Happening Celebrations Of Dussehra

Hyderabad’s Bathukamma

The word Bathukamma has the literal meaning that ‘Mother Goddess, come alive’. This is the most beautiful festival of flowers that is devoted to the Goddess Gauri. The festival is celebrated in the parts of the Andhra Pradesh and in Telangana. The festivities begin by worshipping the Lord Ganesha and the women dance around the arrangement of flowers that is placed on the seven concentric circles of wood which represents the gopuram.

Bathukamma begins on the day of Mahalaya Amavasya and concludes on the Ashwayuja Ashtami which is also known as Durgashtami.


Bastar Dussehra

In the tribal land of the Chhattisgarh, an exceptional 75-day festival is celebrated which is the Bastar Dussehra. It is related to the nature, mysticism, and the deity of Bastar Goddess Danteshwari. In the 13th century, the king of Bastar King Purushottam Dev started this tradition.

The festivities include the age-old rituals which comprise the worship of wood (pata jatra), posting of the pillars (deri gadhai), urn installation (kalash staphna), throne installation for Devi Kachan (kachan gaadi), nocturnal festival (nisha jatra), the conference of the tribal chieftains (muria durbar) and the concluding day farewell to deities (ohadi).

Varanasi Ram Lila

The oldest city Varanasi is popular for its Ramlila and it is performed beside the fort of Ramnagar Fort since the early 1800s. The credit for this goes to Udit Narayan Singh who was the king of Benaras.

The complete ground around the fort is utilized for the stage with structures that are built permanently in order to represent the major locations of the Ramlila story such as Lanka, Ayodhya, Ashok Vatika, and others.

The actors move from place to place as they perform the Ramlila which includes masks, papier-mache figures, and music that attracts the audience and keep them completely focused. These performances are done by the actors without making use of the loudspeakers and still, viewers come here in thousands of numbers to watch the Ramlila.


Dhunuchi Dance In Dussehra

The Bengali community celebrates this festival with great devotion as Durga Ma for them corresponds to the incarnation of the Shakti, the divine eternal female god that rules the cosmic creation. The goddess defeated the demon Mahishasura who had created havoc in the heaven and earth.

The Bengali community welcomes the incredible Goddess of Durga with the loud chants of “Jai Durga” and ululation. The idols of Durga that are brought to the pandals are just enchanting with the goddess sitting on the lion with several types of weapons in her hands which signifies the victory of the good over evil.

In this celebration, a unique dance form that is famous in the West Bengal is the Dhunuchi Dance. This dance is performed by the devotees while worshipping the Goddess Durga in order to please the goddess. The musical beats of the Dhak create a very lively atmosphere and add grace to the dance. The dance performance is done in the evening Aarti in the Shashthi Tithi. The devotees that perform the Dhunuchi dance are known as Dhanucchis. The Dhanucchis who perform this dance balance an earthen bowl that contains burning incense on their forehead, hand, or by mouth.

The dance form got the name Dhunuchi as the performance is done with the Dhunachi which is an incense burner that is used in the native India for doing Aarti. The shape of the Dhunachi is flared with a large cavity at the top and is held by the stem. As the Dhunachi needs to be held for longer durations they are made of clay so that it provides heat insulation. In the Dhunachi, burning coals are placed at the bottom and on top coconut husk is placed on which incense is scattered.

In many of the pandals, Dhunuchi competitions are held where the dancers perform the Dhunuchi dance with great elegance. Their swift hand movements on the beats of the Dhak make the atmosphere mesmerizing and there are some participants that have Dhunuchi held between their teeth.


Darknet hackers of India mint bitcoins from illegal tasks

Joy D’Souza is a freelance website designer, 20-year-old computer science graduate, and a darknet hacker. This indicates that he operates in a substitute universe of Internet where many stuffs are against the law and not simply accessible to people.

He belongs to a tiny but developing tribe in India that gets handful amount from task such as electronically spying on a rival or breaking into Facebook or email accounts, somewhat analogous to usual illegal or black hat hackers. Most of them are computer science or engineering students or young workers with day jobs, confident that the encrypted universe that they work in will not compromise them.

D’Souza tells of having breached into a computer of a politician. “I got paid almost 0.20 bitcoins (or almost $800) for this job,” claimed D’Souza, to the media employing a false name similar to the other hackers that the media spoke with regarding this report. “The costing ranges on the level of urgency and difficulty.” The darknet can be authorized by software dubbed as TOR to anonymously look through hidden websites as well as gain control to both illegal and legal services from hackers, amid different activities. The TOR network is a cluster of volunteer-working servers that enables users to improve their security and privacy on the Internet by separating routing and identification.

“You normally have no sign who your hacker is unless you turn out to be a standard client and make some type of trust, but normally we have faith no one,” claimed a 28-year-old with a day job as a consultant for one of biggest tech firms in India by day and a regular darknet hacker, Rahul Panwar, to the media in an interview. For simple jobs such as hacking Facebook and email accounts, the hackers take almost $100–250 in bitcoins. For more difficult tasks such as spying into a computer of somebody, the charges are $600–700, or more if the person to be spied is of high-profile and reputation. For hacking a web server, the cost is almost $1,000 in bitcoins. “And for a targeted assault on a particular company or user, a hacker might charge almost $2,000 in bitcoins,” claimed Sheena Seth, an industry analyst.


BSNL to offer 50% cash back voice recharges on this festive occasion

It is the festive time and no service provider would like to lag behind to attract its customer base. Thus, many of them are presenting a slew of offers for its customers. So, on this Dussehra, BSNL is providing cash back of 50% as a part of its new promotional scheme. In addition to this, the company will also be offering full talk time schemes on recharge transactions done through the website or the mobile app of the state-owned telecom operator for a limited duration. The offers will be accessible to all the BSNL users within India going love from September 25, 2017.

As the part of the offer presented by BSNL, users who purchase recharge packs from September 25, 2017, to October 25, 2017, will receive cash back of 50% for the recharge value. The talk time recharges for which the offer is valid includes Rs 122, Rs. 88, Rs. 69, Rs. 65, Rs. 44, and Rs 42, according to the statement of the company. The full talk time offer will be valid only on Rs 30 recharges and the offer will commence on September 25, 2017, and will be applicable till October 2, 2017.

“We always turn up with more benefits on such festive occasion. We are providing up to 50% extra talk time value coupled with lots of FTT offers on this occasion for all our prepaid mobile users,” said R.K. Mittal.

This is the newest in a sequence of BSNL offers rolled out over the last few months. Earlier this month, a promotional offer was rolled out that decreased the levy to 15 paise/minute for on-net calls and 35 paise/minute for off-net calls for 30 Days with Rs 8 recharge pack. The same call tariff can be availed for 90 Days by users with a recharge pack of Rs 15. Also, the company has a recharge offer for data consumers; they can avail up to 90 GB of data with a recharge of Rs 429 (availing 1 GB every day for 90 Days).

BSNL is also intending to introduce 4G VoLTE services and has requested the government to grant permission to use 700 MHz bands for 5G and 4G services.

Featured Technology

Apple shares drop on smartwatch reviews

Apple stocks dropped this week post mixed reviews of its newest smartwatch and in the middle of worries for lagging pre-orders of latest models of iPhone 8.

Apple Watch Series 3 is geared up to strike the market this week and shows the capability of connecting directly to telecommunications networks to allow consumers remain linked without a handset for music, phone calls, and other work. At the time of a live demonstration earlier this month at a media event, Apple manager in the middle of a lake on a stand-up paddle board conversed with a colleague through the smartwatch on stage in San Francisco.

But, reviews published this week expressed issues with Apple Watch Series 3 linking to mobile networks and mentioned the firm as claiming it is operating on a solution for the issue. Lauren Goode, an industry analyst, claimed that while using out the new Apple Watch she experienced prominent issues with connectivity, with the device making an attempt to connect with unidentified WiFi hot-spots in place of a telecommunications network.

Several media outlets in the U.S. mentioned Apple as rolling a statement claiming the firm found that when Apple Watch Series 3 connects unidentified Wi-Fi networks without permission, it might at times avoid the watch from utilizing cellular. Apple was seeking into finding a solution for the issue in a software upgrade, as per the mentioned statement. Reports also came out this week that some experts saw pre-orders of iPhone 8 lagging behind those of the earlier generation, probably due the fact that people are more involved in a 10th-anniversary iPhone X smartphone planned out later this year.

The iPhone X was 1 of 3 new iPhone smartphones revealed at the 1st event at new spaceship campus of Apple. Tim Cook, the chief executive of Apple, dubbed the iPhone X as the largest leap forward since the launch of the initial iPhone. Shares of Apple concluded the official Nasdaq exchange trading day down to $156.07 by1.68%.

For now, it will be good for Apple to solve the issue related to the watch or else it might give a huge blow.


Internet companies claim removing violent content within hours is big challenge

Eliminating extremist content within a couple of hours of it appearing from the Internet causes an enormous scientific and technological challenge. General counsel of Google will claim about it later this week to the European leaders who need the content taken down swiftly.

General Counsel for Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Kent Walker, will speak in support of technology firms such as Microsoft, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter at an event on account of the yearly gathering at the United Nations of leaders in the world.

The leaders of Britain, France, and Italy need to push social media firms to eliminate violent content from the Internet within 1 to 2 Hours of it emerging since they claim that is the time when most material is distributed.

“We are carrying out noteworthy progress, but eliminating all of this content inside a couple of hours of publishing, or certainly blocking it from seeing on the Internet in the first instance, causes a huge scientific and technological challenge,” Walker decided to state in a speech in support of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism. Now, Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism is an operating group made by the 4 firms to join their efforts to eliminate violent content.

Tech companies have come below rising stress from governments in Europe and the United States to take additional measures to keep violent content off their platforms after a wave of militant assaults. In addition to this, the European Union is considering a new legislation on the matter.

“There is no short cut when it comes to removing and finding this content, but we are getting much enhanced,” Walker further determined to state in the speech.

“Of course hunting challenging material in the first instance often needs not just millions of man hours but, more essentially, enduring improvements in computer science and engineering research. The haystacks are unbelievably huge and the needles are both constantly changing and very small.”

Walker will also mention about the firms’ requirement of more human reviewers to assist differentiate genuine material such as news coverage from the challenging material and teach machine-learning equipment against ever-altering samples.

The firms previous year made a decision to set up a mutual database to share exclusive digital fingerprints they routinely assign to photos and videos of violent content, dubbed as “hashes”, to assist each other remove and detect analogous content.


iCubesWire, an email-marketing firm to invest in 3 Million in early-stage startups

The big firms of India are now providing support to startups that are striving at the early stage of their venture. One of the firms is iCubesWire Technologies Pvt Ltd, which is based in Gurgaon. The company is offering $3 Million funds for the early stage startups.

The company is majorly seeking to invest in the firms that are driven by automation and artificial intelligence. It has decided to deliver the funds across 4–6 startups by the end of 2017. The average ticket size of the investment will be somewhere $500,000–7000,000.

“We are in the phase of early stages of creating a product on our own and have grabbed some success. We also have some noteworthy cash reserves, which we intend to pour in the startups that bridge with our expectation in terms of the product model,” said CEO and Co-founder of iCubesWire, Sahil Chopra.

Earlier, Chopra had stated that although digital marketing was in statistical succession, there were some spaces that created important opportunities.

The company also intends to partner with other investors in supporting the qualified candidates, who have clear vision and perspective.

The company was established in 2010, and since then it has a vast network across the country and more than 400 brands that belong to diverse sectors such as technology, e-commerce, travel, financial, automobile, and hospitality. The firm helps to provide customized digital concepts for the brands they function with.

The company has loads of big entities in its client portfolio, which include Tata Group, Standard Chartered, Procter & Gamble, GoAir, Domino’s Pizza, American Express, Kotak Group, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Skoda, Etihad, AirAsia, Amazon, McDonald’s, Flipkart, Qatar Airways, ICICI Bank, Honda, and Ford.

Chopra declined to share the financial information of the firm. iCubesWire runs number of accelerator programs and funds for early-stage startups in the country that have recently come up.

In this month, Taizo Son, SoftBank Group founder Masayoshi Son’s younger brother, has introduced an accelerator program that is focused on agri-food tech with an alliance with GSF Accelerator from Gurgaon and Infobridge, an Indo-Japan business consultancy.

This funding in early-stage startups will give a push to the evolving firms in India and groom them in well-established manner.


Facebook to roll out election integrity program in Canada

Facebook, below pressure over its position in likely Russian meddling in 2016’s presidential election of the U.S., claimed that it aims for an election integrity proposal to protect next vote of Canada from cyber attacks.

Minister of democratic institutions of Canada, Karina Gould, will talk next week at a rollout event, Facebook claimed last week to the media in a statement declaring the project. A spokesperson of the company refused to give the details regarding the project, which follows a caution by electronic spy agency of Canada in June that spammers will “very probably” make an attempt to influence 2019 elections of Canada. The agency claimed that it is counseling all political parties on how to defend against cyber assaults.

Facebook, the largest social network in the world, claimed last week that an operation probably located in Russia had positioned thousands of U.S. ads with polarizing views on issues such as race, immigration, and gay rights on the website during a time frame of 2 Years from May 2017. The firm on Wednesday rolled out harder rules on who can make cash from ads on its network, replying to criticism that it was too simple to make money from sensational headlines and fake news.

Facebook in Canada is rolling the program since Internet firms look to repulse criticism and they are not doing sufficient efforts to prevent online meddling with politics and elections. “The spread of half truths online can swing votes,” claimed an academic researcher studying politics and social media at Ryerson University, Anatoliy Gruzd, to the media in an interview.

“Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook really require putting technical actions in place that might avoid the creation of groups or the spread of false information that may endorse hate speech,” Gruzd claimed. Twitter Inc was anticipated to brief the U.S. congressional examiners shortly on whether Russia utilized its Ad platform to market divisive political and social messages, a U.S. senator claimed to the media in an interview last week. Google last week claimed that it had seen no proof of an ad campaign from Russia on its platforms.


Australian media wins relaxed ownership laws

Huge media companies of Australia have won long-looked reforms that will permit them to drive share of the market by smoothing the process of consolidation, even though doubts stay on whether the modifications can stem the declines at the aging empires of moguls.

Billed as an approach to battle with online majors such as Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Netflix, the releasing of ownership limitations was accepted by parliament of Australia last week after the center-right government of the country won backup from independent politicians for the reforms.

The alterations, backed by Fairfax Media, News Corp. of Rupert Murdoch, and Kerry Stokes-headed Seven West Media, eliminate the supposed “2 out of 3” rule omitting one association from possessing all 3 media, newspaper, television, and radio, in any particular city. Television systems will also be permitted to expand their reach further than the earlier permitted 75% of the inhabitants.

The alterations are anticipated to locally unleash a wave of consolidation, permitting long-reputable media giants, comprising the Murdoch family, to elevate their previous huge interests. It might clear the trail for Lachlan Murdoch, the co-chairman of News Corp., and Bruce Gordon, the television entrepreneur, to roll out a rival offer against the projected buyout offer of CBS Corp. for broadcaster Ten Network Holdings. The duo has built up a mutual legal challenge to $201 Million deal of CBS to obtain the poor Ten.

Fairfax and News Corp. Australia welcomed the media reform legislation of the government. “This lastly dealt with the limitations that have held back the spiritness of media firms in Australia for an enduring period,” News Corp. claimed to the media in a statement. But experts claimed that the reforms package was no universal remedy.

“I do not think this assists at all,” claimed Peter Cox, an independent media expert, to the media while addressing the issue. “For their long standing survivability, they have to emerge with a method to balance the loss of income that is going to Google and Facebook.” Similar to their rivals all over the world, traditional media forms of Australia have been pushed by online competitors.


Ericsson files case of insolvency against Reliance Communications

Indian subsidiary of Ericsson has filed petition of insolvency in opposition to Reliance Communications and 2 of its firms to recover not paid dues, the Indian mobile operator claimed to the media this week in a stock exchange filing.

The telecoms equipment producer of Sweden, which inked a 7-year contract in 2014 to manage and operate nationwide network of Reliance Communications, is looking for a total of 11.55 Billion Rupees (almost $180 Million) from the 3 companies, claimed the filing. Reliance Communications claimed that it aimed to challenge the petitions of insolvency. The filing claimed that the Ericsson case might go before the (NCLT) National Company Law Tribunal, the elected court for cases of bankruptcy in the country, in next month.

“Ericsson has done this as a last option in order to solve a issue related to debt that Reliance needs to pay to Ericsson for provided services below a contract. As the lawful process is in progress, we do not have any additional comments at this stage,” the Swedish firm claimed to the media. The petitions came as the Indian phone firm handled by billionaire Anil Ambani battles against time to lock deals to trade a share to Canada’s Brookfield in its tower assets and to combine its business of mobile services with rival Aircel.

Reliance Communications posted its 3rd quarterly loss consecutively last month and is making an attempt to find methods to slash its money owing after creditors gave it a official pardon on repayments of loan until the end this year. The Aircel and Brookfield deals are anticipated to lower its burden money owing by almost 250 Billion Rupees. Ambani claimed during the loan reprieve that he anticipated completing the contracts by next month.

The losses of the company are, in fact, a result of rivalry from cut-price data plans and free voice provided by Reliance Jio Infocomm, the telecom company led by elder brother of Ambani and richest man in India Mukesh Ambani. Ericsson is planning to recuperate 5.35 Billion Rupees from Reliance Infratel, 4.91 Billion Rupees from Reliance Communications, and 1.29 Billion Rupees from Reliance Telecom, claimed the filing.