4 Million People Re-Enroll Or Enroll For Health Care For The First Time!

Health Care Sign-Ups Come With Mixed Views From Citizens

On Tuesday, the Health and Human Services Department released a report which is the first 50-state report on the latest sign-up season under President Barack Obama’s new health care law. According to the figures in the report, around 4 million people have either enrolled for the first time or have re-enrolled for health care. The figures were quite encouraging for a start. As on 15th December, around 3.4 million people enrolled using the HealthCare.gov site, while 600,000 more people selected plans in state-run marketplaces. New enrollers’ border close to around 2 million, with figures last updated on 13th December. Going by the current figures, it may be possible for the administration to meet its goal of 9.1 million customers signing up and paying premiums by 2015.

Younger Generation Not Interested In Health Insurance

The most important factor needed to sustain the program is to exceed the goal set by the administration. The goal set by them is 13 million, a figure unlikely to be surpassed. As one expert said, “It would take a massive surge in enrollment over the next six weeks.” Another cause for concern is the apathy of the younger generation for health insurance. Their money is sorely needed to offset the cost arising out of older, sicker enrollees and to keep the premiums from rising. Only around 24% of the enrollees are 18 to 34 years old.

Open Enrollment Open Till 15thFebruary

The report has figures from 14 state marketplaces and 37 HealthCare.gov states. The figures this year are much higher than the 106,000 registered same time last year. The last date for enrolling is 15th February, and those registering by then will get coverage from 1st March.  Around 87% of the people who selected plans from HealthCare.gov will get financial assistance.

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