Horse Racing As a Sport – Who Should Participate and What Are The Requirements to Do So?

With the onset of fall if you are someone who suffers from winter blues, then you should consider trying horse riding as a sport as it might be the perfect remedy to give you cheer up. Despite the various campaigns which animal rights activists carry out, claiming that horse riding is terrible; there are numerous good consequences of horse riding as well. Statistics reveal that horse riding can prove much beneficial for your health, and it also will make you happy. In this article, you shall learn about the reasons why you should take horse riding up as a sport.

Horse Racing As a Sport

  1. Exercise and fitness

An active life uplifts our mood; it reduces our stress and releases anxiety, heals our physical and mental health, and provides us with more energy.

Studies have shown horse riding to meet intensity levels of exercising that is recommended by various government guidelines. 30 minutes of any activity related to horses, such as grazing it, has been classified as a moderate exercise. Trotting a horse spends a lot more of energy than playing a game like badminton.

  1. Mental health

Spending quality time with various domesticated animals is known to increase serotonin secretion, which is a mood-uplifting hormone. Thus, horse riding is good not only for your body but also for your emotion and your brain. Studies have shown that the psychological advantages of interacting with horses bring about positive changes in many people’s moods after they ride a horse. People feel more relaxed, happy and cheerful. Horse riding has shown to be effective in reducing negativity which people might feel due to depression and angst. Riding acts as a stress releaser and can help build people’s confidence. A healthy mental condition is necessary for everyone and horse riding can make you seem to feel better if everything else in your life is going wrong.

  1. Improves Core strength

To learn how to maintain your balance on the saddle, you must learn how you should use the core muscles of your body. Riding can physically strengthen your body, specifically the core. Riding is a complete workout for your body; it will help you in increasing your balance and also in improving your posture. It is probable that your body’s posture outside the saddle will also grow with the regularity of your rides. Fitness is also gained from riding, but it is enhanced if you work on your core strength as that will be your body’s anchor when you are riding. To learn about which horse breeds will suit you best, visit TVG Horse Races.

  1. Burning your calories off when you are not in the saddle

Even if you are grooming, carrying buckets, simply mucking about, or pushing the wheelbarrow, you would continue burning calories after you have got off your horse and came back to the yard. You’ll be doing physical work continuously when you are working with horses.


Horse riding is a wonderful sport. It not only makes you physically healthy but also improves your mental state. There are various breeds and types of horses. Make an informed selection of the type you want to own and start horse riding today.


Granit Xhaka Arsenal Midfielder to face Racial Abuse Probe

Arsenal midfielder, Granit Xhaka, 24, is at the centre of a racial abuse probe after it is alleged he called a member of British Airways staff a “f*****g white b***h”.  He was interviewed under caution on Monday night.

Xhaka, is a Swiss international and has an appalling disciplinary record.  It is believed that the player will sit down for serious talks over his conduct with manager Arsene Wenger over this issue.

Xhaka is believed to have been at Heathrow Terminal 5 when he saw a friend off from the airport.  His friend Leonard Lekaj, 26, plays for German six division side, FC Monchengladback and it is believed he is related to Xhaka’s fiancée Leonita Lekaj.

Late for Flight

It is reported that Mr Lekaj was late for his flight and was stopped from boarding it.  At this point, Xhaka became angry and shouted a stream of abuse at airline staff.

The accusation has been backed up by more than one British Airways staff.  Xhaka is denying that he made the comment.

Police officers were called to the scene and witness statements were taken.

A spokesman for the police said, “Police were called at 19:29hrs on Monday, 23 January following an allegation that a member of staff had been racially abused at Heathrow Airport, Terminal Five.

“The allegation was made by a third party.  Officers attended and spoke with a man in his 20s. He was not arrested. He voluntarily attended a west London police station where he was interviewed under caution. Enquiries continue.”

A spokesman for the airline declined to comment.

Xhaka is of Albanian descent but grew up in Switzerland has had a poor disciplinary record while playing for Arsenal in the English Premiership.

He was dismissed during his last international appearance and was sent off last Sunday for a two-footed tackle.  This was his second red card in 20 appearances.

Xhaka may face racial abuse charges as a result of the police investigation.


Football legend Alan Shearer suing financial adviser for £6million over pension he claims was mis-sold

Former England football captain Alan Shearer is suing a financial adviser to the tune of £6million, over claims that he was mis-sold pensions. The 46 year old former Newcastle United striker, is understood to have invested pension cash in an offshore fund incorporated in the British Virgin Islands after taking advice from former insurance salesman Kevin Neal.

However documentation shows that Neal is alleged to have made false statements about the Fortress Fund, claiming that the fund did not invest in such high risk products. As a result, insurers took the decision to remove his professional indemnity, which then left his clients with no protection.


However 58 year old deal, who is facing being struck off from the financial profession, claims that Mr Shearer has not lost any money and that the investments he has made will “come good”. Since retiring from the game itself, Mr Shearer has worked as a football pundit on BBC’s Match of the Day. He was first introduced to Neal by his mate and former team mate Rob Lee. Neal has sent text messages to newspaper reporters, saying that Mr Shearer’s legal action is spurious while Mr Shearer himself and Mr Lee, who was a business associate of Neal’s have not commented.

Mr Shearer became the most expensive football player in the world in 1996 to come back to Newcastle United. The club paid a whopping £15million transfer fee to get the player back to St James’ Park. While it was a record amount at the time, it has since been dwarfed by other huge transfer fees for talented players around the globe. At the time though, Mr Shearer was dubbed the world’s first nine figure footballer.

He has recently signed a new contract to remain as a pundit on Match of the Day until 2020, having become a familiar face on the show.