Mother admits leaving her baby in bin in hospital toilets

A mother has admitted infanticide after abandoning her newborn baby boy in a bin in a hospital toilet. Thankfully, the little boy survived after he was discovered by a cleaner, who had heard a small noise as she was carrying out her duties.

The cleaner heard a muffled squeak coming from toilets at Wigan’s Royal Albert Edward Infirmary last summer. The baby was found still in the foetal position and he had tissues stuffed into his mouth. His 27 year old mother Orsolya-Anamaria Balogh, 27, has admitted attempted infanticide at Liverpool Crown Court.

The court was told that she was admitted to hospital last summer complaining that she had severe stomach pain. She said that there was no possibility that she was pregnant. Staff at the hospital said they had noticed that the woman had been in the toilet for a while, but that she left the hospital by the time a member of medical staff was able to examine her.

Baby found by cleaner

Around half an hour after she left the hospital, a cleaner went into the toilet so she could empty the bin. When she picked it up, she realised that it felt heavier than usual and then she heard a squeaking noise.

It is understood that after leaving the hospital, Balogh and her boyfriend caught a cab and went back home to Wigan. She and her boyfriend said that she had not given birth. However, a medical examination showed that she had just had a baby. Eventually, Balogh, who is of no fixed address, admitted that she had given birth in the toilet. However, she said that the baby had not been breathing when she gave birth and she had believed that he had died.

She also said that she had no idea that she was pregnant until she gave birth. However, police discovered she had been searching for information about pregnancy online before attending hospital.

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