Why You Need Wristbands at Your Events- Much More Than an Accessory

Wristbands are among the most popular ways to manage your guests and admission when planning an event for several people. There are many advantages that are linked to offering wristbands to guests along with a wide variety of bands that you can choose from. Wristbands are a simple and affordable way to take control of your events.

Controlling your Event

Many customizable options are available along with various customized printed wristbands. Additionally, there are many benefits that can be gained by event organizers who make the decision to offer them to guests.

Managing Guests

When there are several guests during an event, sorting can be hard in terms of aspects such as separating those with day passes and weekend passes, knowing who is permitted to consume alcohol and who has backstage access. Providing guests with different wristbands is an efficient way to handle guest management.

Offering a range of color options is a simple way for security detail to promptly identify the type of access that attendees have. With the ability to print barcodes, text and images, custom wristbands make it much easier for staff to determine where guests should be. Providing someone with bulky, uncomfortable identification or marking hands with ink stamps will soon become obsolete.

Time Management

Although tickets for regular admission are ideal for some occasions, they can be restrictive in others. The ticket can go missing, be crumpled up or get lost in a purse when guests are required to prove they are of a particular age or have backstage access. Click here for rubber wristbands.

Searching for lost tickets may end up upsetting causing longer lines, creating confusion, consuming time and upsetting guests. Simply flashing a wristband to identify yourself and your level of access takes a second. This makes it possible for guests to move around with ease and get past staff efficiently.


Party crashers and bad weather are some of the challenges that event planners encounter. You will not have to worry about guests removing wristbands and passing them on to their friends outside. Wristbands are typically tamper-proof, water resistant and lightweight.

The adhesion area consists of slits that are tamper resistant and when the adhesion sets in, trying to remove the band destroys the adhesive. Waterproof wristbands maintain their integrity and strength when rain is a factor. 

Brand Awareness

Wristbands are a great way to boost awareness for your cause or brand. They are slipped onto the wrist, are easy to hand out and can be fashionable. The trend of charitable organizations offering wristbands has grown significantly over the years.


Custom wristbands help to enhance security. Plastic wristbands, for example, can only be removed by cutting them off and various wristbands are tear and tamper-resistant. You will not be concerned about individuals removing their bands and giving them to other people.

Health and Safety

Field trip and camp organizers who deal with large groups of children can benefit from using colorful wristbands. If a child strays, it will be easier to locate them and bring them back safely. Additionally, colored wristbands can be used to identify those who are not capable of participating in certain activities like swimming or have allergies.

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