How To Boost A Small Business Using SEO And Marketing Tips?

When you are on a limited budget, like when you are managing your small business, let not SEO and marketing become a pain for you. You know you cannot survive online in e-commerce without SEO and online marketing. But worrying about it while looking at the high priced SEO and marketing packages by SEO giants will not help you in any way. Rather you may try and understand some simple SEO logics to implement them and share the burden somewhat. This way, you may divide things amongst your team, and wait for that golden time to come, when you generate enough revenue from the small business to employ or hire your own chosen SEO team.

Boost A Small Business Using SEO And Marketing Tips

You know that you will need SEO services throughout as long as you hold a place on the web with your business website. And hence, this project is going to be a lifetime project where you will sooner or later have to tie up with an SEO expert or team that works round the clock for the site’s rank and traffic.

Enhancing the early effects of SEO

Pumping the SEO line with full force and yet getting little results? Well, that’s not your story only. It’s almost the same with every small business who feels they are too ambitious to get startling fast results in the first 1 week of SEO and marketing. It doesn’t happen that way actually. It takes time, patience, and consistent work on this path to get to that rank. However, some smart tips and tricks can be tried to quicken results or enhance effects.

Tell your customers why you are special

Every business wants customers and revenue generation. But what draws customers to you is important to understand. Why would the customer leave or ignore your rival and come to you? That’s just because you are offering something which others are not! And you must tell and pinpoint those factors before your readers and visitors. That’s how you grab attention.

Hence, on your website, during on-page SEO, and also through blogging, guest posting, social media interactions, etc., tell people why you are special, and what you are offering. Find out relevant keywords which help express this, and use them with your links.

Spot the technical issues

Great looks, colorful graphics, robust design, all look great and successful attracts users. But the search engine gets attracted to give the site a nice rank only when the main aspects work well too. For this:

  • Focus on speed of loading
  • Repair all broken links in the site
  • Delete duplicate contents wherever possible and convert the rest into canonical contents
  • Focus on pages not optimized and work on them

When you fix these technical issues, the site gets ranked better with time as the search engines can crawl through all the pages and extract the relevant contents from them all.

Make sure on-page optimization is correct

Often small businesses focus on just placing targeted keywords all over the website and focus on other sides of on-page optimization. The meta title, meta description with primary keywords and the keyword rich optimum keyword density content is of special importance.

Enroll in Google My Business

This is perhaps one of the most important steps you can take to enhance the site visibility and make an impression on the users. For this, you must register on Google business. You will have to fill out data about your site in relevant fields. Fill out all the information correctly, and try not to leave any field blank. Finally, choose the correct business category to list them under that. You may also include questions and answers, which customer generally ask about your product or service. As you get more reviews and ratings by customers, the ratings on Google business improves. This can be great exposure for your small business.

Enrolling to local business listings

In the whole game, do not forget listing your site into the local business listings. Find out all online directories of local business listings, and get enrolled to them. In the process also research how to write an RFP, and write an apt one. The better you distribute your business information, address, phone number, timing, etc. in the local listings, the better for your visibility.

Local link exchanging

Try link exchanges with locally based businesses in other domains. There is no point exchanging links with your rivals. But you can certainly find other businesses in other domains in your area, and exchange links with them. This will help you get strong local SEO.

Schema markup addition

Adding simple code to the site can add schema markup which in turn makes search engines show interesting snippets about your site. Snippets contain business name, ratings, contact number, address, business hours and such to the point important info. Local small businesses can also get a schema added.

Collect customer reviews

You can always encourage your customers to add reviews to your site or business listing. The more reviews you get, the better your position get in search engine ranking. Rewarding consumers for submitting reviews is a rich idea.

Video marketing always rocks

Creating exciting videos, uploading them on YouTube, and populating your facebook page and YouTube channel with loads of videos which are useful and product or business-centric is a great idea. This can help you spread more and more links on the web, embedded in the videos. Also, videos add to more appeal and tell your story in motion to the interested listeners.

Try paid listings too

Do not just rely on organic results for months. When it’s about our business, you must also use ways which work fast. That is why investing somewhat on the paid listing is also necessary from time to time in between.


Take your small business to the next level using the power of the internet and online marketing through these absolutely working tips. SEO and marketing work hand in hand, in boosting small business, when you focus on the right things at the right time.

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