Should You Move Yourself Or Hire Professional Movers?

The process of moving houses can be very overwhelming if you do not go about it the right way. This is why you need to start preparing for your move way in advance so that you do not find yourself in trouble at the last minute. You need to do some research to get tips to help make your move easier. You can either choose to move yourself, or hire professional movers to help you move. Both of these options can work, but there are a lot of factors you need to consider to determine which option best works for you. For instance, if you are moving to an apartment that is half a block away from where you live, you might be able to handle the move yourself without much hassle. This will actually save you some money. However, if you are moving across the country, hiring professional movers such as may be the best thing to do. This article looks at the pros and cons of both of these options.

Should You Move Yourself Or Hire Professional Movers

Moving yourself

The pros

  • You will be in full control of the move – This gives you the assurance that your belongings are being handled well, so that they do not get damaged during the move. You can also choose to move slowly over several days or all at once; whatever works for you. You cannot have this kind of flexibility when you hire a moving company.
  • It is less costly than hiring professional movers – When you move yourself, you only have to pay for a moving truck and packing supplies. However, professional movers will charge you for all this as well as labor. On top of this, they will include a profit mark-up.


  • You will have a lot of heavy lifting to do – The only help you might have will be from friends and family.
  • You might meet unexpected challenges – Professional movers know how to deal with such challenges, but you probably do not.
  • It is more stressful than hiring a moving company – You will be in charge of everything; from packing, loading the truck, driving or hiring a driver, unpacking and so much more. This can be very overwhelming.

Hiring a moving company


  • The movers will do everything you require them to do. This depends on the moving package you pay for.
  • Efficiency – The move will take less time as the movers are well-equipped and experienced in doing this kind of work.
  • Generally less stressful – All you have to do is hand over the keys to your house and wait for them to finish the job. You get to choose how much you want to be involved in the move.


  • Not as flexible as self-moving – You will not have much control over the move. You have to sit back and let the movers do the job their way.
  • Expensive – This is definitely more costly than self-moving.

Clearly, both options have their pros and cons and it is therefore up to you to decide what works for you. There is a lot more you need to consider than just how much each option will cost you. Besides, even if you do decide to move yourself, you still have to hire a moving truck and either drive it yourself or hire a driver. The cost savings might not be that much. So take all the iimportant factors into consideration before you make your final decision.

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