What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Prohormones!

You cannot just go ahead and start taking prohormones one fine morning. You need to be well aware of the do’s and don’ts that are associated with supplement consumption. Several online reviews are available that can give you a fair idea of the impacts of a mild supplement or even the strongest prohormone. People often misunderstand the term prohormones to be a synonym for hormones as they sound alike. However, that is nowhere close to the truth. They are not the same thing, although post a complex cycle inside the body, prohormones can get converted into hormones.


Testosterone in relation to Prohormones

Primarily a male hormone, testosterone is produced by ovaries in women and prostate glands and testicles in men. A lack or deficiency of testosterone in the body might lead you to feel a particular kind of lifelessness just because it is responsible for your body’s hair growth and masculinity, libido and also the development of sex organs. If you identify any signs that lead you to doubt a shortage of testosterone in the body, then it is time for an immediate doctor’s consultation. Now that testosterone has been discussed, it is crucial to know how prohormones are related to testosterone. It is in the pharmacology and the molecular structure that prohormones are similar to testosterone.

The Legal Spectrum

The very first thing that is bound to knock your mind before the purchase of prohormone supplements is whether they are legal or not. The legality of this complex compound, which is mostly used as supplements by bodybuilders, vary in different countries. In most countries, the crudest form of prohormones is banned while its milder version which is prohormone supplements is still legal around the globe. In the US, illegal possession of prohormones can make you liable for punishment under the law as it is a controlled substance. The best way to use them and not be punished for the same is to get a valid doctor’s prescription. The ban over prohormones is not unjust as it occurred after the vigorous abuse of the substance in the athletic and bodybuilder’s community to extract non-medical benefits which could be harmful in the long-run.

Are legal prohormones available?

The answer to this is a definite Yes. The prohormones that are put up for sale on online platforms are legal prohormone supplements. The additional advantage is that cheap prohormones are also available. However, they are all the mild supplements and will not harm your body.

Beware of the following when buying the best prohormone!

This substance tends to interact and have reactions to other drugs. So, consult a doctor if you are already on medication to avoid all possible issues that can crop up. Prohormones have a significant impact and can be toxic to the liver. So, while on prohormones, remember to avoid bombarding the liver with alcohol.

Prohormone consumption must be decreased gradually rather than suddenly stopping. PCT is always advisable to balance out the effects of prohormones after the cycle.

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