Apple shares drop on smartwatch reviews

Apple stocks dropped this week post mixed reviews of its newest smartwatch and in the middle of worries for lagging pre-orders of latest models of iPhone 8.

Apple Watch Series 3 is geared up to strike the market this week and shows the capability of connecting directly to telecommunications networks to allow consumers remain linked without a handset for music, phone calls, and other work. At the time of a live demonstration earlier this month at a media event, Apple manager in the middle of a lake on a stand-up paddle board conversed with a colleague through the smartwatch on stage in San Francisco.

But, reviews published this week expressed issues with Apple Watch Series 3 linking to mobile networks and mentioned the firm as claiming it is operating on a solution for the issue. Lauren Goode, an industry analyst, claimed that while using out the new Apple Watch she experienced prominent issues with connectivity, with the device making an attempt to connect with unidentified WiFi hot-spots in place of a telecommunications network.

Several media outlets in the U.S. mentioned Apple as rolling a statement claiming the firm found that when Apple Watch Series 3 connects unidentified Wi-Fi networks without permission, it might at times avoid the watch from utilizing cellular. Apple was seeking into finding a solution for the issue in a software upgrade, as per the mentioned statement. Reports also came out this week that some experts saw pre-orders of iPhone 8 lagging behind those of the earlier generation, probably due the fact that people are more involved in a 10th-anniversary iPhone X smartphone planned out later this year.

The iPhone X was 1 of 3 new iPhone smartphones revealed at the 1st event at new spaceship campus of Apple. Tim Cook, the chief executive of Apple, dubbed the iPhone X as the largest leap forward since the launch of the initial iPhone. Shares of Apple concluded the official Nasdaq exchange trading day down to $156.07 by1.68%.

For now, it will be good for Apple to solve the issue related to the watch or else it might give a huge blow.

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