6 Most Popular Deep Web Markets

Deep Web is still one of the mystic places on the web. The Deep web and the Dark web are home to a number of high profile marketplaces on the web. These marketplaces are well hidden from the people as you can only access them using the Tor Browser. Today, we will take a look at some of the most popular Markets available on the Deep Web:

6 Most Popular Deep Web Markets


Probably the biggest and heaviest marketplace on the whole of the Deep web is the AlphaBay. It was launched way back in November 2014 with over 230,000 users still making regular use of this online black market. It is the first choice for most people with buyers and sellers ranging from every country across the world. However, with such a big userbase, the site also has a number of scammers and hoaxers operating on the marketplace, therefore, you need to have caution while making a transaction.

Silk Road 3.0

The Silk Road market place was one of the most popular marketplaces on the Deep Web with a number of people selling drugs on it. However, after the silk Road 2.0 was taken down by the authorities, their popularity took a hit but Silk Road 3.0 was up and running in next to no time. The website is gaining popularity slowly and steadily once again without getting much publicity, which might be the best thing for it right now.

Dream Market

If you are looking for a smaller marketplace with a high number of genuine sellers and buyers, then Dream Market is the place for you on the Deep Web. It is small in comparison to AlphaBay and also has a higher rate of commission on sales a 4% in comparison to other markets but it is highly reliable.


Acronym for Russian Anonymous Marketplace, it is the longest running darknet market still available on the Deep Web. It was launched in 2012 and has a large number of dealers from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus selling light drugs with selective hard drugs on a forum based platform.

Valhalla (Silkkitie)

Valhalla was a previously popular Finnish marketplace on the deep web, however, with a recent name change to Silkkitie with a language change to English as well, this site is gaining popularity on the Deep Web. It is an invite-based site where you can only join if you are invited by the people already on the website. This helps to ensure more secure trades.

Crypto Market

The Crypto Market on the Deep Web is brought to you by the same developers who developed the Silk Road websites including the recently re-launched Silk Road 3.0. In fact, the Crypto Market website shares its data with the Silk Road 3.0 website. The website was recently down because of upgrading the content, although it is up now. You can find a number of genuine sellers on the website but still be careful of scammers on the website.

The Final Words

These are some of the best deep web markets you can come across to find some really useful resources. But be careful while using the credit card to make payments on these markets. Only choose recommended seller.

Life Style

Experience Kolkata the Best Way – Drive Around Town

West Bengal’s capital is a story that continuously unfolds. The city is a hub of business and culture, and its organised chaos has enamoured many generations of travellers. Negotiating the city’s ever-changing landscape is best done by driving around in a car rather than be restricted by public transport. Chauffeured cabs are rather expensive in the long run, a reason why many informed travellers are choosing self drive online taxi booking in Kolkata as their option.

Experience Kolkata the Best Way

A City of Wonders

Intrepid travellers looking for unique slices of Kolkata’s cityscape would love to visit Chinatown, one of the most vibrant and historic corners of the old city. From delicious street food to energy-filled markets, a stroll here is recommended in the early mornings or the evenings. Kolkata was the erstwhile administrative centre during the British Raj so one should expect to come across some splendorous Victorian-inspired colonial architecture here. Some of the must-see landmarks are the Indian Museum and the Victoria Memorial.

The Howrah Bridge is a place of photo-ops and of course, a stage where one can see how the river shapes life in the city. The Dakshineshwar Kali Temple offers glimpses into one of the city’s most important religious traditions and its most revered deity. Kolkata’s Alipore Zoo is India’s oldest and an ideal place for those who want to see rare endemic species.

Outskirts Attractions

With a rental at one’s disposal, some of Kolkata’s hidden outskirts gems are within reach. Many locals like to take a breather at Taki, a rustic riverside town just 80 kilometres from the buzzing city. 135 km away, Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta temples and age-old sari making techniques. A picturesque 75-km drive from Kolkata, one can visit the famous town of Piyali, also known as a precursor to the Sunderbans. For those looking for some sand and surf, Bakkhali is a tranquil seaside retreat just a couple of hours away.

The Self Drive Advantage

There are many advantages of using rental cars in Kolkata. Privacy is assured, and solo travellers would find this a good reason to choose self drive. One has total control, and itineraries can be changed while routes modified at any time to avoid traffic. Platforms like Zoomcar make booking very easy, via an app or the website, and 24/7 on-road support assures a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience. Business travellers are enjoying the benefits of self drive online cab booking in Kolkata. Many book their cars at the airport and use it for the entire trip, dropping it back on the way to the return flight. This provides a perfect end-to-end business solution for the working traveller.

The city of Kolkata is a multi-layered treasure of culture and art. To see the soul of the city, one needs to venture into its old streets without a plan. Explore the best possible way, with the comfort and freedom that a rental car offers.


Discover 5 Expert Tips to Find Popular Instagram WordPress Themes for Your Website

Instagram gives you amazing content. It is a visual platform that should be used for business promotion and marketing. There are over 800 million users on Instagram monthly, and with the aid of compelling visual content you effectively can reach out to them for better lead conversions and sales. You may get them from your profile or the users of other profiles. Thanks to the advent of Instagram WordPress themes and plugins you effectively can incorporate these posts into your website easily.

Instagram WordPress Themes

Get a wide option of free and premium WordPress Instagram themes

These themes allow you to integrate Instagram into your blog or website. You can create an outstanding Insta profile with the aid of these themes. First of all, if you are not a member of Instagram, register on it and create your account. It is crucial for you to be a part of the Instagram community no matter how small or big your business is. To create a strong brand presence in the market, you do not have to be a professional expert or blogger. You can promote your Instagram profile with stunning themes that can be easily installed. With these themes, you can promote your Instagram profile better. Once you connect your feed to the website, it tends to grab attention. Your targeted audience tends to check your site and follow video clips and other photographs. This, in turn, enhances your popularity.

Instagram WordPress Themes – Improve Your Popularity

With Instagram WordPress Themes, you effectively can enhance the popularity of your website or blog. There are some free and premium themes for you to choose from. With these themes, you can introduce your website or blog to the world better. They get an insight into your personal and business message. When you are choosing a theme for your WordPress website, ensure that it blends into it with success.

Tips to find the perfect WordPress Instagram theme for your website-

The following are five expert tips you can use to find the perfect WordPress Instagram theme for your site-

  1. Re-posting on Instagram- The theme you look for should have the feature to re-post to Instagram. There are themes online that will allow you to repost your blogs to your Instagram profile. This means you do not have to post your posts to your website manually. There are some excellent plugins for Instagram Auto Poster that permits you to schedule your posts and publish them on your WordPress website or blog. If you are looking for promoting your WordPress website without issues, choose a theme that gives you the feature of re-posting to Instagram.
  2. Photo Gallery – When you are looking for an Instagram and WordPress theme, ensure that it has an outstanding photo gallery. If you are using Instagram for your business marketing choosing a theme with a stunning photo gallery is the need of the day. Instagram is a visual platform, and you can effectively use the images you post there to reach out to your targeted audience. You should look for a theme that has a sleek and clean layout when it comes to displaying big and bold photographs from your Instagram profile. In case you have already bought a theme that lacks a photo gallery you can install the Instagram Feed plugin to get one. It is crucial for you to invest in a good photo gallery if you wish to promote the visual side of your business to your targeted audience.
  3. Instagram widgets –A good Instagram profile has a strong follower base. In case you wish to increase the number of views on your Instagram profile you may buy views from Some Instagram WordPress themes have widgets, and you may install them on your website or blog. They allow you to add Instagram feeds easily to the footer and sidebars. A notable example is a theme called Highfill. It supports and gives you footer and sidebar widgets on Instagram. However, please note that all themes of WordPress do not have widgets. Therefore, check your WordPress theme properly before you purchase them.
  4. Layouts – A good WordPress Instagram theme will have a minimalist layout so that photography on the website or blog is highlighted well. When you are choosing a layout for your WordPress website or blog, check whether it is clean and minimal so that you emphasize better on your photographs.
  5. Page Builders – You should search for an Instagram WordPress theme that has support for page builders. For instance, you can use Visual Composer a good page builder to segregate sections for photographs like gallery and portfolios.

What happens if you have already purchased a theme yet wish to enhance your Instagram WordPress website?

In case you have already bought a theme and wish to improve your Instagram WordPress website or blog, you have the option to buy a plugin for adding features. Instagram Journal is the name of a good plugin that largely helps you to integrate your Instagram with WordPress. You can display your hashtags feeds, photographs, etc. with the help of this plugin. You can also get collages, sliders, carousels, etc. In case you have a very old WordPress theme, you can install it to get a cost-effective and easy way to work on Instagram.

Therefore, if you wish to optimize your WordPress website integrate Instagram into it with ease. Research well and choose the themes that have a good photo gallery and a minimal layout to highlight these photos to your targeted audience. In this way, you can reach out to your targeted audience better and get a competitive edge in the market. There are both free and premium themes available in the market. When you are searching for the right one, check the features of the premium theme well before you make the final purchase. In case you have an old theme, research well for plugins before installing them.


Can Big Data With These Supports Of Remote DBA Be The Answer To Cyber Security Challenges?

IT networks are now a thriving hive of connections and data points. It has grown exponentially in the last couple of years. Along with the network, the threats and sophistication of the threats have increased as well. Things have ceased to be black and white. There are some moral and practical gray zones that people cover every day to use, produce and extract relevant data.Can Big Data With These Supports Of Remote DBA Be The Answer To Cyber Security Challenges

The next section of Statistics is a compilation of studies from different verified sources including the 2016 Cost of Cybercrime Study as a global phenomenon –

  1. Between June 2016 and November 2016, 1 billion malware threats plagued the world
  2. There has been a 172% increase in the new ransomware families
  • SWIFT was the biggest attack vector in 2016.
  1. 2016 has been the busiest year for Microsoft. In 2015, the tech leader released 135 updates. By November 2016, Microsoft released about 145 updates in 2016.
  2. DDoS attacks from Mirai and ELF Malwares plagued big data.
  3. Yahoo faced the biggest ever data breach leaving millions of user accounts vulnerable irrespective of geographical locations.
  • The first official malware for Apple devices was uncovered.
  • The estimated cost of cybercrime is over $1 billion in 2017.
  1. As of June 2017, 99% of all computers are susceptible to cyber-attacks.

It is possible for most malware attacks to fester and succeed because of the sheer volume of data they target. With each passing day, the malware is becoming more sophisticated as well. It is becoming almost impossible to analytically evaluate them and build an infrastructure that can defend the data. This is also because the SQL-based infrastructure is not completely scalable. It is challenging to update and costly to maintain. This gives an excellent opportunity to most cyber attackers.

Big data analytics and cyber security solutions

Big data is not exempt from the PDR paradigm. You need to be able to detect the threat and act, fast. The PDR paradigm seems simplistic – Prevent, Detect and Respond. However, imagine few terabytes of data that need analysis before you can reach the root of the problem. This is where big data analytics comes in. AWS Solution Architectaims at simplifying the steps of big data analysis so that every company can enjoy the benefits.

  • IDC can identify cloud and big data analytics that can prevent cyber threats. This is a niche of health-based organizations as of now.
  • Gartner surmises that 25% of all global companies have adopted big data analytics by the beginning of 2017. This is making big data a household name, and it is contributing towards the optimization of the analytics process.

The flurry of updates and patches makes 2017 an exciting yet tough time for all cyber security and data analytics professionals. Global data companies are trying to merge big data and cyber security to fortify their firewalls against malware threats.

How can a company combat cyber threat with big data?

Big data is constantly at threat by the hackers. However, the same data can protect the sensitive information saved on the cloud. Most companies are now trying to learn how to use big data to rescue threatened data by big data analysis.

  • Identification of anomalies

Most malware convert user devices to bots or seeds of Trojan Horses. Hackers can use them to gain access to the big data repository and steal data. Big data analytics will give the admin a whiff of anything amiss. This will prevent the loss of millions of dollars’ worth data from the central big data storage.

  • Detection of anomalies in the network

The big data analysts have the power to identify any new threat in the system. The lack of familiar signatures can cause new devices and new users to stand up. They can also pull information about various previous attacks to construct an idea of any new idea.

  • Access network risks

Unless you have complete knowledge of the distribution and architecture of your data, you will have no idea about the relevant threats and risks. Big data analysis will give you an idea about which silo has customer information, which one has transaction information and how to keep the hackers away from these repositories.

  • Identification of employee behavior

Most of the biggest, successful cyber-attacks come from the inside. As dramatic as it may sound, at least 90% of all cyber threats come from a leak in the internal plumbing. Analyzing all the data input points, data-user interaction points and monitoring employee interaction closely will give you a clear idea about the data-employee relationship in your company database.

How to perfect your big data analytics approach?

There are many companies, who have been there and done that. Here’s the basic list of to-dos for all businesses who want their data security strengthened from big data.

  • Conduct your malware research and analysis

Malware is now a term even kids know. Malware to computing is like bread to butter in 2017. It has become invasive and evasive at the same time. You need expert DBA help to analyze the nature of malware before you can consider your database completely safe.

  • Analyze your macro trend

This is necessary for understanding your malware trends and movements. An expert DBA or a cyber-security professional should be able to analyze the macro trends in cyber security threats correctly.

  • Measure your detection performance

Just because you do not see, a threat does not mean it is not there. Sometimes, companies lack ways to detect the threat even while they are active and thriving inside their data pools. You need to have the relevant tool and updated technology to perceive the threats and neutralize them.

Very few companies consider big data as an answer to cyber threats. Malware and hackers are becoming stronger by the day because most companies think of big data as a part of the problem. In reality, big data analytics has all the answer you need to safeguard your database from malware.

Author Bio: Katharine White is a senior communication executive at a reputed data management company in the US. She has collaborated with AWS Solution Architect on several projects to create reproducible reports on the correlations of data analytics and management with cyber threat management.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Helps You with Data Loss

The only reason for which you should not worry is the security of the data. There are many ways to restore the data thus it is better that you find out the same. So, if there is any sort of accidental deletion or lost of data there is no need to worry now. You will always be able to take full care of it now and always.

File Location And Type Choose With Care

If you are willing that the data should be restored at the earliest it is recommended that you choose the file location properly. If the location is chosen properly you will be able to restore the data fast. The data recovery software is indeed good and it will always save you from the unnecessary tension for sure. So, now there is no need to bother as all the things are done in the perfect manner by this amazing software. You can also suggest this software to your friends so that they can make full use of this data.

Imagine that your file is lost due to some sort of accidental deletion. So, in this case sometimes it is very difficult to restore it. Now if you have this software there is nothing to worry as such as all the files will be restored there itself. This is one such software that will do the entire work for you and that too within few minutes and sometimes seconds. Almost from all the devices you can restore the data namely SD card, pen drive, external hard disk, mobile phones etc. You will not face any problem in any manner whatsoever. You can further gain information by reading reviews so that you get the required help. It is not only easy but it is also fast to restore the entire data. Try to suggest this to others as well so that they are also able to restore their data as well.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Scan modes types

There are actually two types of scan modes 1. Quick scan mode 2. Deep scan mode. You can use any mode and get the work done. The first one is basically initial stage. So, if you are not able to restore the file through it you can opt for the second mode. People have now understood the importance of this software and there is nothing to bother as such. Make sure that deep scan mode is used at the last so that less time is consumed. There are many who have started to use it and there numerous companies that have praised it. The recovery software is the best and you will always be relaxed that your data will always be restored at any cost whatsoever. In very less time this software has become popular and this is due to the facility that it offers to others. Download this software today and install it so that you do not face any problem at a later stage. Make sure that the data is updated in a proper manner.

Business Health

Some Smart Tips for the Maintenance of Laboratory Equipment

The quality and condition of your lab equipment would be impacting the actual performance and the outcomes generated by it. In this context, you must understand that scientific results could be compromised due to lack of prompt repair and proper maintenance.

Maintenance of Laboratory Equipment

The Importance of Well-Maintained Lab Equipment

It is the responsibility of a laboratory technician to regularly monitor and maintain lab equipment and keep them in top running condition. The usability of lab equipment would be primarily depending on the delivery of prompt and accurate results and precise measurements.

Here are some expert tips for proper maintenance and upkeep of lab equipment so that they could provide accurate outcomes in minimum turnaround time.

Regular Refurbishing

Refurbishing involves disassembling of equipment and cleaning scrupulously. Then all the pieces are polished well and the pistons of pipettes are properly lubricated. The faulty parts are identified and effectively replaced. Once the refurbishment is done, the burette and the pipette dispenser would be functioning as new.

Prompt Repairing

Even though some types of equipment require complete replacement in many situations, you could carry on working efficiently without affecting productivity by some prompt simple repairs. Replacement of parts must be done promptly. You would not be purchasing a brand new car when you simply require repairing a timing belt. This analogy is applicable to your various laboratory equipments.

Some parts of lab equipment would be wearing faster as compared to the others and they require prompt and proper preventive maintenance. Equipment like centrifuges would be requiring proper maintenance to keep them in perfect working condition. If lab equipment is not in excellent condition, it could be hazardous to the laboratory technicians and may ruin the outcomes of any experiment and lab work where the faulty equipment is being used.

Calibration Services

Periodical and prompt calibration services are needed for proper maintenance of the lab equipment. You need to follow comprehensive preventive maintenance procedure for preventing data corruption. Calibration entails various levels of services right from standard preventive maintenance work to the advanced accuracy verification precisely for cGLP or cGMP.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is vital to the upkeep of any lab equipment. This is a really simple process but is often ignored and the equipment is neglected. You must essentially wipe clean the equipment exteriors every day and do proper hard cleaning once in seven days. However, not all equipment should be cleaned in the same manner. Some equipment would necessitate specific manner of cleaning them. For instance, in case of a hematology machine, the analyzer surface must be cleaned once every week, HC control must be checked once every month and an engineer must examine the entire system once every six months. In case of a chemistry machine, along with the analyzer surface, you must clean the lower and upper heater once every week and examine Humatrol control once in every six months. In the case of a microscope, it is essential for the glass to be cleaned with a blend of 30 percent alcohol and 70 percent ether once every week. Clean the lamp, objective, and condenser once every month.


The most important point to keep in mind is that lab equipment maintenance and repair must be done only by trained and fully-qualified personnel from renowned companies. The well-trained technicians must not only clean and repair or replace the faulty components; they must be adept at forecasting the potential failure of certain parts.


A Sneak Peek into Male Infertility:

The union of the sperm and the egg is the essence of conception. In many cases where couples have trouble in conceiving, women are held responsible. However, in most cases, male infertility can be the underlying cause.Let us look at some of the common reasons for male infertility:

Male Infertility

Sperm health: Sperm morphology, count, and motility affect fertility. Sperm count below a certain range and the quality of the motility of sperms can be causes of infertility. Additionally, the shape of the sperm also has an impact on the fertility in men.

Blockage of sperm delivery system: Sperm motility plays an important role. However, fertilisation is affected in cases where the sperm motility can be normal, but the ducts that facilitate sperm movement are blocked.

Hormonal problems: Hormonal imbalance due to stress, poor lifestyle, obesity, alcohol, and various other reasons can affect fertility in men. Signs of hormonal imbalance include erectile dysfunction.

Testicle-related problems: The testicles are organs that produce sperms. Testicle-related problems such as cancer and testicular torsion, wherein the spermatic cord is twisted, can also be causes of infertility in men.

A semen analysis during infertility evaluation determines the sperm health. In such cases, the chances of conceiving can be increased by assisted conception treatments such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

IUI involves inserting a motile sperm into a woman’s uterus. This procedure is timed according to her ovulation cycle. IUI deposits higher concentrations of good-quality sperms closer to where the egg is available, to be fertilised.  Although IUI is the most popular method, it must be done appropriately. Find the best IUI centre in Bangalore that provides the best-in-class facilities to diagnose male infertility and provide the right IUI treatment.

While IUI aims at bringing the sperm and the egg closer by inserting the sperm, IVF is a sophisticated and expensive method that brings the sperm and the egg closer outside the woman’s body. After the embryo forms, it is placed in the uterus. This procedure also requires immense care and must be handled by expert hands. Expert doctors, cutting-edge technology, sophisticated medical procedures, and comprehensive care. You need to find the best infertility hospital in Mumbai that brings smiles on faces by providing the best IVF treatment.