Miss Hungary accusing Donald Trump of inviting her to his hotel room

A Hungarian beauty queen has accused President-elect Donald Trump of asking her to go back to his hotel room following the Miss Universe competition in Russia in 2013. Thirty year old Kata Sarka, who once won the Miss Hungary pageant said that Mr Trump and a number of his bodyguards came up to her during an after party in Moscow.

She said that he grabbed her hand, pulled her over and asked who she was. She said he then handed her his business card, which had his private number on it and told him which hotel and room he was in. She told a Hungarian newspaper about the alleged encounter, saying that he was not her type.

At the time, Mr Trump had been married to the soon to be First Lady Melania for eight years. He had been invited to be a judge at the Miss Universe contest. This was the visit which is at the centre of a dossier, put together by a former British intelligence agent, which Mr Trump says is total nonsense.


Mr Trump was staying at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, in the same suite that the outgoing President Barack Obama and current First Lady Michelle had stayed when they visited the Russian capital on an earlier occasion. It is alleged that Mr Trump watched as prostitutes urinated on each other and that his lewd behaviour was recorded in Russia, meaning that intelligence agencies there had material used to blackmail Mr Trump.

Former Miss USA contestants also spoke out about alleged misbehaviour, as Mr Trump was running his successful election campaign. According to Miss Arizona, Tasha Dixon, Mr Trump went backstage unannounced in 2001, while contestants were busy getting changed. She said that some girls had been naked and others had been topless as they were swapping outfits for the next round of the competition.

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