wearer! Its time to explore and make gold fashionable!

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