Pregnancy Sleeping Positions:

Sleeping during pregnancy can be challenging tasks to take upon. None of the positions will seem comfortable unless you wear the right set of clothes. Bed also plays a major role on how comfortable you are. Your first trimester will cause a lot of trouble to your sleep. Right from frequent urination to increased sleepy feeling in the day time, it can lead to other sleep related disturbances.In the 2nd trimester, your quality of sleep is affected by the baby growth,, typically the size and the mood swings which you will start to experience at frequent intervals. In the third trimester, most sleep disruptions are due to growing belly, sinus, heartburn, leg cramps and frequent urination because of pressure in the bladder.

Pregnancy Sleeping Positions

We are look into the Pregnancy Sleeping Positions that can help you get better sleep with your precious bump and prevent discomfort. These are some of the sleeping position which a friend of mine who is a gynecologist in mumbai told me about:

Sleeping on your left can have lot of benefits can you imagine. After the 5th month, sleeping on your back is probably not an option for you. As the baby is growing, blood vessels on your back become more sensitive and putting pressure on it make cause blood flow disturbance to you and your baby. You may also find it difficult to breathe if you are sleeping on your back which could also lead to trouble in your stomach. Sleeping on the stomach should be strictly avoided because it tends to put pressure on the uterus and on your breasts. Sleeping on the left side is the best position for both the mother and the child as it will help in blood circulation and also aid you in breathing. Also, most of the important organs in our body are present on the left side and hence applying pressure on them will probably cause a lot of other problems.

Also, keeping a pregnancy pillow under your tummy and between your knees can help you balance the sides while sleeping. This will also prevent you from sleeping on your stomach while you are in deep sleep. Hence the cause of shortness of breath is completely ruled out. Apart from trying out the various sleep positions during pregnancy, you should also follow proper diet and exercises that will help you sleep better. A warm glass of milk before you go to sleep and consuming food that is rich in carbohydrates can help promote sleep. Simple relaxation techniques like yoga, massage and deep breathing helps to calm your mind. A warm bath before bedtime also helps you to have a relaxed sleep during pregnancy. If you are feeling any discomfort while you are sleeping like even a slight amount of bleeding, it is advised to visit your pregnancy clinic without any delay.

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