Why For Long-term Investment SIPs In Gold ETFs Is A Great Option?

With straight options like jewelry, gold coins, and gold bars, most of the people have been investing for long time. Today, even the old buyers, as an investment option, wants to explore gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Buyers want to invest in Exchange Traded Funds to have a transparent and secured option of investing in gold, to buy and sell electronically, and to save the storage costs.

Buying gold through ETF is no rocket science. It’s just buying of gold in electronic form. An indirect way of investing in gold is what is meant by “GOLD ETFs”. Listed on prominent stock exchanges, Gold ETFs are mutual funds. Providing the stockholders with revenues, before book keeping expenditures carefully matching the earnings provided by physical gold price is the key objective of gold ETFs.

Attributes of Gold ETFs SIPs

  • SIPs in gold ETFs indoctrinate good investment discipline.
  • In small lots, gold ETFs can be purchased.
  • Gold exchange-traded fund (ETF) prices are actual and transparent.
  • Just like stocks, you can sell or buy ETF units.
  • Your portfolio gets a quicker chance of growth when trading on exchange.
  • You get a dematerialized unit backed by physical gold.

ETFs are good option long-term, where is why:

Small Units:

Gold ETFs allows you to purchase single unit, and this is one of the advantages of Gold ETFs. This indicates that you can develop your gold store as progressively as you can bear to and continue including units as you go. You can daily monitor and watch your growth. Additionally, since you don’t have the gold, costs of maintenance are nil, and you don’t have to stress over putting it away.


You can redeem your units the minute you need your gold. For taking loans, you can use your gold ETFs as collateral. You don’t have to visit various shops to get the greatest price, like you have to do for buying physical gold as buying and selling can take place completely online.

Diversification Of Portfolio

When it comes to investments, diversifying your gold investments is the best way to manage your investments. The best way to start the process is to opt for SIPs for Gold ETFs. Gold ETFs are suitable for long term; they invest directly in gold of 99.5% purity and are nothing but dematerialization of gold. As compared to physical gold, it is more tax efficient.

Risk Is Low

Supported by pure gold trading of gold is transparent totally, and storage risk is neglected as storing of gold is not at all an option. As per market price with minimum wastage, you are receiving the precise amount of your gold as you are not paying any making charges or premium to the jewelers like you did when buying physical gold.


Benefits of Starting A Monthly SIP In Gold ETFs

  • Gold ETFs are more tax efficient.
  • No security concern as there is no storage cost.
  • Decide the number of units you want to purchase, and if you want, you can buy them in small units also.
  • You don’t have to worry about the impurities in the metal.
  • Comparing with bars and gold coins there is no equity tax.
  • Just like a trading stock, you can trade a single unit of gold ETF.

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