Couple and their cats poisoned by 3D printer

A couple from San Francisco, and their two pet cats, have died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by their 3D printer. Roger Morash, 35, and his wife Valerie Morash, 32, were found dead in their flat in Berkeley, along with their two cats.

The pair, who were both former alumni of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology died because their 3D printer was leaking carbon monoxide, according to police officials. The couple were discovered by a friend, who had become concerned for their welfare.

After their sudden death, a GoFundMe page was launched to help family and friends meet the cost of getting to their funeral, with a staggering $15,000 being raised in just three days. A shocked colleague of Mr Morash’s said they were modest, educated and talented.

Toxic fumes

The deaths come after a research team from the Illinois Institute of Technology issued a warning about using 3D printers at home. When they are used on certain types of plastic, they can emit toxic fumes, including carbon monoxide.

Mr Morash had been an indie game developer who worked at Harmonix. He had worked on the popular Amplitude and Shard platforms. There have been conflicting reports about the potential cause of death, with some saying that officers were still stumped, while others saying they passed away as a result of toxic fumes. Post mortem examinations will be carried out on the husband and wife to determine an official cause of death.

Friends and colleagues have already started posting touching tributes on social media, with one saying Mr Morash was: “One of the nicest game developers I’ve ever met passed away last night. Roger Hanna Morash was an amazing person as well as programmer.”

Meanwhile, Dan Crilip said: “Shocked to hear of the passing of my friend, Roger Hanna & his wife, Val. Sending out lots of love for friends, family, & colleagues today.”

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