23 people and organisations identified as suspects in historic Hillsborough disaster

Investigators into the Hillsborough tragedy say they have identified 23 individuals and organisations as suspects into the disaster. Two different probes were launched into the disaster, which happened at the FA Cup semi-final in Sheffield 28 years ago. Investigators with Operation Resolve and with the Independent Police Complaints Commissions started to investigate about the damning report from the Hillsborough Independent Panel five years ago.

A joint statement was released today from the two investigation teams, saying that 15 suspects were in connection with the causes of the tragedy, which the others related to an alleged police cover up. Files on all of the 23 suspected identified have now gone to the Crown Prosecution Service, to decide whether any arrests or charges will be made.


Operation Resolve investigation the run up to the game and the events which took place on the day. Investigators looked at whether anyone or any organisation could be suspected of gross negligence manslaughter, perverting the course of justice as a result of any alleged cover up and whether there was any misconduct in public office. The team also looked at whether there was reason to suspect offences had been carried out in breach of the Safety of Sports Ground Act 1975 and Health and Safety at Work legislation.

Meanwhile, the Independent Police Complaints Commission probee ran at the same time and looked into the handling of the incident and the aftermath by South Yorkshire Police and West Midlands Police, which were the forces responsible for policing the match and handling what followed.

A total of 96 men, women and children died in the tragedy at the Hillsborough ground at the game between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. Inquests were held last year, concluding that the victims had been unlawfully killed and, despite previous police statements, that football fans were not to blame for what happened.

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