Every Actor Has A Certain Shelf Life: Akashay Khanna

Akashay Khanna steals the show every time with his unusual characters; while he plays on screen, be it as a hero or as a supporting actor, Akashay Khanna is always at his best in every role. Akashay Khanna said, “Every actor comes with a shelf life, which is written by the audiences that becomes their destiny.” “As per the audience’s likes and dislikes an actor’s stay in the film industry can range from five years to fifty years,” said the forty-two-year-old actor.

The shelf life of every actor is written in their destiny, said Akashay while giving an interview. I have been working as an actor in this industry for so many years, I have worked with so many actors and actresses. But, now many of those actors don’t have work. To be a working actor is more than enough for me.

Shelf life of those actors has now expired. But, even today, Rishi Kapoor and Lata Mangeshkar are in demand. It is the audience who decides whether they want to see you more on screen or not, said Akashay. For his versatile acting, Akashay has always been praised irrespective of how did the film do on the screen. My intentions are always at my best, in whatever character I do, said Akashay in an interview.

Whenever an individual decides to do a film, he/she obviously wants it to be a good quality film that would be liked by the audiences. The intention of every single person involved with the film is positive and they don’t work on the project thinking the film would not do good, there is no negative thought at all. No one works on a project deciding to make it substandard.

After the work is done on the filmmaker’s part, the film is shown to the audience for whom the film is actually made. Now, it is up to them whether they like it or not. The reaction of the audience cannot be predicted and judged. The actor said he purposely chose to switch to playing character roles, as he further wanted to try his hands on supporting roles as well.

As I had not been working on any film for a long time, I had decided to start with playing small roles in initial two to three movies. I don’t just want to enter in a bad shape not being able to give good performance. I want myself to be well oiled.

The quality of my roles in the recent movies was not compromised, be it in Ittefaq, Mom, or Dishoom, as I don’t want to compromise with my roles. The roles might not be of lead actor, but neither were my roles unimportant and they did create an impact on the audience that is what matters.

Recently, Akashay was seen playing a cop in the remake of Ittefaq, which was made in the year 1969. The film also had Sonakshi Sinha and Siddharth Malhotra. The film got good reviews from the audience.

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