I went to bed rather than watch Donald Trump win, says Michelle Obama

Outgoing American First Lady Michelle Obama said she did not let the US presidential election get in the way of getting some shut eye.

Mrs Obama said that rather than watching Donald Trump win the election, she actually went to bed. As Mr Trump was named Person of the Year by Time magazine, Mrs Obama was interviewed by People, where she revealed that she did not wait up to hear the result.

She added: “I went to bed. I don’t like to watch the political discourse; I never have. I barely did with him,” she said referring to her husband. The Obamas have been featured in a special goodbye edition of People magazine.

Hillary supporters

The pair had thrown their backing behind fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election race. However, they said they will do their best to make the transition period as easy as possible for the President-Elect Mr Trump, who is due to take the keys to the White House in the New Year.

Mrs Obama said she stood by what she said in the election campaign. But she said that she had done everything she could and then it was in the “hands of the American people” to make their decision.

Mrs Obama said she was making the most of her final weeks in the White House. The family has recently been pictured taking delivery of their final White House Christmas tree. However, her two daughters are said to be cut up about having to leave their home. While they are both teenagers and ready to fly the nest, they are upset that they will not be returning to their childhood home.

She said that her girls had had so many “amazing experiences” and they considered the staff there to be part of their family.

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