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4 Small Inventions That Make Life Easier

When talking about things that make life easier, you may immediately think of technical devices like cellphones and laptops, or household appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. Have you ever taken the time to realize that there are a lot of little seemingly insignificant things that also make life easier? If you haven’t, but you’re curious, take a look at these four small ideas that add up to big convenience.

4 Small Inventions That Make Life Easier

1. Caster Wheels

If you have ever had to lift something substantial, you’ll appreciate why adding wheels to things would make things so much better. While wheels don’t work on everything, they do make some things more portable. Caster wheels are not regular wheels. They’re wheels that turn to make maneuvering things easier on any surface. If you have a big toolbox in your garage, it most likely has industrial steel caster wheels. This allows you to move the toolbox fully loaded (and heavy) freely from one place to another. Other common uses include bed frames and refrigerators.

2. Zippers

Imagine trying to brave the cold in a coat that just wrapped around you and tied. Sure, it would be better than nothing, but imagine skiing down a mountain in below-freezing weather and having it flap open. Enter the zipper. Before it was invented in the late 19th Century, people had no practical way to increase and decrease the size of an opening allow the fabric to flex. Once the little invention caught on, it became an essential part of pants, dresses, coats, backpacks and tents.

3. Band-aids

Before Earl Dickson invented the Band-Aid for his wife, wounds took two people to dress. Dickson’s wife was always cutting and burning herself around the house, so he created a wound covering she could apply without assistance. Dickson brought the invention to his employer, Eric Johnson of Johnson & Johnson, who immediately started manufacturing the ingenious design. It is their biggest-selling item ever.

4. Nails

Think about what it would be like to live in a house that was built without nails. In the late 16th Century, the first appearance of a nail in construction appeared. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution in the late 18th Century that the more common nails were invented. These were some of the first items to be mass produced by machines.

Throughout history, people have continued to evolve and create items to improve upon existing ideas and concepts. When you reach for something like a Band-Aid remember: It was a small idea that makes life easier.

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Journey of the largest Diamond

The Koh-i-Noor also spelt Koh-i-Nur, is one of the largest diamonds in the world, weigh 105.6 carats. The word Kohinoor means Mountain of Light. The diamond was originally the property of the Kakatiya dynasty mined in Golconda, India. The diamond is believed to come from Kollur Mine a series of 13 ft deep gravel and clay pits on the banks of Krishna River in the Golconda India. If this transfer into jewellery such as original diamond ring price, the cost will be undefined. This is the world most ancient diamond. Strength and the beauty of the Kohinoor was describe by the Mughal poets as “If a strong man were to throw four stones in four direction- north, south, east, west, and a fifth stone in the air and the space between them were filled with gold then also it will not equal the value of the Koh-i-Noor.

Journey of the largest Diamond

Early history

The Turco-Mongol founder of the Mughal Empire, mention the weight 187 carats diamond named Kohinoor. Some historians accept this Babur’s diamond information as the is the earliest reference to the Koh-i-Noor. It was further acquired by Alauddin Khalji,  ruler of the Khalji dynasty o Delhi Sultanate. At the beginning of 14th century he invaded the kingdoms of southern India and get this diamond. It later passed to successor of the dynasty and Babur hold the diamond in 1526 as an award for his conquest at the Battle of Panipat Shah Jahan, the 5th Mughal emperor placed the kohinoor into his Peacock Throne. In 1658, his son Aurangzeb, was allegedly cut by Hortenso Borgia reducing the weight of the stone to 186 carats.

Ranjit Singh the founder of the Sikh Empire received the Kohinoor from last Mughal successor received as a gift in return for his hospitality. He took possession of the diamond in 1813.

Acquisition by Queen Victoria

 Ranjit Singh willed get void and the diamond passed to the East India Company. After Ranjit Singh death in 1839, his will was not executed and all his property was taken by East India company. The Governor-General in charge of the make some ratification of the treaty The Koh-i-Noor was formally presented to Queen Victoria on July 1850 at Buckingham Palace by deputy chairman of the East India Company. The date had coincide with the Company’s 250th anniversary.

The era where people buy gold online, the Kohinoor is on public display in the Jewel House at the Tower of London, where it is visited by millions of visitors every year. The governments of India, Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan all claimed for ownership of the Koh-i-Noor. Indian government demanded for kohinoor return ever since gained its independence from the East India Company in 1947. As this is the property of Ranjit Singh. So Indian government has full right on it. The East India Company and the British government together try to justified there part as per the Last Treaty of Lahore show the gems was legally undertake by the East India Company and rejected the claims of the Diamond.

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Recap of Newest Developments in Assisted Living Communities

The assisted living facilities for seniors we see today are drastically different from the ones that were common in the US in the 90s. The boom is a result of the rapid growth in the demand for assisted living and senior care. Sadly, exceedingly few American adults above the age of 65 have enough savings to fund their senior living facility privately. Those who have long-term care insurance and Medicaid are in a better position to choose private retirement communities than those retiring without similar plans. Only about 4% of the senior population gets access to continuing care and assistance during the hour of their need.

Developments in Assisted Living Communities

Thankfully, things are looking up in 2018. Here are a few ways things have changed in the recent past –

  1. Retirement facilities are more social
    In the mid-90s senior care facilities were synonymous with shared homes or extra bedrooms with one or two nurses to take care of the residents. Assisted living was for the sick and frail. Retired individuals preferred staying at home, braving the daily chores. Slowly, retirement facilities have transformed into societies and communities of like-minded people, who share common interests. Now, locating assisted living communities near you will probably take one search on Google and a couple of seconds!
  2. Senior care is becoming affordable
    Several new programs have come into being that offer assisted living and retirement homes at subsidized rates to the US citizens. Even the lifetime care facilities are becoming more affordable than ever, thanks to renewed Medicaid plans and long-term insurance plans.
  3. Integration of technology
    The advancement of communications technology has made senior living safer and more comfortable than ever. People can maintain their independence, live in private assisted living units, yet they can call for help by pressing a single button. Modern technology has ensured that assistance is always one call away from the residents.
  4. Intuitive unit design
    The modern living units for the elderly are not bigger than their older counterparts, but they are definitely better. In many cases, the units are becoming smaller due to limited space and better utilization of resources. However, the new communities pay attention to affordability, lifestyle, living standards and freedom of their residents above everything else. They are aiming at creating multi-generational inclusive communities that can foster human bonds, encourage new social connections and support socialization.
  5. All-in-one communities
    The distinction between privately owned homes, nursing homes and long-term care facilities are becoming blurry with each passing day. People are interested in comprehensive care that can take care of their current needs and protect their future interests as well. Therefore, if a person with a high chance of developing dementia in their later years enters an assisted living facility today, he or she should not have to move to a memory care facility in the next town, in the case he or she develops dementia tomorrow.

Senior care facilities are becoming comprehensive thanks to the evolving technology. A deeper understanding of the physical health problems and mental health challenges a senior citizen might face is also helping the caregivers.

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Why Should Zimbali Accommodation Be Critical To Your Travel Plans To South Africa?

Zimbali is just 65 kilometers from the airport and about 20 minutes away from Durban. It is a unique combination of tropical weather, beautiful sea beaches, turquoise waters, natural flora, and fauna. It is the perfect balance between nature and culture that tourists and travelers love about South Africa. It is in the northern coast of KwaZulu Natal, a stone’s throw away from Ballito.

Zimbali Accommodation Be Critical To Your Travel Plans To South Africa

Planning a vacation with family

Both Ballito and Zimbali are tourist hotspots during the South African summer that lasts from mid-November to February. Finding Accommodation in Zimbali is a little tricky during this period without pre-booking. It attracts all kinds of travelers. Families love visiting the Zimbali estates and putting up at the luxury resorts since these places have pools for all ages, specially designed tennis courts, and a complete golf course. The crocodile farm, petting zoos, and reptile zoos are star attractions for the children in the tourist groups.

Zimbali is the haven for adventure lovers

The solo traveler and the occasional thrill-seeker often find themselves in this KwaZulu Natal estate and town. Microlight flights, swimming, and surfing in the sea attract thousands of foreign tourists from across the world. You might also face some difficulty booking hotels and resorts in July due to the billabong Gunston 500 contest in Ballito. So, even if you are traveling during the usual off-season, you need to check with the local tourism calendar and hotel authorities for the best rates. Booking at least four to five months in advance should help you stay within permissible budget without curtailing any of the adventurous activities you have been planning for so long.

Are you ready to brush up your golfing skills this holiday?

One of the major attractions of the resorts at Zimbali is the golf course. Tom Weiskopf designed it in his unique style. It was his first project on the African continent, and he gave nature the lead role in his play. He has included the indigenous trees, wetland regions, and natural vegetation to create new challenges for the player. It is a part of the expansive estate that is also home to a massive 50-hectare reserve. Finding a place to stay in Zimbali is going to be amazing for families with children. Several freshwater spring lakes serve as the home to over 85 species of birds, a plethora of animals and unspoiled landscape. It is the perfect location for family photos.

Are you game for Zimbali?

The Hluhluwe Game Reserve is a two hours’ drive from Zimbali. It gives the tourists the once in a lifetime chance to see the big 5 – rhinoceros, lion, leopard, Cape buffalo and elephant. It is currently home to the largest white rhino population in the world. There is no way you should give this experience a miss. Finding accommodation near Zimbali will provide you with the benefit of staying close to almost all the favorite tourist spots of South Africa. Apart from that, reaching the airport, booking cabs, traveling by foot and exploring the nearby towns are super easy while staying somewhere central like Zimbali.

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Experience Kolkata the Best Way – Drive Around Town

West Bengal’s capital is a story that continuously unfolds. The city is a hub of business and culture, and its organised chaos has enamoured many generations of travellers. Negotiating the city’s ever-changing landscape is best done by driving around in a car rather than be restricted by public transport. Chauffeured cabs are rather expensive in the long run, a reason why many informed travellers are choosing self drive online taxi booking in Kolkata as their option.

Experience Kolkata the Best Way

A City of Wonders

Intrepid travellers looking for unique slices of Kolkata’s cityscape would love to visit Chinatown, one of the most vibrant and historic corners of the old city. From delicious street food to energy-filled markets, a stroll here is recommended in the early mornings or the evenings. Kolkata was the erstwhile administrative centre during the British Raj so one should expect to come across some splendorous Victorian-inspired colonial architecture here. Some of the must-see landmarks are the Indian Museum and the Victoria Memorial.

The Howrah Bridge is a place of photo-ops and of course, a stage where one can see how the river shapes life in the city. The Dakshineshwar Kali Temple offers glimpses into one of the city’s most important religious traditions and its most revered deity. Kolkata’s Alipore Zoo is India’s oldest and an ideal place for those who want to see rare endemic species.

Outskirts Attractions

With a rental at one’s disposal, some of Kolkata’s hidden outskirts gems are within reach. Many locals like to take a breather at Taki, a rustic riverside town just 80 kilometres from the buzzing city. 135 km away, Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta temples and age-old sari making techniques. A picturesque 75-km drive from Kolkata, one can visit the famous town of Piyali, also known as a precursor to the Sunderbans. For those looking for some sand and surf, Bakkhali is a tranquil seaside retreat just a couple of hours away.

The Self Drive Advantage

There are many advantages of using rental cars in Kolkata. Privacy is assured, and solo travellers would find this a good reason to choose self drive. One has total control, and itineraries can be changed while routes modified at any time to avoid traffic. Platforms like Zoomcar make booking very easy, via an app or the website, and 24/7 on-road support assures a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience. Business travellers are enjoying the benefits of self drive online cab booking in Kolkata. Many book their cars at the airport and use it for the entire trip, dropping it back on the way to the return flight. This provides a perfect end-to-end business solution for the working traveller.

The city of Kolkata is a multi-layered treasure of culture and art. To see the soul of the city, one needs to venture into its old streets without a plan. Explore the best possible way, with the comfort and freedom that a rental car offers.

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Andaman Survival Tips On A Shoestring Budget

Andaman is the place to head for if you are a nature lover and also, an adrenaline junkie. This is a picturesque and breathtakingly beautiful coastline that is too gorgeous to be true. You would be spellbound to see the glories of nature and the virgin beaches. If you wish to enjoy nature at its very best, you must head to this tourist hotspot. The pristine tropical forests add to the beauty of this exotic island.

Andaman Survival Tips On A Shoestring Budget

An Andaman tour package, local tourist associations, local resorts, and even adventure sports organizations would be providing all sorts of amenities that are required for snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, banana boat riding, and glass-bottom boat sailing. If you think that the exotic Andaman is just for the affluent tourists, you are very much mistaken. You could enjoy an amazing Andaman vacation on an extremely tight budget. Here are some smart Andaman survival tips on a shoestring budget.

Avail Government Ferries for Hopping Across Islands

Remember private ferries could be expensive so it is best to opt for the government-run ferries to save a great deal of money.  You may even use bus rides for traveling from one tourist hotspot to another. It is best to use public transport as the service is good and fares are cheap.

Go for Light & Sound Show at the Cellular Jail

The Cellular Jail compound has a beautiful garden. Here every evening you could come and enjoy an awe-inspiring Light & Sound Show. You could opt for either a Hindi show at 5 PM or an English one at 6 PM. You simply cannot miss this amazing show. Tickets are not that expensive and you could arrange them well in advance to get the comfortable seats. As this is not an expensive affair there could be massive rush so it is mandatory to book tickets early. It is all about the life and sacrifice of war heroes, a tale of their bravery and deep love for their country and countrymen.

Seek Andaman Tour Package that Includes Snorkeling At Havelock Islands

Havelock is known for its rustic beauty and has established a niche in the pages of Indian tourism history. Some major tourist attractions here are the Radhanagar Beach and the Vijay Nagar Beach. Both these beaches enjoy ‘A’ rating as per WTO or World Tourism Organization. You could visit the Elephant Beach well-known for its brilliant coral reefs and rich marine life. Havelock offers fantastic amenities and facilities so snorkeling is quite affordable here. You could survive well on a limited budget here.

You could enjoy viewing the amazing marine life by visiting the Coral Island or the North Bay. Coral Island would be offering a grand view of the colorful fish, exquisite corals, and vibrant underwater aquatic life. You could view the mesmerizing and fascinating corals while sailing in a glass-bottomed boat.

Skip Hiring a Tour Guide Instead Download an Offline Guide

The offline guide would be helping you with a lot of relevant information about the Andaman Island and you could enjoy a wonderful yet pretty much affordable holiday at the scintillating Andaman Island.


Andaman is a marvelous tourist destination and you could enjoy a grand vacation here even with a shoestring budget. Nature’s abundant bounties and the amenities provided by the tourism authorities ensure that you have a memorable vacation despite all odds.

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Mothers Day Gifts- Buy the Perfect Present to Make the Day Memorable!

Your mother is a special woman in your life. On Mother’s Day, you wish to dedicate and celebrate the day to the woman who gave you life, nurtured and took care of you to make you what you are today. This day is hers, and she deserves to be pampered with the best gifts that will make her feel valued and appreciated for all she has done.

Mothers Day Gifts

Say it with flowers to your sweet Mother

Flowers are simple and powerful messages of love. In fact, you can send your mom a beautiful bouquet or flower arrangement on her special day. There are many websites online where you can order and book flowers to be sent to your mom as a surprise. These mothers day gifts India websites give you amazing options from a single platform when it comes to choosing the best gifts for your mother. You can also customise gifts online to include your mom’s favourite colour, theme or flowers. This makes the gift a unique one meant only for your mom.

Send fresh and beautiful flowers to your mom

You can send exclusive flower bouquet for mothers day from these websites instantly. These flowers are fresh, and they are shipped and delivered to your mom’s address. You may add some chocolates or teddies to the flower arrangement to make it look cute. You can also attach a personal loving message to your mother stating how much you love her and how special she is to you. The best part of these same day mothers day gift delivery websites is that if you have to send a last minute gift to your mom, she will receive it on the same day. There are times when you might be so engrossed in work that you forget about Mother’s Day. This is where these websites come in handy. You have to log in and book the flower arrangement of your choice for gifting your mother a beautiful gift.

Affordable gifts from a single platform

If you are looking for an affordable gift from a single platform, you will find that these cheap mothers day flowers and gifts delivery India sites help you save money and time. These flowers are gifts cheap as they are derived from sources. They being cheap does not mean they are inferior in quality. Since they are directly procured from sources and have no retail costs, they are available online cheaper on the market. This means if you are looking for top quality flowers and gifts for your mother bank on these websites and order today!

Therefore, if you are looking for the ideal flowers and gifts for your mother rely on online websites that provide you with a wide range of gifts that can be booked, customised and delivered to your special mom at affordable prices. They are modern gifts that are created and designed by expert designers to give your mom the happiness and joy she deserves on her special day with success!

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Flowers Are The Best Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day – Here’s Why!

Well, Mother’s Day is a very special day in the calendar. It is the one day that is dedicated to mothers everywhere when we show our appreciation to them for all the hard work they put in to raise a family. Ideally, a mother’s day gift ought to reflect how much you love, care and appreciate your mother and everything she does. You should plan up for mother’s day from a few days before, to give her a meaningful and thoughtful present which she would love. But in case, you have forgotten to do so, and are looking for last minute fixes; then this article is for you.

Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Why gifting flowers to your beloved mom is an ideal choice?

Gifting flowers are the ideal solution because flowers are reflective of the love, the emotion which you hold for your dear mother. As a last minute fix, you should choose to order a beautiful bouquet from an online florist.  Online florists rid of the trouble and the time to physically go and choose the flowers from an offline shop. Online florists offer excellent service, they deliver the flowers to your home in time, in perfect condition. Plus you get lots of options to choose from too; there is a wide range of flowers available depending on your requirements and your budget. Also, the prices of the flowers from online florists are quite inexpensive compared to their offline counterparts.

So first you should go online and pick out a florist, try to choose one who offers same day delivery. Always check the florists’ reviews before selecting him. A good florist will deliver genuine, good quality flowers in fresh and undamaged condition at the right time.  Also, a good florist will offer you a lot of choices and options to choose from.

Some popular choices, considering you are shopping at the last moment

Roses are special, in all color, size, and combination. The easiest solution will be to send a bouquet of roses of various colors. Each color of rose signifies something different: red represents love and emotion, pink represents purity and beauty, yellow reflects happiness. So mix and match.  Deeper shades of pink convey appreciation, gratitude, and respect.

You can try exotic roses like Ecuadorian roses also with beautiful dark pink petals which look beautiful.

There are other flowers to choose from as well, like Tulips,Lilies, Orchids, etc.

You can send tulips as a potted plant to your mother as a gift which will remind her of you. Tulips are traditionally associated with love and happiness. Popular shades of tulips are red, purple, yellow, pink. White tulips symbolize heavenly qualities. Lavender, violet and yellow tulips also look beautiful. You can choose purple tulips as purple signifies royalty and would please your mom.

So send mom flowers on Mother’s Day to let her know how much you appreciate all her efforts. Choose a good online florist and make your order.


Flowers are amazing gifts, beautiful yet symbolic. They are wonderful to give to your mother on Mother’s day. In case you had forgotten to buy a present earlier, choose a beautiful bouquet and give it your mom.

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Men’s Wedding Bands & Wedding Accessory Goof-Ups

Your wedding is the most important event of your life and you would like to make it a grand and a memorable one. Obviously, you do not want to ruin your special day by making some critical mistakes while buying your wedding ring and while accessorizing for the most special day. You are all set for the wedding. You have chosen your life partner and a gorgeous engagement ring for your soul mate. Now is the time to choose the right wedding ring.

The main reason, why men find choosing the wedding ring quite overwhelming,is because they would have to wear it forever or for the rest of their lives. So, a wrong choice could be disastrous. Same can be said about the accessories. Men find accessorizing quite a tricky business. Women love to accessorize and they do it almost spontaneously but for men, it does not happen so naturally. Here are a few wedding ring & accessory goof-ups that you need to avoid so that your wedding is a flawless celebration of love and commitment.

Men’s Wedding Bands

Opting for the Trendy Ring

Avoid something fashionable because trends keep changing. You may presently be fascinated by something trendy but many years down the line you may find it totally out of place. So you need to exercise utmost caution while buying something fashionable. Trends keep fluctuating. Would you love your wedding band even after say a few decades? If you are opting for a color, make sure that it would be complementing the colors or shades you generally wear. Obviously, you cannot revamp your wardrobe to match the color of your wedding ring. Visit for the best choice.

Buying Your Wedding Ring with Not Much Time Left for the Wedding

You must choose and order the wedding ring ahead of the special day as that would give you ample time to identify any goof-ups. You could get enough time to see that you are completely comfortable and happy with the ring. If you have any second thoughts about the wedding band there should be enough time on hand to get it exchanged or returned. Make sure that your ring is the right fit.

Purchasing the Wrong Size

You must know the accurate ring size before buying it. You could get your ring size accurately measured online. You may alternatively get the right size if you are going to the jewelry retail outlet. If you are having an old ring that fits you comfortably, you may carry it along while shopping for your wedding band.

Sporting the Wrong Tie Length

Some men find it pretty difficult to tie the tie knot so they are so engrossed in getting the knot right that they do not pay much attention to the length. However, if you wish to show that you are a man who does everything with perfection, you must wear the tie right.

Wearing Mismatched Metals

All metal accessories including watches, tie pins, and cufflinks must be made of either gold or silver. There must be an element of uniformity in the way you present yourself. Do not mix gold and silver as that would give a very shoddy and mismatched appearance.

Flaunting Excessive Jewelry

You must wear simple, subtle jewelry to highlight your personality. Simple jewelry pieces could make you look smart and distinguished when worn properly. However, flaunting too much jewelry could be a major groom’s style mistake. It would make your outfit look uncoordinated and really messy.


We have tried to alert you to some of the most common style and wedding band mistakes made by grooms. Keep track of them and avoid them so that you have a memorable and hassle-free wedding to cherish all your life.

Author Bio: Jennifer Jenkins is a jewelry designer who owns a jewelry boutique in Pittsburgh. She also runs her own fashion and jewelry blog and constantly provides tips and valuable resources such as

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Groovy Looks Of Stars From The American Music Awards (AMA)

The globally acclaimed largest music award show is the American Music Awards (AMA). The 2017 American Music Awards show was held on November 19, 2017, at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. This is the award show where the music lovers enjoy watching their favorite music stars performing live. In this award show, the music idols, the record breakers, and the newcomers who rocked are awarded. This year, the award function was hosted by Tracee Ellis Ross.

The award function had a number of popular personalities that rocked the night with their performances and some astounded us with their killer looks. The red carpet was dazzled up by the beautiful outfits and looks of the stars.

Selena Gomez

The pop beauty Selena stunned her fans with her new look in which she flaunted her blonde bob. The rough haircut with that glossy dark roots gave her that extra points. She complimented the look by flaunting her bold brows matte complexion, and rosy lip color.

Yara Shahidi

Her hot short pant was out of the box but what looked more stunning were her looks. She had adorned lipstick that was caramel nude, which complemented her metallic silver shade eyeliner. The dab of that highlighter added more oomph factor to her looks by keeping her look fresh.

Hailee Steinfeld

Singer and actress, Hailee Steinfeld, sported a completely gelled black hair to give her that wet look. Her eye makeup was smoky but had bronze shade; she had put a lot of blushers and the lip color she chose was nude coral, which complemented her outfit.

Heidi Klum

She can never ditch her beachy waves; it always works well for her. Supermodel Heidi Klum too flaunted her looks which did not have that loudness but gave her the stunning look that she desired. It was her eye make-up that gave her the sexy look. She had gone with a metallic navy and steely-blue eye-shadow palette. Her lip color was soft – nude pink.

Demi Lovato

Most of the beauties had tried to avoid the bold lip colors and the singer Demi Lovato was one among them. She chose a matte color in a nude shade. Her hairdo was quite simple yet elegant—the straight brunette locks worked out very well. Her eye makeup was sleek; she had sported coppery-hued eye-shadow.