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CEO Of GE Witnesses More Associations Ahead For Digital Business

General Electric Co. will employ more associations to make its business of digital-industrial in near years, John Flannery, Chief Executive Officer, claimed this week to the media in an interview, He further suggested that the industrial group will restrain investment in that sector. GE is spending almost $2.1 Billion this year in GE Digital, and managerial had claimed that amount might drop next year. Flannery this week made his initial direct statements regarding the digital plan ever since he turned out to be the CEO in August. He has starting cutting prices in other sectors, comprising grounding corporate jets, lowering staff, and axing the “Maserati benefit” of corporate vehicles for almost 600 senior managers.

Flannery is due to reveal fresh funding targets next month and is below grave stress to convert GE around after the cash flow and third-quarter earnings of the company badly missed goals. GE stock fell by 32% so far in 217, while the index for S&P 500 has increased by 14%. Digital strategy of GE is made around a cloud-supported software platform, dubbed as Predix, which links power plants, factories, and other industrial tools to PCs that predict outages and enhances performance.

But performance problems and limited capabilities of Predix have posed GE to lose out to startups such as C3IOT as well as Uptake and rivals such as Siemens AG. Flannery claimed this week that GE will aim on trading Predix in its own commerce: oil-and-gas, energy, healthcare, aviation, mining, and transportation, as reported by the media way back in August. “We are going to be choosier in other sectors and do it mainly via associates,” Flannery claimed at yearly Minds + Machines conference of GE.

Chief executive of The Manufacturing Connection, Gary Mintchell, claimed that strategy of GE about using associates reflects the realization of the company that they cannot build their own bionetwork. The Manufacturing Connection is an industrial Internet-aimed consulting and research company. GE claimed it was extending its association with Microsoft Corp., to offer admission on Predix for Microsoft applications. The specifications hugely replicated what the firms claimed when they first in July 2016 declared the deal.


New Low-Cost And Flexible Smartphone Screens Developed

Expensive smartphone displays might soon be a topic of the history. Thanks to researchers who have combined graphene and silver to design flexible and environment friendly screens that counterpart the performance of current technologies at a portion of the price. The new method also pledges to those gadgets that are more receptive, use less power, and do not smudge in the air. Indium tin oxide that is presently utilized to make screens of smartphone is expensive and brittle. The main ingredient, indium, is an uncommon metal and is economically harmful to extract. Silver that has been viewed to be the best option to indium tin oxide is also costly.

Researchers in the U.K. at the University of Sussex combined a two dimensional carbon material, graphene, with silver nano wires. The resulted hybrid material counterparts the performance of the current technologies at a portion of the price. “While silver nano wires have been utilized in touch displays before, no one has made an attempt to mix them with graphene,” claimed the University of Sussex’s Alan Dalton to the media in an interview. Above all, the method in which these substances are assembled is innovative. “We drift the particles of graphene on the water surface, then single out them up with a rubber stamp and place it above the film of silver nano wire in whatever outline we like,” claimed Dalton.

“This burst through method is intrinsically scalable. It might be comparatively easy to mix graphene and silver nano wires on a large scale in this way utilizing patterned rollers and spraying machines,” he further added. The technology might make fragile mobile phone displays a matter of the history, researchers claimed. “The inclusion of the silver nano wire to the graphene network also elevates its capability to conduct electricity by almost a factor of 10000,” claimed Dalton. “This indicates we can utilize a portion of the quantity of silver to achieve the same, or enhanced, performance. Consequently, screens will use less power and be more responsive,” he claimed.

“Even though silver is also an uncommon metal, similar to indium, the quantity we require to layer a given region is very tiny when mixed with graphene,” claimed the University of Sussex’s Matthew Large.


India Mobile Operators Rally On Expectations For More Painless Competition Post Jio Cost Rise

Stakes in wireless operators of India lifted penetratingly this week post Jio telecom unit of Reliance Industries Ltd elevated mobile data tariffs, increasing expectations of a lessening in the aggressive competition that has wrinkled profits in the industry. Top-positioned Bharti Airtel Ltd elevated to a more than 8-year high and Reliance stroked a record on the 1st day of trading since last week declaration of Jio of high-end new data tariffs that efficiently raise costs by almost 20%.

Jio, supported by richest man of India Mukesh Ambani, has up-ended the 2nd-largest mobile services market in the world by consumers with cut-throat marketing and by cutting costs for its 4G data, pushing current players comprising Vodafone and Bharti Airtel’s local unit to level up with the services. Consequently, Bharti Airtel reported a 75% decrement in its profit for April–June while Idea Cellular Ltd posted a 3rd successive quarterly loss. Experts claimed that costs of Jio will stay low, even though they greeted the hikes as a good initial sign of more costing discipline. “Last week declaration of Jio was a great relief for all current players since there is a feeling that the curse of worst costing is behind them,” claimed director of research at William O’Neil & Co, Satish Betadpur, to the media in an interview.

“Reliance is seeking at making certain that Jio is beneficial. My prediction is that from now on, they will aim on quality of network to obtain more users,” he further added. The energy corporation claimed last week that Jio might turn to be profitable soon after the telecom unit reported a loss of Rs 2.71 Billion. Shares of Reliance increased almost by 3.8% this week to post a new all-time high, prior to closing 3.3% higher. Bharti Airtel led profits on the wider NSE index, elevating by almost 5.8% to post its highest level ever since May 2009. Idea Cellular Ltd increased by almost 8.8% to lay a hand on its highest ever since July 25, while Reliance Communications Ltd increased by almost 9.5%.

Well, let us see if this war will worsen or will settle down!

Breaking Featured Science

Google Earth In Saudi Arabia Finds Ancient Stone Gates

Researchers have found almost 400 earlier undocumented structures of stone in Saudi Arabia dubbed as “Gates” with the assistance of imagery from Google Earth. While Saudi Arabia is mainly thought of as barren desert and mountains, it was also house to an enormous number of archaeological spots that were still to be recorded, identified, and mapped, claimed David Kennedy to the media in an interview last week. Kennedy is a scientist at Australia in the University of Western. “You cannot see them in any comprehensible way at the sea level but as soon as you get up a couple of hundred feet, or with a slightly higher satellite, they stick out delightfully,” Kennedy claimed to the reporters while speaking of the stones.

The structures seem like flat gates of field in the images from top attained from Google Earth. “I call them as Gates due to the fact that when you look them from a height they seem similar to a simple lying flat field gate, 2 standing posts on the sides, linked by one or more extended bars,” he further added in his statement. They do not seem similar to the structures where individuals would have survived nor do they appear for disposing of dead bodies or for animal traps. It is a secrecy as to what their intention might have been, scientists claimed to the media. Even since 1997, Kennedy has driven in helicopters over Jordan, neighbor of Saudi Arabia, photographing tens of hundreds of stone-built constructions dotted over “harrat” or its lava field.

Shapes tune from kites that might have been utilizes as animal traps, pendants utilized as funerary tombstones, and many more to huge circles of stone that might be 400 Meters across. Not much is recognized regarding the individuals who constructed the edifices, but they are believed to have built them almost 2,000 Years to 9,000 Years ago, researchers claimed to the reporters while briefing about the discovery they made.

They are thought to be the intimates of the modern day Beduin in the area who define them cooperatively as “The Works of Old Men,” they further claimed.


PayPal P2P Payment Integrated Within Facebook Messenger In The US

Apple is said to soon introduce in its Messages application the money transfer functionality Apple Pay Cash. As of now, PayPal and Facebook have joined forces and pronounced their association, which will enable users to receive and send money through Messenger. The collaboration between the 2 firms began in the previous year and this declaration is an extension to that.

Last year, PayPal and Facebook enabled the users to link their accounts that eventually permitted them to shop with easiness using PayPal on Messenger. So let’s see exactly what this partnership will be bringing up for us.

Now, Facebook and PayPal have united to bring peer-to-peer (P2P) payments in Messenger. So, with this, the users can now request or send cash using their PayPal accounts without exiting the Facebook Messenger application.

PayPal said, “We are thrilled to publicize an expansion of our association with Facebook with the adding up of PayPal as a backing source for P2P payments, directly through Messenger. Individuals will have the choice to request and send money using their PayPal account and this incorporation in Messenger will be initiated to be rolled out to US users.”

If a particular person has more than one ways of payment linked to their PayPal account, from a bank account and debit/credit cards, he/she will be given a choice to select the account that they wish to send or receive funds. Apart from this, another customer service Messenger bot will be launched as well, which will enable the users to get backing for their account without the need to exit the application.

The feature, as per the company, will also back group chats that will enable the users to manage bills and much more. For the feature to function all that the user has to do is merely click on the icon “+,” which will raise a green payment button. After you tap on it, go as per the provided step-by-step directions so as to send the money.

The affiliation between the 2 companies comes before Apple introduced its own Apple Pay Case facility in Messages. The facility is set in iOS 11 and it depends on the company when they desire to release it.


Better Secure ATMs Than Sorry

In June 2014, two 14-year-old computer freaks in Canada pushed the Bank of Montreal to update its safety after they had utilized the ATM’s (automatic teller machine) operating manual to discover roughly all the data required to reprogram the ATM. They merely required its password, which they properly guessed at their initial try by utilizing 000000, an ordinary default setting for most of the ATMs.

The ATM’s only job is to smooth the process of communication between the main server of the bank and the customer. This comprises setting up the identity of banking and the user. All communications between the server and the ATM are protected. As users, we actually do not know of the communication and encryption procedures follow appropriate security measures or not.

Users can be contended in 2 ways. If only the ways of communication and encryption are disclosed that applicable experts can judge the safety of the network. On the other hand, the more suitable alternative is to have the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) set up a cell to certify and study such safety in ATMs. But, to the best of our information, RBI does not contain any such group yet.

Note that all safety proofs of all the techniques of encryption utilize the supposition that the PIN (personal identification number) utilized by the user is artificial-random, that is, a sequence of numbers fulfilling one or more statistical trails for arbitrariness but made by a definite procedure of math.

As per cryptographer-mathematician Claude Shannon, “If the mutual data between the message to be stored or sent really, and the one that is to be stored or sent be zero, the network is claimed to be completely safe.” This indicates that when transformed to binary string, they might act such as an impartial coin being tossed independently repeatedly (“independently” indicating the toss not manipulating whether it will be tails or heads).

But the normal propensity of most of the users is to utilize PINs that we might not forget. So, the PIN turns out to be very much non-arbitrary, representing grave compromise in safety. The PIN is decrypted and encrypted at the time of the transactions.


Why For Long-term Investment SIPs In Gold ETFs Is A Great Option?

With straight options like jewelry, gold coins, and gold bars, most of the people have been investing for long time. Today, even the old buyers, as an investment option, wants to explore gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Buyers want to invest in Exchange Traded Funds to have a transparent and secured option of investing in gold, to buy and sell electronically, and to save the storage costs.

Buying gold through ETF is no rocket science. It’s just buying of gold in electronic form. An indirect way of investing in gold is what is meant by “GOLD ETFs”. Listed on prominent stock exchanges, Gold ETFs are mutual funds. Providing the stockholders with revenues, before book keeping expenditures carefully matching the earnings provided by physical gold price is the key objective of gold ETFs.

Attributes of Gold ETFs SIPs

  • SIPs in gold ETFs indoctrinate good investment discipline.
  • In small lots, gold ETFs can be purchased.
  • Gold exchange-traded fund (ETF) prices are actual and transparent.
  • Just like stocks, you can sell or buy ETF units.
  • Your portfolio gets a quicker chance of growth when trading on exchange.
  • You get a dematerialized unit backed by physical gold.

ETFs are good option long-term, where is why:

Small Units:

Gold ETFs allows you to purchase single unit, and this is one of the advantages of Gold ETFs. This indicates that you can develop your gold store as progressively as you can bear to and continue including units as you go. You can daily monitor and watch your growth. Additionally, since you don’t have the gold, costs of maintenance are nil, and you don’t have to stress over putting it away.


You can redeem your units the minute you need your gold. For taking loans, you can use your gold ETFs as collateral. You don’t have to visit various shops to get the greatest price, like you have to do for buying physical gold as buying and selling can take place completely online.

Diversification Of Portfolio

When it comes to investments, diversifying your gold investments is the best way to manage your investments. The best way to start the process is to opt for SIPs for Gold ETFs. Gold ETFs are suitable for long term; they invest directly in gold of 99.5% purity and are nothing but dematerialization of gold. As compared to physical gold, it is more tax efficient.

Risk Is Low

Supported by pure gold trading of gold is transparent totally, and storage risk is neglected as storing of gold is not at all an option. As per market price with minimum wastage, you are receiving the precise amount of your gold as you are not paying any making charges or premium to the jewelers like you did when buying physical gold.


Benefits of Starting A Monthly SIP In Gold ETFs

  • Gold ETFs are more tax efficient.
  • No security concern as there is no storage cost.
  • Decide the number of units you want to purchase, and if you want, you can buy them in small units also.
  • You don’t have to worry about the impurities in the metal.
  • Comparing with bars and gold coins there is no equity tax.
  • Just like a trading stock, you can trade a single unit of gold ETF.

HD Banners For This Diwali

This Diwali, a lamp of light will be lit of happiness.
A chain of crackers will be burst that will burn your sorrows.
The rocket will be shot high up in the sky which will denote your prosperity.
The flowerpots that will be burnt will bring joy to your face.
Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali!

In this article you will find images of Diwali wishes that are of high resolution.


Some Of The Best Gifts To Be Presented On This Diwali 2017 For Your Loved Ones

The festival of Diwali is celebrated with great fanfare to the new moon of Kartikh Mas. Diwali is one of India’s largest festivals. This year, Diwali will be celebrated on October 19, 2017. On Diwali, people also give gifts to each other. But sometimes we get confused what gift should be given to friends and family.

Apart from friends, family, and relatives on Diwali, giving gifts to people in offices can also make the Diwali festival even more special. Here’s what you can give to the people on Diwali.

  1. Dinner Set

You can gift dinner set especially for your family members or relatives. It will also be associated with their daily work and it can also be served in festive occasion.

  1. Coffee Maker

Coffee makers can be gifted to the coffee lovers who are just mad over the caffeine and believe it as their booster on Diwali. The coffee makers come in plenty of advanced options these days. There is hardly any good gift apart from the coffee maker to give it to the colleagues in the office.

  1. Cosmetic Kit

If you have to give a special gift to a girl, then you can gift cosmetic kit to her this Diwali. Gift like cosmetic kits will be anytime appreciated by girls and women. This is the best thing we can gift to those special and adorable females. Ladies love to look beautiful, so gift a cosmetic kit to the ladies and see one of the prettiest personalities of the person.

  1. Earphones

Who doesn’t love to rock on the beats while on the go. Earphones are among the daily essential utilities. So what else will be the best than rocking earphones. So pick some best earphones in the market and share some love with a musical touch.

  1. Travel bag

Today’s life has been quite a runaway. In this way, you can gift a travel bag to people. The person who travels much will surely love the gift.

No matter how big or expensive gift you give, remember the people and wish on the glamorous occasion.


Diwali 2017 Day 5: Bali Pratipada

The fifth day of Diwali is celebrated as Bali Pratipada or Bali Padyami or Padva. This year, Bali Pratipada day is coming on the 20th October. This day is celebrated to celebrate the victory of the Lord Vishnu in his Vamana Avatar over the demon Bali. According to the Hindu literature, this day is celebrated to mark the return of the demon King Bali to the earth.

This day is celebrated on the Shukla Paksha’s first lunar day in the month of Kartika. According to the religious books, Bali Padyami marks the victory of the dwarf incarnation of the Lord Vishnu, the Vamana. It was the fifth incarnation of the Lord Vishnu among his Dashavatara that defeated king Bali and pushed him to another world. But even though the king was pushed by the god he was blessed with a boon of visiting the earth for a day. On this day, the King Bali is honored and worshipped for the immense devotion that he had for the Lord Vishnu and for all the good deeds that he had done for his people.

Celebrations of the Bali Pratipada

People wake up early and bath and wear new clothes. The main hall of the house is decorated with rangolis or kolam after which King Bali and his wife Vindhyavali is worshipped.

To symbolize the kingdom of King Bali forts are built out of clay and cow dung. In the night, as the sunset, the entrance of the houses and the door and window sills are lighted up with lamps. The forts are also lighted up and miniatures are kept.

On the same day, the Govardhan Puja is done in the northern parts of India and Gujarat. According to the mythology, on this day Lord Krishna saved the people of Gokul from the fierce anger of Lord Indra. He held up the mountain of Govardhan on his small little finger and sheltered the people from getting drowned.

Bali Pratipada Muhurat

Bali Puja Pratahkal Muhurat: 6: 37 to 8: 55

Duration: 2 h 18 mins

Bali Puja Sayankal Muhurat: 15: 50 to 18: 08

Duration: 2 h 18 mins