British Prime Minster Theresa May Denies Fawning at President Trump

British Prime Minister Theresa May as said she won’t be afraid to tell President Trump should he say something that she feels is unacceptable.

The two are due to meet on Friday.

Former Scottish National Party Leader, Alex Salmond has said May appears to be “fawning” in relation to the US administration.

In an interview, she told the BBC that the special relationship between Britain and the U.S. will enable her to say what she feels.

Protestors against Trump numbered in their millions on Sunday, and marched in key cities around the world, most protesting his comments on women and race.

May said she was looking forward to meeting President Trump and building strong relations between the two countries.  When asked if she would raise issues highlighted in protests, she replied,  “I have already said that some of the comments Donald Trump has made in relation to women were unacceptable.  Some of those he himself has apologised for.”

She cited laws around modern slavery and domestic violence, stating she had a record of defending women’s interests.

She added, “I will be talking to Donald Trump about the issues we share and how we can build on the special relationship.  It is the special relationship that allows us to say when something is unacceptable.  Whenever there is something I find unacceptable, I won’t be afraid to say that to Donald Trump.”

She continued to say that she was not too worried about his America first rhetoric saying that all leaders prioritised their own nation first, “He and people around him have also spoken of the importance of a trade arrangement with the United Kingdom and that is something they are looking to talk to us about at an early stage.

“There are issue, that we will work on together in the future – the importance of Nato and defeating terrorism.  These are issues where we share the challenges and see the threats, where we have worked together in the past and will do so in the future.”

The two meet on Friday.





Donald Trump’s Groping Women’s Genitalia Comment Unacceptable – Theresa May

British Prime Minister Theresa May said that Donald Trump’s comments about groping women’s genitalia were unacceptable, although she added she was looking forward to her state visit later on in the year, and that she had “very good positive conversations” since his election win.

She also added that she was “optimistic and positive for the future”.

During the campaign a historical tape of Trump emerged in which he said, “And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything … Grab them by the p****. You can do anything.”

When asked about the comment on Sky News, May replied, “I think that’s unacceptable. But in fact Donald Trump has said that and has apologised for it.  The relationship that the UK has with the United States is about something much bigger than the relationship between the two individuals as President and Prime Minister.

“I’ve had two very good, positive conversations with Donald Trump already, from the conversations I’ve had I think we’re going to look to build on that relationship for the benefit of both the US and the UK. I think that’s something that’s optimistic and positive for the future.

“It’s a relationship where actually in the UK we feel we can say to the US if we disagree with something they’re doing.”

With Britain due to trigger Article 50 next year and leave the EU, it is believed that relationships with America will become more important as the country redefines itself in the world.

Earlier, Trump tweeted that he was looking forward to meeting Theresa May next year.  In a tweet he wrote, “I look very much forward to meeting Prime Minister Theresa May in Washington in the spring. Britain, a longtime U.S. ally, is very special!”

This is believed to have further positive outcomes as the relationship between Trump and Nigel Farage has embarrassed the British Government thus far.