Internet companies claim removing violent content within hours is big challenge

Eliminating extremist content within a couple of hours of it appearing from the Internet causes an enormous scientific and technological challenge. General counsel of Google will claim about it later this week to the European leaders who need the content taken down swiftly.

General Counsel for Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Kent Walker, will speak in support of technology firms such as Microsoft, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter at an event on account of the yearly gathering at the United Nations of leaders in the world.

The leaders of Britain, France, and Italy need to push social media firms to eliminate violent content from the Internet within 1 to 2 Hours of it emerging since they claim that is the time when most material is distributed.

“We are carrying out noteworthy progress, but eliminating all of this content inside a couple of hours of publishing, or certainly blocking it from seeing on the Internet in the first instance, causes a huge scientific and technological challenge,” Walker decided to state in a speech in support of the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism. Now, Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism is an operating group made by the 4 firms to join their efforts to eliminate violent content.

Tech companies have come below rising stress from governments in Europe and the United States to take additional measures to keep violent content off their platforms after a wave of militant assaults. In addition to this, the European Union is considering a new legislation on the matter.

“There is no short cut when it comes to removing and finding this content, but we are getting much enhanced,” Walker further determined to state in the speech.

“Of course hunting challenging material in the first instance often needs not just millions of man hours but, more essentially, enduring improvements in computer science and engineering research. The haystacks are unbelievably huge and the needles are both constantly changing and very small.”

Walker will also mention about the firms’ requirement of more human reviewers to assist differentiate genuine material such as news coverage from the challenging material and teach machine-learning equipment against ever-altering samples.

The firms previous year made a decision to set up a mutual database to share exclusive digital fingerprints they routinely assign to photos and videos of violent content, dubbed as “hashes”, to assist each other remove and detect analogous content.

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