Police Make an Arrest in Quebec Mosque Shooting

A man has been arrested in connection with the Quebec Mosque shooting that happened on Sunday evening.  They have also detained a witness for questioning.

The attack left six people dead, and five people are in a critical condition.  Earlier, police had said they had two suspects in custody.  Now one appears to be a witness to the attack.

One of the men was arrested at the scene, while the other was picked up after he called 911.  According to authorities the two men are believed to be in their 20s and 30s and had no prior record.

Canadian authorities have stated they do not believe that there was anybody else involved in the attack and they have the situation “under control.”  They have not given a possible motive for the attack.

Fifty People at the Mosque at the Time of the Shooting

At the time of the incident there were 50 people at the mosque.  Twelve other people were injured in addition to the six dead and five critically injured.  The fatalities were aged between 35 and 65.

In the aftermath of the attack provincial police have increased police presence by seventy five officers, while investigation teams are looking for forensic evidence at the mosque.

Terrorist Attack

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard have described the shooting on the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre as a terrorist act.

The attacks come as U.S President Trump’s executive orders ban Muslims and people from seven countries from the Middle East and Africa.

The president of the mosque, Mohamed Yangui said the shooting happened where men were worshipping and was dismayed by the incident.  He was not inside at the time.  He thanked the public for the support shown on the mosque’s Facebook Page.

In June last year the same mosque was targeted by an Islamophobic group who put a pig’s head on the steps of the mosque during Ramadan.   Pork is forbidden to be eaten in Islam.

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