Andaman Survival Tips On A Shoestring Budget

Andaman is the place to head for if you are a nature lover and also, an adrenaline junkie. This is a picturesque and breathtakingly beautiful coastline that is too gorgeous to be true. You would be spellbound to see the glories of nature and the virgin beaches. If you wish to enjoy nature at its very best, you must head to this tourist hotspot. The pristine tropical forests add to the beauty of this exotic island.

Andaman Survival Tips On A Shoestring Budget

An Andaman tour package, local tourist associations, local resorts, and even adventure sports organizations would be providing all sorts of amenities that are required for snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, banana boat riding, and glass-bottom boat sailing. If you think that the exotic Andaman is just for the affluent tourists, you are very much mistaken. You could enjoy an amazing Andaman vacation on an extremely tight budget. Here are some smart Andaman survival tips on a shoestring budget.

Avail Government Ferries for Hopping Across Islands

Remember private ferries could be expensive so it is best to opt for the government-run ferries to save a great deal of money.  You may even use bus rides for traveling from one tourist hotspot to another. It is best to use public transport as the service is good and fares are cheap.

Go for Light & Sound Show at the Cellular Jail

The Cellular Jail compound has a beautiful garden. Here every evening you could come and enjoy an awe-inspiring Light & Sound Show. You could opt for either a Hindi show at 5 PM or an English one at 6 PM. You simply cannot miss this amazing show. Tickets are not that expensive and you could arrange them well in advance to get the comfortable seats. As this is not an expensive affair there could be massive rush so it is mandatory to book tickets early. It is all about the life and sacrifice of war heroes, a tale of their bravery and deep love for their country and countrymen.

Seek Andaman Tour Package that Includes Snorkeling At Havelock Islands

Havelock is known for its rustic beauty and has established a niche in the pages of Indian tourism history. Some major tourist attractions here are the Radhanagar Beach and the Vijay Nagar Beach. Both these beaches enjoy ‘A’ rating as per WTO or World Tourism Organization. You could visit the Elephant Beach well-known for its brilliant coral reefs and rich marine life. Havelock offers fantastic amenities and facilities so snorkeling is quite affordable here. You could survive well on a limited budget here.

You could enjoy viewing the amazing marine life by visiting the Coral Island or the North Bay. Coral Island would be offering a grand view of the colorful fish, exquisite corals, and vibrant underwater aquatic life. You could view the mesmerizing and fascinating corals while sailing in a glass-bottomed boat.

Skip Hiring a Tour Guide Instead Download an Offline Guide

The offline guide would be helping you with a lot of relevant information about the Andaman Island and you could enjoy a wonderful yet pretty much affordable holiday at the scintillating Andaman Island.


Andaman is a marvelous tourist destination and you could enjoy a grand vacation here even with a shoestring budget. Nature’s abundant bounties and the amenities provided by the tourism authorities ensure that you have a memorable vacation despite all odds.

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