Experience Kolkata the Best Way – Drive Around Town

West Bengal’s capital is a story that continuously unfolds. The city is a hub of business and culture, and its organised chaos has enamoured many generations of travellers. Negotiating the city’s ever-changing landscape is best done by driving around in a car rather than be restricted by public transport. Chauffeured cabs are rather expensive in the long run, a reason why many informed travellers are choosing self drive online taxi booking in Kolkata as their option.

Experience Kolkata the Best Way

A City of Wonders

Intrepid travellers looking for unique slices of Kolkata’s cityscape would love to visit Chinatown, one of the most vibrant and historic corners of the old city. From delicious street food to energy-filled markets, a stroll here is recommended in the early mornings or the evenings. Kolkata was the erstwhile administrative centre during the British Raj so one should expect to come across some splendorous Victorian-inspired colonial architecture here. Some of the must-see landmarks are the Indian Museum and the Victoria Memorial.

The Howrah Bridge is a place of photo-ops and of course, a stage where one can see how the river shapes life in the city. The Dakshineshwar Kali Temple offers glimpses into one of the city’s most important religious traditions and its most revered deity. Kolkata’s Alipore Zoo is India’s oldest and an ideal place for those who want to see rare endemic species.

Outskirts Attractions

With a rental at one’s disposal, some of Kolkata’s hidden outskirts gems are within reach. Many locals like to take a breather at Taki, a rustic riverside town just 80 kilometres from the buzzing city. 135 km away, Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta temples and age-old sari making techniques. A picturesque 75-km drive from Kolkata, one can visit the famous town of Piyali, also known as a precursor to the Sunderbans. For those looking for some sand and surf, Bakkhali is a tranquil seaside retreat just a couple of hours away.

The Self Drive Advantage

There are many advantages of using rental cars in Kolkata. Privacy is assured, and solo travellers would find this a good reason to choose self drive. One has total control, and itineraries can be changed while routes modified at any time to avoid traffic. Platforms like Zoomcar make booking very easy, via an app or the website, and 24/7 on-road support assures a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience. Business travellers are enjoying the benefits of self drive online cab booking in Kolkata. Many book their cars at the airport and use it for the entire trip, dropping it back on the way to the return flight. This provides a perfect end-to-end business solution for the working traveller.

The city of Kolkata is a multi-layered treasure of culture and art. To see the soul of the city, one needs to venture into its old streets without a plan. Explore the best possible way, with the comfort and freedom that a rental car offers.

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