31 Satellites To Be Launches In One-Go By Indian Space Research Organization

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) made an announcement on Friday of launching 31 satellites with a distant mission onboard in Polar rocket including the Cartosat-2 series earth observation spacecraft of India on January 10. After the unsuccessful IRNSS-1H navigation launch satellite mission in the month of August, this will be the first mission of PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle).

31 Satellites To Be Launches In One-Go By Indian Space Research Organization

A senior official from ISRO states that the final call will be taken by the Launch Authorization Board and The Mission Readiness Review Committee, after a meeting that is scheduled soon. The spaceport in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, which is 100 km from Chennai, will be used for the launch of PSLV–C40. Amongst the 31 satellites, there is a combination of twenty-eight nano satellites from the USA and Finland, the foreign countries while one Cartosat satellite along with nano and micro-satellite from India.

The launch of IRNSS-1H backup navigation satellite on board Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV)-C39 of India was a failure due to a technical error following a perfect launch on the final leg. Explaining the problem ISRO mentions that on the fourth stage of the final launch the IRNSS-1H got stuck due to the in-separation of the heat shield.

As per the ISRO, Cartosat-2 will be providing high-resolution data of particular spot imageries with its Multi-spectral and Panchromatic cameras. The launch is a follow-on mission whiles the 3rd series of the Cartosat-2 satellite. This year in the month of February, The first series of the Cartosat-2 satellite was launched by PSLV-C37 along with a single flight of 103 co-passenger satellite. In the month of June 2017, the 39th successful mission of PSLV, the second series with co-passenger of 30 satellites was launched by India’s WLV (Workhorse Launch Vehicle).

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