Google Earth In Saudi Arabia Finds Ancient Stone Gates

Researchers have found almost 400 earlier undocumented structures of stone in Saudi Arabia dubbed as “Gates” with the assistance of imagery from Google Earth. While Saudi Arabia is mainly thought of as barren desert and mountains, it was also house to an enormous number of archaeological spots that were still to be recorded, identified, and mapped, claimed David Kennedy to the media in an interview last week. Kennedy is a scientist at Australia in the University of Western. “You cannot see them in any comprehensible way at the sea level but as soon as you get up a couple of hundred feet, or with a slightly higher satellite, they stick out delightfully,” Kennedy claimed to the reporters while speaking of the stones.

The structures seem like flat gates of field in the images from top attained from Google Earth. “I call them as Gates due to the fact that when you look them from a height they seem similar to a simple lying flat field gate, 2 standing posts on the sides, linked by one or more extended bars,” he further added in his statement. They do not seem similar to the structures where individuals would have survived nor do they appear for disposing of dead bodies or for animal traps. It is a secrecy as to what their intention might have been, scientists claimed to the media. Even since 1997, Kennedy has driven in helicopters over Jordan, neighbor of Saudi Arabia, photographing tens of hundreds of stone-built constructions dotted over “harrat” or its lava field.

Shapes tune from kites that might have been utilizes as animal traps, pendants utilized as funerary tombstones, and many more to huge circles of stone that might be 400 Meters across. Not much is recognized regarding the individuals who constructed the edifices, but they are believed to have built them almost 2,000 Years to 9,000 Years ago, researchers claimed to the reporters while briefing about the discovery they made.

They are thought to be the intimates of the modern day Beduin in the area who define them cooperatively as “The Works of Old Men,” they further claimed.

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