Three Characteristics of High Quality Marketing Videos

Video is becoming an increasingly important part of digital marketing, mainly due to its prominence in overall internet use. A perfect combination of visuals and audio has mass appeal that can become viral and spread to other viewers. However, video alone is not enough to achieve online fame. Marketers and filmmakers must ensure that each video possesses some of the following qualities to reach and compel the desired audience.

Characteristics of High Quality Marketing Videos

Technical High Quality

Perhaps the most important aspect to oversee in all video marketing content is the production quality. Even small businesses must invest in high-quality video and sound equipment, as well as props, lighting, location and other components. A qualified, experienced cast and crew must also work on each production. Video that uses low-quality equipment or is run by amateurs can negatively impact the brand and decrease interest and sales. Eyal Gutentag‘s marketing guidance of ZipRecruiter, for instance, results in the release of high-quality videos.

Strong Message and Storytelling

Besides high production values, a marketing video must also have something to say and should say it well. A successful video includes a strong, clear message that the viewer can easily understand. Additionally, the message must be conveyed through a story that is concise, simple and appeals to emotion. After all, up to 95% of all purchasing decisions are made from the buyers’ subconscious minds. Ensure that the plot, writing and acting grab the viewer emotionally.

Call to Action

Just as with any marketing campaign, every video must end with a strong call to action (CTA). An engaged and active audience is ultimately more beneficial to the advertisement efforts than a passive one. Whether the action incites the viewers to learn more about a product, purchase said product or share the video through social media, there must be a strong statement that encourages the viewer to act.

Video is still an effective marketing tactic that professionals should learn to embrace. By producing high-quality video that delivers a compelling message and encourages action, companies can increase exposure, engagement and profit.

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