Discover 5 Expert Tips to Find Popular Instagram WordPress Themes for Your Website

Instagram gives you amazing content. It is a visual platform that should be used for business promotion and marketing. There are over 800 million users on Instagram monthly, and with the aid of compelling visual content you effectively can reach out to them for better lead conversions and sales. You may get them from your profile or the users of other profiles. Thanks to the advent of Instagram WordPress themes and plugins you effectively can incorporate these posts into your website easily.

Instagram WordPress Themes

Get a wide option of free and premium WordPress Instagram themes

These themes allow you to integrate Instagram into your blog or website. You can create an outstanding Insta profile with the aid of these themes. First of all, if you are not a member of Instagram, register on it and create your account. It is crucial for you to be a part of the Instagram community no matter how small or big your business is. To create a strong brand presence in the market, you do not have to be a professional expert or blogger. You can promote your Instagram profile with stunning themes that can be easily installed. With these themes, you can promote your Instagram profile better. Once you connect your feed to the website, it tends to grab attention. Your targeted audience tends to check your site and follow video clips and other photographs. This, in turn, enhances your popularity.

Instagram WordPress Themes – Improve Your Popularity

With Instagram WordPress Themes, you effectively can enhance the popularity of your website or blog. There are some free and premium themes for you to choose from. With these themes, you can introduce your website or blog to the world better. They get an insight into your personal and business message. When you are choosing a theme for your WordPress website, ensure that it blends into it with success.

Tips to find the perfect WordPress Instagram theme for your website-

The following are five expert tips you can use to find the perfect WordPress Instagram theme for your site-

  1. Re-posting on Instagram- The theme you look for should have the feature to re-post to Instagram. There are themes online that will allow you to repost your blogs to your Instagram profile. This means you do not have to post your posts to your website manually. There are some excellent plugins for Instagram Auto Poster that permits you to schedule your posts and publish them on your WordPress website or blog. If you are looking for promoting your WordPress website without issues, choose a theme that gives you the feature of re-posting to Instagram.
  2. Photo Gallery – When you are looking for an Instagram and WordPress theme, ensure that it has an outstanding photo gallery. If you are using Instagram for your business marketing choosing a theme with a stunning photo gallery is the need of the day. Instagram is a visual platform, and you can effectively use the images you post there to reach out to your targeted audience. You should look for a theme that has a sleek and clean layout when it comes to displaying big and bold photographs from your Instagram profile. In case you have already bought a theme that lacks a photo gallery you can install the Instagram Feed plugin to get one. It is crucial for you to invest in a good photo gallery if you wish to promote the visual side of your business to your targeted audience.
  3. Instagram widgets –A good Instagram profile has a strong follower base. In case you wish to increase the number of views on your Instagram profile you may buy views from Some Instagram WordPress themes have widgets, and you may install them on your website or blog. They allow you to add Instagram feeds easily to the footer and sidebars. A notable example is a theme called Highfill. It supports and gives you footer and sidebar widgets on Instagram. However, please note that all themes of WordPress do not have widgets. Therefore, check your WordPress theme properly before you purchase them.
  4. Layouts – A good WordPress Instagram theme will have a minimalist layout so that photography on the website or blog is highlighted well. When you are choosing a layout for your WordPress website or blog, check whether it is clean and minimal so that you emphasize better on your photographs.
  5. Page Builders – You should search for an Instagram WordPress theme that has support for page builders. For instance, you can use Visual Composer a good page builder to segregate sections for photographs like gallery and portfolios.

What happens if you have already purchased a theme yet wish to enhance your Instagram WordPress website?

In case you have already bought a theme and wish to improve your Instagram WordPress website or blog, you have the option to buy a plugin for adding features. Instagram Journal is the name of a good plugin that largely helps you to integrate your Instagram with WordPress. You can display your hashtags feeds, photographs, etc. with the help of this plugin. You can also get collages, sliders, carousels, etc. In case you have a very old WordPress theme, you can install it to get a cost-effective and easy way to work on Instagram.

Therefore, if you wish to optimize your WordPress website integrate Instagram into it with ease. Research well and choose the themes that have a good photo gallery and a minimal layout to highlight these photos to your targeted audience. In this way, you can reach out to your targeted audience better and get a competitive edge in the market. There are both free and premium themes available in the market. When you are searching for the right one, check the features of the premium theme well before you make the final purchase. In case you have an old theme, research well for plugins before installing them.

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