PayPal P2P Payment Integrated Within Facebook Messenger In The US

Apple is said to soon introduce in its Messages application the money transfer functionality Apple Pay Cash. As of now, PayPal and Facebook have joined forces and pronounced their association, which will enable users to receive and send money through Messenger. The collaboration between the 2 firms began in the previous year and this declaration is an extension to that.

Last year, PayPal and Facebook enabled the users to link their accounts that eventually permitted them to shop with easiness using PayPal on Messenger. So let’s see exactly what this partnership will be bringing up for us.

Now, Facebook and PayPal have united to bring peer-to-peer (P2P) payments in Messenger. So, with this, the users can now request or send cash using their PayPal accounts without exiting the Facebook Messenger application.

PayPal said, “We are thrilled to publicize an expansion of our association with Facebook with the adding up of PayPal as a backing source for P2P payments, directly through Messenger. Individuals will have the choice to request and send money using their PayPal account and this incorporation in Messenger will be initiated to be rolled out to US users.”

If a particular person has more than one ways of payment linked to their PayPal account, from a bank account and debit/credit cards, he/she will be given a choice to select the account that they wish to send or receive funds. Apart from this, another customer service Messenger bot will be launched as well, which will enable the users to get backing for their account without the need to exit the application.

The feature, as per the company, will also back group chats that will enable the users to manage bills and much more. For the feature to function all that the user has to do is merely click on the icon “+,” which will raise a green payment button. After you tap on it, go as per the provided step-by-step directions so as to send the money.

The affiliation between the 2 companies comes before Apple introduced its own Apple Pay Case facility in Messages. The facility is set in iOS 11 and it depends on the company when they desire to release it.

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