Will the Brexit story be made into a Hollywood movie?

Is the story of British Brexit about to be turned into a movie? And, if so who will play Nigel Farage? Hollywood producers are understood to be in discussions about making a movie to document the Brexit campaign, and UKIP interim leader Nigel Farage’s role in the referendum result.

The move could be based on memoirs kept by Arron Banks, who was the main financial backer for the Leave campaign. The diary, called the Bad Boys of Brexit, has been selling like hot cakes, which has led Hollywood to sit up and take interest in the possibility of making it into a feature film.

It is thought that Warner Brothers producers are seeking a meeting with both Mr Farage and Mr Banks in the New Year, while they are in America for the inauguration of Donald Trump. The filmmakers are major players in the move world, having been behind both Harry Potter and Batman.

Serious Hollywood interest

Mr Banks’ spokesman Andy Wigmore confirmed that “very serious Hollywood people” had been in touch about snapping up the rights to the book. Large sections of the book are already written in dialogue and do read like a screenplay, so they are likely to have the basis of any movie already set out. Mr Wigmore has said that any cash made from selling the rights will go to charity.

Mr Banks worked alongside Donald Trump ally Mr Farage, Mr Wigmore, and the US pollster Gerry Gunster on the campaign they called Leave.EU. While the official Leave campaign was called Vote Leave, and was the brainchild of now Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and former Education Secretary Michael Gove, Hollywood is believed to have been inspired by that involving Mr Farage. So far, Warner Brothers has made no official comment about whether it is interested or not.

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