DocOnline To Launch Services In 5 States Of India As Well As In South East Asia

A virtual platform that offers authorization to clinical consulting facilities, DocOnline, this week claimed that it aims to launch out services in 5 additional states in the country and a handful nations in South East Asia by the end of December 2018.

DocOnline also declared the roll out of its digital healthcare facilities in Hyderabad for the B2C (business to consumer) market.

Conceptualized way back in December 2016 with operations launching out in June 2017 with a spending of USD 1 Million via personal venture funding, DocOnline is supported by Swedish-locate investors and entrepreneurs.

“In its initial stage of processes, services of DocOnline were rolled out in August this year in Hyderabad for corporate workers.

“Now DocOnline services have been rolled out for the B2C segment where a person can advantage limitless consultation services at a starting cost of Rs 700 each month that wraps up to 3 members in the family,” Markus Moding, the CEO and Co-Founder of DocOnline, claimed to the media in an interview.

Markus claimed that up till now they have almost 15,000 paid corporate users in Hyderabad and the firm has also rolled out its facilities in Pune.

“We are ready to roll out services in additional states and also going global. We are aiming to roll out the DocOnline services in 5 additional states by the end of next year and also in a few nations in South East Asia. We will serve both the individual and corporate users,” he further claimed while addressing to the reporters.

He, on the other hand, refused to reveal these states, claiming that research in this view is currently in progress.

“This firm is financially supported by the owners. We aim to accomplish breakeven by mid of 2018,” Markus further added at an event while speaking on the same topic.

DocOnline permits an individual to get to a doctor either via video, audio (calling), or chat (app) as well as links the patient at the common physician level to bring in defensive care, claimed Rahul Paith, COO of DocOnline, to the media in his statement at an event here.

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