Men’s Wedding Bands & Wedding Accessory Goof-Ups

Your wedding is the most important event of your life and you would like to make it a grand and a memorable one. Obviously, you do not want to ruin your special day by making some critical mistakes while buying your wedding ring and while accessorizing for the most special day. You are all set for the wedding. You have chosen your life partner and a gorgeous engagement ring for your soul mate. Now is the time to choose the right wedding ring.

The main reason, why men find choosing the wedding ring quite overwhelming,is because they would have to wear it forever or for the rest of their lives. So, a wrong choice could be disastrous. Same can be said about the accessories. Men find accessorizing quite a tricky business. Women love to accessorize and they do it almost spontaneously but for men, it does not happen so naturally. Here are a few wedding ring & accessory goof-ups that you need to avoid so that your wedding is a flawless celebration of love and commitment.

Men’s Wedding Bands

Opting for the Trendy Ring

Avoid something fashionable because trends keep changing. You may presently be fascinated by something trendy but many years down the line you may find it totally out of place. So you need to exercise utmost caution while buying something fashionable. Trends keep fluctuating. Would you love your wedding band even after say a few decades? If you are opting for a color, make sure that it would be complementing the colors or shades you generally wear. Obviously, you cannot revamp your wardrobe to match the color of your wedding ring. Visit for the best choice.

Buying Your Wedding Ring with Not Much Time Left for the Wedding

You must choose and order the wedding ring ahead of the special day as that would give you ample time to identify any goof-ups. You could get enough time to see that you are completely comfortable and happy with the ring. If you have any second thoughts about the wedding band there should be enough time on hand to get it exchanged or returned. Make sure that your ring is the right fit.

Purchasing the Wrong Size

You must know the accurate ring size before buying it. You could get your ring size accurately measured online. You may alternatively get the right size if you are going to the jewelry retail outlet. If you are having an old ring that fits you comfortably, you may carry it along while shopping for your wedding band.

Sporting the Wrong Tie Length

Some men find it pretty difficult to tie the tie knot so they are so engrossed in getting the knot right that they do not pay much attention to the length. However, if you wish to show that you are a man who does everything with perfection, you must wear the tie right.

Wearing Mismatched Metals

All metal accessories including watches, tie pins, and cufflinks must be made of either gold or silver. There must be an element of uniformity in the way you present yourself. Do not mix gold and silver as that would give a very shoddy and mismatched appearance.

Flaunting Excessive Jewelry

You must wear simple, subtle jewelry to highlight your personality. Simple jewelry pieces could make you look smart and distinguished when worn properly. However, flaunting too much jewelry could be a major groom’s style mistake. It would make your outfit look uncoordinated and really messy.


We have tried to alert you to some of the most common style and wedding band mistakes made by grooms. Keep track of them and avoid them so that you have a memorable and hassle-free wedding to cherish all your life.

Author Bio: Jennifer Jenkins is a jewelry designer who owns a jewelry boutique in Pittsburgh. She also runs her own fashion and jewelry blog and constantly provides tips and valuable resources such as

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