UK Suspects a Turkish Spy


The capture could fuel strains between NATO accomplices Germany and Turkey, which has blamed Berlin for harboring activists from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) – battling a three-decade-old outfitted crusade for independence – and far-radicals of the DHKP-C, which has completed assaults in Turkey.

German authorities dismiss that claim. The prosecutor’s office said in an announcement police had captured the man, recognized just by the initials M.S., in Hamburg on Thursday and looked his home. “The blamed is firmly suspected for working for the Turkish knowledge organization and giving data about Kurds living in Germany, including their whereabouts, contacts and political exercises,” it said.

The prosecutor’s office had no prompt remark about the man’s connections to Ankara and to what extent he had been living in Germany. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier censured Turkey’s capture of Kurdish resistance pioneers a month ago, saying Ankara had a privilege to battle fear based oppression however couldn’t utilize it to legitimize choking adversaries.

Ties between the two NATO partners have been strained since the German parliament voted in June to pronounce the 1915 slaughter of Armenians by Ottoman powers a genocide. The circumstance has disintegrated with developing German worries about Turkey’s mass captures and suspensions since a fizzled July upset endeavor.

European nations have condemned Turkey’s post-upset crackdown, yet stay careful about endangering Ankara’s support for an arrangement with the European Union that has lessened the quantity of vagrants achieving Europe to somewhere in the range of 380,000 this year from more than 1 million a year ago.

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